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The ProStretch Addaday Boomerang full body massage roller alleviates knots, tension, and tightness to improve flexibility. This massage tool is the right length for a full-body massage and ideal for relaxing your muscles, taking care of lactic acid buildup, and restoring your muscle health. The ProStretch Addaday Featherweight Foam Roller is the ideal trigger point massage tool to help alleviate muscle soreness, tightness, and tiredness by sitting, leaning, or rolling, improving flexibility for active pain relief, and encouraging optimal blood flow. The ProStretch Addaday Featherweight Peanut Foam Roller is the ideal trigger point massage tool to help alleviate muscle soreness and tightness by sitting, leaning, or rolling in areas like your glutes, upper back, and shoulders.
The ProStretch Addaday Footy massage ball features tiny knobs that connect deeply with the plantar fascia to provide relief for both, muscle tightness, and soreness. Plantar Fasciitis Relief. The ProStretch Addaday Hexi foam roller is the ideal trigger point massage tool to help alleviate muscle soreness, tightness, and tiredness. Small and compact, the Hexi foam roller features a textured 6-sided design with a solid foam core and can be used just like a standard-sized roller. The ProStretch Addaday Junior+ handheld massage roller works great to get deep to relieve muscle tightness and soreness. It’s the ideal manual massage tool to provide relief to tense and tired muscles with pinpoint precision.
The ProStretch Addaday Marble massage roller is a hand-held roller massage tool designed to help relieve tight muscle knots, tension, and muscle soreness. Use the Marble Roller on your back, neck, arms, legs, and feet for the ultimate massage experience. The ProStretch Nonagon foam roller is the ideal trigger point massage tool to help alleviate muscle soreness caused by lactic acid buildup, improving flexibility for active pain relief. The ProStretch Addaday Peanut Massage Ball is the ideal trigger point massage ball to alleviate muscle soreness and stiffness and can be used on areas like your glutes, upper back, shoulders, legs, and can also help relieve plantar fasciitis pain used on the bottom of the foot.
CanDo® Massage Balls
HPMS Price $7.29
Take your massage to the next level with the ProStretch Addaday Roundchucks massage balls! Use the Round Chucks self-massaging balls together or individually to release and relax your soft tissue. The ProStretch Addaday Trio is a set of 3 massage balls each of a different density allowing for massage personalization. Multiple balls can be used simultaneously to activate different acupressure points. Handheld massage rolls are used to help achieve muscle and tension release for all parts of the body. The "bumpy" textured surface also promotes sensory stimulation and is perfect for manual dexterity exercises.
Fabrication Enterprises BakBalls FitBall Balance Pods FitBALL Body Ball - CLOSEOUT SALE
FitBALL Balance Pods
HPMS Price $46.99
BakBalls are an affordable self-treatment device for back pain and stiffness. Designed by a sport physiotherapist to relieve pain and tightness in tense back, shoulders, ITBs and plantar fascia. Ideal to use at home or in the office. Improve your balance and agility in a fun and dynamic way with the FitBALL Balance Pods. The Body Therapy Ball allows you to work at a difficulty that is just right for you. Support and comfort while providing you with a steady counter pressure. Textured, resistance ball is for Pilates, Yoga and Barre exercise programs. Use as a prop between ankles and thighs for resistance work in Pilates and other mat fitness programs. Easy, comfortable grip. Can be used to release muscular tension in pelvic, hip, lower back, middle back, neck, chest and shoulder areas.
Franklin Fascia Toner™ Franklin Medium Fascia Ball Set Gymnic Sensy Ball
Franklin Fascia Toner™
HPMS Price $23.95
Gymnic Sensyball
HPMS Price $18.95

This Franklin Method® massage tool features a peanut-shaped design that is ideal for fascia release on the feet and along the spine, helping to restore natural movement. The Franklin Medium Fascia Ball Set includes a pair of massage balls for relieving tension and tight fascia. Their small size makes them perfect for foot massage, helping to lessen and prevent pain associated with plantar fasciitis. Sensory balls are soft to the touch and provide healthy stimulation of the pressure points.
Gymnic® Myo Fascial Exercise Ball Norco® Mini Ball OPTP Franklin Fascia Ball - Yellow
Norco® Mini Ball
HPMS Price $16.99
Myofascial release balls alleviate muscle tension throughout your body. Three different sizes are designed for varying experience levels and allow you to treat trigger points based on location and sensitivity. Great for physical therapy or at home workouts! High quality 9" (23cm) exercise ball is designed not to burst and remain flexible when fully inflated. Franklin method fascia ball. Designed to provide trigger point therapy; ideal for relieving tension and sore muscles.
OPTP Franklin Method® Equestrian Kit OPTP Franklin Mini Roll™ OPTP Franklin Small Textured Ball Set - Blue
OPTP Franklin Mini Roll™
HPMS Price $29.95

The Franklin Equestrian Package includes three sets of massage balls, a fascia roll, mini roll, an 11’ resistive band, and a needle inflating pump. Massage yourself and roll away tension from your legs to shoulder with the compact size, peanut shaped OPTP Franklin Mini Roll Massager. Great for increasing pelvic floor strength. Comfortably supports the spine, legs and shoulders while performing Franklin Method exercises. Crystal Blue. Ideal therapy balls for massage or fitness training. Latex free; sold as a pair.
OPTP Franklin Tough Ball - Orange OPTP Massage Ball Set OPTP Needle Inflating Pump
OPTP Massage Ball Set
HPMS Price $29.99
OPTP Needle Inflating Pump
HPMS Price $14.95

Massage tight, sore muscles across the body with this firm Franklin Method® ball. This massage ball set features 4 products ideal a full body massage. Comes with travel bag for easy storage. Air pump with needle nozzle will inflate (or deflate) nearly any small to medium size ball. Needle conveniently stores in the top of the pump handle when not in use. Includes how-to insert with inflation instructions. Ideal for inflating OPTP Bumpy Ball, Body Therapy Balls, Franklin Balls and Balls for Body Work.
PRO Soft Release Ball by OPTP OPTP Reflex Ball - 9 cm OPTP Reflex Balls - Soft Orange - 8cm Pair
OPTP PRO Soft Release Ball
HPMS Price $18.95

OPTP Reflex Ball - 9 cm
HPMS Price $16.95
All the Benefits of a Foam Roller in an Easily Portable, Compact Design! The PRO Soft Release Ball offers a soft density for comfortable massage and stretching, ideal for both physical therapy and exercise recovery. Blue. 5" D. Reflex Balls can be used for a variety of self-massage techniques that allow the user to control the amount of pressure. Reflex Balls can be used for a variety of self-massage techniques that allow the user to control the amount of pressure.
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