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Roloke Wal-Pil-O®: Classic 4-in-1 Pillows SkiL-Care Crash Pad SkiL-Care Sensory Animal Pillows
SkiL-Care Crash Pad™
HPMS Price $159.99

#1 Chiropractic Pillow Prescribed by Chiropractors, MDs & PT's for 40+ Years!
This unique "Crash Pad" was developed primarily for young adults to serve as a fall pad whether for exercises or learning appropriate responses to falling. In many situations, children with developmental delay or sensory integration disorder need to learn the appropriate falling procedures. These soft tactile pillows help develop tactile awareness and calms the user.
Skillbuilders® Positioning Wedges
Skillbuilders® wedges are made of molded foam coated with a tough integral washable coating.