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Aloe Vesta Daily Moisturizer by Convatec  - Skin Conditioner Perishield Barrier Ointment - 3.5 oz Tube No Rinse Bathing Wipes
Helps protect and relieve cracked or chapped skin or lips. Softens and moisturizes. Multiple size options available. Barrier ointment to seal and keep out moisture. 3.5 oz tube. Bulk available. No water needed! 8 wipes provide full body bath. Alcohol free; can we warmed in the microwave. Sold each or in bulk.
Aloe Vesta Perineal/Skin Cleanser by Convatec® No Rinse® Shampoo Cap Long Reach Comfort Wipe by Jobar
Convenient Incontinence Liquid Spray Cleanser - No Touch - No Rinse - No Mess! Fresh lemon scented skin cleanser deodorizes and cleanses skin. Sold separately in 4 or 8 oz. bottles individually or in a variety of money saving quantity options.
Fresh, Clean Hair without Mess, Stress or Rinsing! Shampoo and conditioner built inside cap for easy no mess, no stress and no rinse hair care. Leaves hair fresh and clean while eliminating odors.
Soft flexible head grips toilet paper, tissue or pre-moistened wipes securely. Contains a unique release button for fast, sanitary disposal.
No Rinse Peri-Wash - 8 oz 3M™ Cavilon Durable Barrier Cream No Rinse Moisturizing Body Wash - 8 fl oz
Gentle on sensitive skin. Contains aloe and vitamin E.  Sold each or in bulk. Protection for At-Risk Skin to Prevent Painful Skin Conditions. Protect your skin from damage that can occur due to body fluids. Long lasting cream moisturizes while it protects the skin. Available in several quantity and size options. Clear, fragrance free & hypoallergenic. Size & quantity options. No Rinse Body Wash can be used anywhere on the body, including perineal areas as it is non-irritating and removes odors easily.
Adhesive Remover with Alcohol by Safe n' Simple Sage Toothette® Oral Care Mouth Moisturizer Foot Miracle Therapeutic Foot Cream - 2 Sizes
A very gentle alcohol based formula to clean and remove debris from the skin. Alcohol wipes remove harmful bacteria and are individually wrapped in a convenient 2" x 2" size. Water based formula containing vitamin E and coconut oil designed to soothe and moisturize the lips and oral tissue.  Has a pleasant-spearmint flavor that leaves your mouth feeling minty fresh. Rejuvenates tired, extremely dry feet, hands and nails. Available in 6 oz or 32 oz.
Aloe Vesta Bathing Cloths by Convatec NCM Norco Bath Sponges 3M Cavilon Extra Dry Skin Cream - 4 oz
Norco Bath Sponges
HPMS Price $8.99
Moisturizing cleansing system for no-rinse bathing. Makes skin feel smooth and soft with no sticky residue.  Each package contains 8 wipes. Soft non-irritating polyfoam with plastic handle available in 3 styles. Handles can be shaped with heat from a hair dryer. 24-hour relief for extra dry, rough, cracked or scaly skin. Great help for those with diabetes. 4 oz tube.
Coloplast Superior Moisturizing Skin Protectant Sween Cream "I Got Your Back" 18" Long Handle Sponge Essential® Bath Cleansing Washcloths
Enriched with the natural vitamins A and D that can help rebuild skin tissues from dry, chafed or chapped skin. A moisturizing cream can is a fragrance and alcohol free and can be use all over the body. Great washing aid for daily living that helps reach hard to reach areas. Easily moldable. Shape options. No need for soap, water, washcloths, or moisturizers. Washcloths are pre-moistened with a unique blend of skin-friendly, rinse-free cleansers and moisturizers to clean and soften skin.
Sage Fragrance-free Essential® Comfort Bath Cleansing Washcloths Sage M-Care Meatal Cleansing Cloths Aloe Vesta Clear Antifungal Ointment by Convatec
Rinse-free, fragrance free washcloths are pre-moistened with a unique blend of skin-friendly, cleansers and moisturizers to clean and soften skin. Medium weight cloths are gentle on the skin. As a rinse free alternative to basins part and part of patient cleansing protocol for Foley catheterized patients. M-Care cleansing cloths improves hygiene and adherence to infection control. Soothing Ointment Helps Relieve Itching, Scaling, Cracking & Discomfort. Specially formulated for the treatment of superficial fungal infections. Ideal for athlete's foot, ringworm, jock itch, candida albicans, ostomy and incontinence. Size & quantity options.
Peri-Stoma Cleaner & Adhesive Remover by Safe N' Simple Sage ComfortComfort® Bath Cleansing Washcloths Long Handled Sponge
Peri-Stoma and adhesive removers are alcohol free and does not require a rinse after using. Gentle and designed for easily irritated skin and improves pouch adherence. Washcloths pre-moistened with a unique blend of skin-friendly, rinse-free cleansers and moisturizers to clean and soften skin. There’s no need for soap, water, washcloths, or moisturizers. Lightweight yet durable, comes with a polyfoam sponge head that gently washes and scrubs all the hard to reach areas.
Kinsman Bendable Bath Sponge - Contour Smith & Nephew I.V. Prep Antiseptic Wipes Maddak Swiveling Back Scrubber
Bendable sponge that allows users to clean those hard to reach places. Can be re-bent into different positions multiple times. Skin prep wipes provide a clear one step antiseptic solution for IV site.  50 packs per box. Straight or curved handle, swiveling back scrubber helps people with reduced range of motion wash back and lower extremities without straining.
Kinsman Ergo Grip Bath Sponge - 3 Models Maddak Maddawash Terry Soap Mitt Sage Comfort Bath® Rinse-Free Shampoo Cap
Maddawash Terry Soap Mitt
HPMS Price $10.99
Ideal for those with limited reach. 3 models available, sold each. Terrycloth wash mitt provides a palm pocket to hold a bar of soap. Right or left handed use. Rinse-Free cap is pre-moistened with shampoo, conditioner, and detangler for a one-step comfortable, soothing shampoo. Ultra-soft fabric lining absorbs dirt and oils, leaving hair feeling clean and healthy in minutes.
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