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4 Piece Hip Kit w/ 32" Reacher by Sammons Preston Achieva Sock Assist Sock Aid Alex Orthopedics Wrist Strap w/ Snap Off Clip
Hip kit includes all the essential aids for those suffering from hip injury or post surgery.  Includes a 32" reacher. Accommodates feet and calves of all sizes. Textured, Non-stick surface. Wide foot bed and Two side wings. Wrist strap for cane with detachable clip for easy release. Available in Black.
ArcMate Dress E-Z Dressing Aid w/ Shoehorn - 2 Models ArcMate Long-Handle Flex Shoehorn ArcMate Standard Hip Kit
ArcMate Standard Hip Kit
HPMS Price $48.99
Versatile push-pull S-hook with non-slip cap allows for better control when handling clothing. Comfortable and durable. Easy to bend spring on the horn for better positioning. Sold each. Comes with 4 accessories for aid for daily living. Packaged together with instructions.
ArcMate Telescoping Shoe Horn Assistive Device Kit by Sammons Preston - Model #4 Assistive Device Kit by Sammons Preston - Model #5
Smooth chrome finished shoe horn. Can be rotated or tilted for a more comfort while in use. Sold each. Kit comes with flexible sock aid, 26" reacher and 26" dressing stick. Perfect for those with limited reach. Kit comes with wire sock aid, 26" reacher and 26" dressing stick. Perfect for those with limited reach.
Assistive Device Kit by Sammons Preston - Model #6 Basic Assistive Device Kit by Patterson Medical Basic Hip Kit with 32 inch Ergo Plus Reacher
Kit comes with compression sock aid, 26" reacher and 26" dressing stick. Perfect for those with limited reach. Perfect kit to make dressing and self-care activities easier and safer for those with limited reach. Includes reacher, sponge and shoehorn. Offers the most recommended ADL items for patients recovering from hip surgery.
Blue Jay Get Dressed Dressing Aid w/ Shoehorn Sock Aid - Flexible or Molded Option BlueJay Fit to Be Tied 24" Elastic Shoe Laces
Helps reduce bending and stretching. Foam covered handle provides easy grip. Sold each. Help with putting on socks and stockings. Molded or flexible sock aid(s) options. Tie the laces once and any shoe becomes an easy "slip-on". No more bending to tie laces on your shoes. Stretchy elastic allows your foot to slide in and out of your shoe easily without untying the laces.
BlueJay Your Dressing Buddy - 27" Dressing Stick Button Aid only - Gray Vinyl  Handle Buttoner-Zipper Pull by Performance Health
BlueJay Your Dressing Buddy - 27" Dressing Stick ideal for people with limited range of motion. Extra strong hardwood dowel. Makes pushing, pulling, and dressing easier. Button aid with gray vinyl handle. Sold individually. Comes with bendable metal cuff, combination button hook and zipper pull.
Combination Button Aid/Zipper Pull Dressing Aid Maddak Combination Dressing Stick/Shoehorn Complete Hip Kit by Sammons Preston
Increase independence for yourself or those you care for with this easy to grip, comfortable to hold dressing aid. Wood and rubber handle with button and zipper aid at each end is ideal for those with limited hand/finger mobility or issues with fine motor skills. Mutli-purpose dressing stick encourages independence in dressing while aiding in reaching. Essential kit for those with limited hip mobility. Contains sock aid, reacher, sponge, toilet seat, shoehorn, and dressing stick.
Complete Hip Kit w/o Toilet Seat by Sammons Preston Complete Medical Dressing Stick - Lightweight - 27" Compression Stocking Aid by Sammons Preston
The complete assistive tool kit for those recovering from hip surgery.  Does not include toilet seat. Comes with 32" Reacher. This lightweight dressing stick is perfect for people with limited mobility. Sock aid for compression socks & stockings. Works like a traditional sock aid; 2 sizes available.
Cuff and Collar Button Extender Deluxe Dressing Stick Dressing Aid Maddak Deluxe Flexible Sock And Stocking Aid
Collars and cuffs are increased by 1/2" for added comfort. Extender is constructed of durable fabric. Pack of 3. Apply or remove clothing and become more independent with a 5/8"-diameter wooden dowel Deluxe Dressing Stick Dressing Aid. Finished with lacquer, featuring a reinforced handy hook. Size options. 3 finger design and 2 loop handles allow for ease of use. Flexible design.
Deluxe Hip/Knee Kit by Sammons Preston Dress EZ Dressing Stick - 30" long Dressing Stick/Sock Aid by Performance Health
Ideal kit for those recovering from hip or knee surgery.  Includes sock aid, bendable sponge and 26" or 32" Reacher. Combines two functions in one aid dressing stick and shoehorn. Easy to hold, measure 30" long. Lightweight reacher/dressing stick. 26" long shaft, latex free. Economy or Deluxe option.
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