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Bio-Concepts was established in 1976 by Frank “Rick” and Jeanne Reichenbacher, but it was not until 1980 that Bio-Concepts garments were first demonstrated at the physical therapy conference in Phoenix.

The Reichenbachers were initially introduced to burn care through their work with processed pigskin as a temporary biologic wound dressing. After selling the company, Burn Treatment Skin Bank, they became interested in the rehabilitative aspect of burn care. Their approach to the problem was not medical, however, but mechanical.

Rick has an engineering background, having graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. Jeanne, who graduated from Boston University, studied business education. Burn patients have benefited from this educational mix because of Rick’s mechanical approach to garment design and Jeanne’s knowledge of fabric and garment manufacture.
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North Coast Medical Digi-Sleeve™ Finger Sleeves Digi-Sleeve™ Finger Sleeves

Made of smooth fabric with a super-stretch panel for excellent conformity and maximum comfort. Helps control hypertrophic scarring and edema.

HPMS Price $39.99
Redi-Fit™ Compression Gloves Redi-Fit™ Compression Gloves

Made of smooth, woven elastic fabric. Gloves provide approximately 25 to 35mm Hg pressure.

HPMS Price $46.99
Pediatric Redi-Fit™ Compression Gloves Pediatric Redi-Fit™ Compression Gloves

Help control edema and hypertrophic scarring. Made of smooth, woven elastic fabric.

HPMS Price $54.99