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BSN Medical Cutimed Siltec Silicone Foam Dressing BSN Medical Gelocast Unna Boot Bandage China-Gel Pain Relief Gel - Original
Silicone layer helps protect the new layer of epidermal cells. Highly absorbent. Refined zinc oxide/calamine formulation is smooth and helps promote healing of irritated or ulcerated skin. Natural, Unique Herbal Formula developed in a Leading Pain Control Acupuncture Clinic! Can be used for joint and muscle pains, arthritis, carpal tunnel, sports injuries and more.
DeRoyal Air/Gel Ankle Stirrup DeRoyal Foam Heel and Ankle Protectors Fabrifoam Achilles Healer™
Fabrifoam Achilles Healer™
HPMS Price $25.00

Low profile design fits easily in shoe. Universal right/left.
Available in high-density foam. Foam strap with hook and loop closure for easy application and adjustment.
Encourages faster heel rise. Duel functioning, lightweight devices made of ProWrap allows for adjustable compression.
Fabrifoam BuddyUp™ Finger Splint Strap Fabrifoam CarpalGard™ or Ultra CarpalGard™ ElbowGard™ by Fabrifoam
Fabrifoam ElbowGard™
HPMS Price $17.85
Non-Adhesive Customizable, Comfortable Semi-rigid Finger Support - 5 Pack! Breathable finger splint with adjustable compression and sizing for finger sprains, strains, minor fractures and post operative alignment. No uncomfortable bulk, just ideal range of motion. Finger wrap tape without the messy adhesive. Reusable.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) Relief! Support and comfort while allowing adjustable compression. CarpalGard or Ultra CarpalGard deliver semi-rigid or rigid support in a thin, slip resistant device available in size options for optimal fit.
Tennis Elbow & Swimmer's Arm Pain Relief! Fabrifoam Elbowguard applies pressure on the extensor and flexor muscles, and absorbs vibrations to reduce the pain caused by traumatic injury. One size.
Fabrifoam KneeGard™ Fabrifoam PSC™ Positioning Strap Fabrifoam Step-In Compression™ Ankle Wrap
Fabrifoam KneeGard™
HPMS Price $34.99

Comfortable Kneecap/Patella Support & Positioning! Recommended for knee sprains, Runner's Knee and athletic injury prevention and rehabilitation. Delivers patella support and positioning. Size options.
Foot/Ankle Neutral Alignment that assists in the Treatment and Prevention! Treat plantar fasciitis, heel pain/spurs and shin splints in a helpful way. The PSC helps realign the foot into a neutral position to reduce pain and stress; fabrifoam® material assures durability and support. Size options.
Easy to Wear Ankle Compression Wrap with Step-in Design! Ankle wrap provides adjustable compression and support; used to treat edema, swelling from strain or sprain and ankle discomfort. One size fits most.
Soft Foam Interior, Stretch Fabric & Hook/loop Closure Allow Comfortable, Adjustable Compression. Many size options. Fabrifoam Thumb Spica Fabrifoam Wrist Wrap™
Fabrifoam SuperWrap™
HPMS Price $19.99

Fabrifoam Thumb Spica
HPMS Price $16.39

Fabrifoam Wrist Wrap™
HPMS Price $19.99

Soft Foam Interior and Multi-directional Stretch Allow Comfortable Adjustable Compression! Delivering a high degree of multi-directional stretch, Superwrap is recommended for compression and support.
Semi-Rigid Thumb Support in a Thin, Comfortable, Slip-Resistant Device! Adjustable, moderate compression and support that aids in restricting thumb movement. Made from fabrifoam which is non-migratory, breathable and wicks away perspiration. Size options. Blue.
Controllable compression Wrist Wrap provides comfort with adjustable universal sizing and ultra cool fabric that wicks away moisture.
Hapad® Adhesive Neuroma Foot Pads Hook and Loop VELFOAM® Loop 2 Med Spec Air-Gel Stirrup Ankle Brace
Help Alleviate Foot/Toe Pain, Tingling & Numbness of Interdigital Morton's Neuroma! The adhesive pad can help spread bones at the base of toes that are causing pinched nerves, to relieve pain. One size fits all. Sold by the pair.
ersatile, padded loop is available in a variety of colors and sizes. Consists of 1/4" (6.4mm) thick polyfoam glued between outer layers of nylon tricot loop on both sides. Relief from acute ankle sprains. Gel pack allows for cool relief of pain or swelling while keeping the ankle stable.
Med Spec Carpal Gel Pad Med Spec EpiGel® Tennis Elbow Support Strap Medi-Dyne 2Toms® Skin-On-Skin® Hydrogel Blister Treatment
Med Spec Carpal Gel Pad
HPMS Price $24.99
The Carpal Gel Pad is designed to reduce scarring and hypersensitivity at the incision site following carpal tunnel surgery. Great choice for treatment of tennis elbow or golfer's elbow. Skin-on-Skin provides the ultimate instant comfort and protection for multiple skin irritations and trouble spots.
Mueller Adhesive Backed Foam Rubber Mueller Gel Ankle Brace North Coast Medical Heavy Duty VELFOAM® Loop
Mueller Gel Ankle Brace
HPMS Price $59.99
Adhesive backing keeps foam in place and is used for protection.
State-of-the-art brace provides maximum support for injured ankles. High-profile, heavy-duty loop provides long-lasting use. Provides cushion and comfort by using better pressure distribution.
Orfit® Orfilastic Orthogel Advanced Cold Therapy - Pain Relief Gel Pedifix Visco-GEL® Dual-Action Bunion Fix™
Orfit® Orfilastic
HPMS Price $49.99
Orfilastic is a terrycloth lining material with a backing of self-adhesive open-cell foam. It can be used for covering large splint surfaces to prevent and absorb perspiration. It is easily removable in lukewarm water.
Provides fast, deep penetrating & long lasting relief from minor pain. Multiple sizes available. The Visco-GEL Dual-Action Bunion Fix has a soft gel toe spacer that helps to separate and aligns the first and second toes that rub.
Pedifix "4 in 1" Super Soft Toe Cushions™ Pedifix 3-Layer Toe Separators - 12 Pack Pedifix 3-Layer Toe Separators - 6 Pack
These extra-soft foam Cushions divide toes to absorb pressure and friction while comforting corns and other toe irritations. Soothing Relief for Toe Pain! A comfortable way to separate crooked and overlapping toes. Prevents rubbing between toes and relieves corns and other toe irritations. Small, Medium, Large or X-Large sold in 12 pack.
Soothing Relief for Sore Toes! A comfortable way to separate crooked and overlapping toes. Prevents rubbing between toes and relieves corns and other toe irritations. Small, Medium or Large sold in 6 pack or mix pack with two of each size.
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