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Braces & supports for upper extremities including the hands, arms, elbows, shoulder, fingers, head and neck, chest, and upper back.
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Acro™ ComforT Shoulder Support by ottobock Alex Orthopedic Thumb Abduction w/ Wrist Band Alex Orthopedics 6" Sacro Belt
Contoured shoulder stabilizing support designed for higher levels of activity and support, allowing protected shoulder motion. Ideal for treating arthritis, thumb sprain and strains. Available in 2 colors. 6" sacro belt helps support and relieve minor backaches, soreness and strain. Comes with neoprene pad insert.
Alex Orthopedics Elbow Immobilizer Alex Orthopedics Firm Cervical Collar - 4" Universal Alex Orthopedics Neoprene Tennis Elbow Sleeve
Comfortable & breathable elbow immobilization in an easy on and off design perfect for alleviating elbow joint pain or injury.
lightweight universal design with hook & loop closure. Allows for maximum control of head and neck. 4" collar. Relieves pain from tennis/golfers elbow, arthritis, strains and sprains. Easily slips on; available in beige or black.
Alex Orthopedics Tennis Elbow Strap w/ Gel Pad Alex Orthopedics Ultra Fit Wrist Brace Alex Orthopedics Wrist Brace w/ Thumb Abduction
Wrap around elbow support with gel pad for added comfort and support. Available in black or beige. Universal size. Wrist support for those with arthritis, carpal tunnel or minor strains or sprains. Removable aluminum stay; Black. Wrist brace with semi rigid thumb abduction. Ideal for those with carpal tunnel, arthritis or minor strains and sprains. Black.
All Pro Adjustable Therapeutic Ankle & Wrist Weights AM Serpentine Cervical Collar by Rolyan Maddak Arm Escort
Cushioned flaps keep weights secure and provide friction-free comfort. Sold individually. Latex free. Can be worn with closure in back or front. 1" thick foam is covered with stockinette. Latex free. Protects and supports the hemiplegic arm during all aspects of functional mobility, Instead of a regular arm sling.
NCM Assure Safety Transfer Belt NCM Assure Safety Transfer Belt - Fleece Lining Benik W204 Wrist/Thumb Wrap
Foam padded belts that can be used as a transfer or walking belt. Vertical and horizontal handgrips offer seven holding positions. Foam padded belts that can be used as a transfer or walking belt. Vertical and horizontal handgrips offer seven holding positions. Fleece Lined. Neoprene wrist wrap provides warmth, support and compression to the wrist and thumb. Wrap-around Velcro closure allows for fine adjustments.
Body Shield Trochanter Belt by Core Products Body Sport Deluxe Trochanter Belt BodyMed Rib Support Belt - Men & Womens
Helps keep moisture and heat away from the skin. Stabilizes and compresses the trochanters and sacroiliac joints. Helps supplement abdominal muscles by supporting the pelvic and sacrum regions. Provides comfortable firm support, resists rolling. Available in men and womens.
BodySport Cervical Collar BodySport Cervical Traction Collar - Blue BodySport Neoprene Wrist Support w/ Thumb Loop
Hook and loop closure cervical collar provides support with its contoured design.  Made of polyfoam with cotton cover. Available in 3 sizes. Stretches and relaxes muscles while improving spinal posture. Helps take pressure off painful joints to relieve pain and improve mobility. Breathable, neoprene, wraparound wrist support is terry lined with a nylon outer shell. Features hook-and-loop closure. One size fits most.
BodySport TracCollar Neck Support BodySport Trochanter Belt Breathoprene Pediatric Wrist Splint by Rolyan
Inflatable collar allows you full control of air for compression muscle relief. Comes with portable carrying case. Provides support for painful sacroiliac joints. 3.5" wide, white color in size option of choice. Breathoprene allows air through and wicks perspiration away from the skin for enhanced comfort and compliance. Wrap around design.
BrownMed IMAK Adjustable Elbow Splint IMAK RSI Arm Sling by BrownMed Elbow Band by BrownMed
Soft fabric and breathable foam keeps the arm comfortable while allowing for breathability. Has a removable splint and closures for customization support. Features massaging ErgoBeads neck/shoulder pad and hand exerciser. Comfortable band feels good all day long, so pain does not get in the way of work or play.
Brownmed IMAK RSI WrisTimer PM BrownMed IMAK Shoulder Saver BrownMed IMAK Smart Glove with Thumb Support & Wrist Brace
Helps reduce inflammation and provide support for stress injuries, post-op, CTS, etc. The ergonomic solution for any heavy bag carrier! ErgoBeads provide a massaging, comforting effect. Flexible support to your wrist and thumb, while allowing full use of your hand. Massaging ergoBeads pad under the wrist and improves circulation.
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