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BlueJay Fit to Be Tied 24" Elastic Shoe Laces Jobar Convenient Easy to Use Elastic Stretch Shoelaces Kinsman Tyless Stretch Shoe Laces - Various Lengths
Tie the laces once and any shoe becomes an easy "slip-on". No more bending to tie laces on your shoes. Stretchy elastic allows your foot to slide in and out of your shoe easily without untying the laces. Elastic shoe laces take the work out of putting on and taking off your shoes. Laces stretch, allowing you to slide your foot in and out without re-tying. Round, elastic laces that lock onto the plastic disk. Laces can be easily adjusted for comfort and will maintain the same comfort level.
Maddak Wear Ease Shoe Fasteners North Coast Medical Norco™ Elastic Shoelaces Maddak Ableware Perma-Ty Elastic Shoe Laces - 3 Colors
Ideal for anyone suffering from temporary or permanent injuries to the back, hands or joints. Norco Elastic Shoelaces are ideal for people with limited back mobility, decreased hip flexion or limited hand dexterity. Tie once and never tie again; available in 24" or 30".
Providence Spillproof No Tie Curly Elastic Shoelaces Stop Your Bending Hip Kit by Blue Jay
Convert any shoe to a slip on. Great especially for children or adults experiencing lacing difficulties. Color options. Hip kit options feature tools that provide independence, freedom and immense recovery help.