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Baseline® Hand Evaluation 3 Piece Sets Baseline® HHD to MMT Combo Hand Dynamometers Baseline® Hydraulic Hand Dynamometers
Baseline® Hand Evaluation 3 Piece Sets model options used to evaluate the strength and range of motion of the hand and/or fingers.
The Baseline® Hydraulic Hand Dynamometers Attachments allow the units to perform other functions or tests Gives accurate grip strength readings without the subject being able to "feel" the handle move. The internationally accepted design ensures reliability, user convenience, and measurement repeatability.
Body Drummer Pro X Percussion Massager w/ Carrying Case Body Sport Latex-Free Bulk-Packaged Exercise Kinsman Enterprises CVA Exercise Pulley
"The Body Drummer Pro X is an intense, painless percussion massager. The muscle massage gun sends vibrations deep into the muscles for pain relief. The first choice of athletes, The Body Drummer Pro X, can be used pre and post-workout to warm up cold muscles and boost recovery. Available in five color-coded progressive levels of resistance, matching regular Body Sport® Exercise Band colors and resistances. Works the upper extremities to aid rebuilding muscle and increasing range of motion
Mueller Athletic Supporter - Black Youth
High quality, top choice supporter for both professional and amateur athletes.