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FitBALL Plug Puller CanDo Massage Roller or Ball - Options Reflex Balls - Firm Blue 6cm - Pair
Safely and effectively remove air plugs for inflation or deflation with this handy tool that is easy to use and a must-have for anyone with an exercise ball. Metal or plastic option. Self massage tools are perfect for working out minor aches and pains. Model options. Reflex Balls can be used for a variety of self-massage techniques that allow the user to control the amount of pressure.
Gymnic Sensy Ball - All Sizes Available PRO Soft Release Ball by OPTP OPTP Reflex Ball - 9 cm
OPTP Reflex Ball - 9 cm
HPMS Price $19.99
Sensy balls are soft to the touch and provide healthy stimulation of the pressure points. Available in 3 sizes. The PRO Soft Release Ball offers a soft density for comfortable massage and stretching, ideal for both physical therapy and exercise recovery. Reflex Balls can be used for a variety of self-massage techniques that allow the user to control the amount of pressure.
RAD Rounds Massage Tool Set Stress Buster Ball FitBall Body Ball
Targeted release for tight spaces with three times the relief in three pressure-seeking sizes that comfortably fit where other tools can't. The Stress Buster Ball helps improve circulation, relieve stress and tension, and is great for self-massage. Support and comfort while providing you with a steady counter pressure. Feel great with the FitBALL Body Ball from Ball Dynamics! Size options.
OPTP Reflex Balls - Soft Orange - 8cm Pair The Original Orbit Massager® by Pressure Positive OPTP Franklin Mini Roll
Reflex Balls can be used for a variety of self-massage techniques that allow the user to control the amount of pressure. Ergonomic shape fits perfectly in palm of your hand. Glide away stress and tension for yourself or those you care for. Designed to comfortably support the spine, legs and shoulders while performing the Franklin Method exercises.
OPTP Franklin Small Textured Ball Set - Blue OPTP Smooth Franklin Ball - Set #LE9005 Massage Therapy Gift Set by The Pressure Positive Co.
Ideal therapy balls for massage or fitness training. Latex free; sold as a pair. Smooth service massage balls provide deep muscle penetration that relieves the source of stiffness or pain.  Each ball comes partially inflated, sold as a pair. 3 massage tools for diverse, effective massage therapy. Comes with one of each; colors may vary.
The Tiger Ball Massage on a Rope by Tiger Tail RAD Block Massage Tool OPTP Massage Ball Set
RAD Block Massage Tool
HPMS Price $28.99
Massage on a Rope, ideal for use lying down or against a wall. Easy to clean, rope is approx. 47" long. Stabilizes tools so you can isolate pressure without rolling. Also works as a storage device for other RAD products. This massage ball set features 4 products ideal a full body massage. Comes with travel bag for easy storage.
RAD Roller Massage Tool - 3 Models FitBALL Pressure Points Package OPTP Franklin Tough Ball - Orange - October Release
Easy to use and precise enough to target almost every muscle in the body. 3 colors/models available with varying stiffness. Learn the benefits of acupressure used to treat muscular conditions for thousands of years with pressure point balls. Ideal for neck and shoulder tension, back pain, tension headaches, muscular aches and pains. Ideal for deep muscle massage. Tough durable construction; latex free.
OPTP Franklin Fascia Ball - Yellow RAD Rod Massage Tool FitBall Balance Pods
RAD Rod Massage Tool
HPMS Price $42.99
Franklin method fascia ball. Designed to provide trigger point therapy; ideal for relieving tension and sore muscles. Thin, portable myofascial release tool that lets you customize your level of pressure. Made from high-quality materials and steel-core control. Improve your balance and agility in a fun and dynamic way with the FitBALL Balance Pods. Set of 6 balance pods.
RAD Helix Massage Tool Gymnic Easy Grip Balls - Set of 6 Assorted Colors
RAD Helix Massage Tool
HPMS Price $49.99
Enhance your back's range of motion with its anatomical shape designed to protect the spine. Also great on calves, quads, hamstrings, and hips. Easy to grip bumpy ball ideal for fostering a childs prehensile skills and manipulation. Latex free; set of 6.