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Injury Prevention or Rehab - Sometimes preventing common sports injuries is beyond our control, but many times sports injuries are preventable. Some injuries are brought on by not being conditioned for the activity we are doing.The most common sports injuries are strains and sprains. Overuse injuries are common and preventable, as sprains are injuries to ligaments, the tough bands connecting bones in a joint. Suddenly stretching them past their limits deforms or tears them. Strains are injuries to muscle fibers or tendons, which anchor muscles to bones. Strains are called “pulled muscles” for a reason: Over-stretching or overusing a muscle causes tears in the muscle fibers or tendons. Therefore, the proper therapy must be sought to condition, prevent or rehabilitate muscles to improve or return to their former state. Seek medical advice to learn which sports medicine therapy tools are right for your needs.
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BSN Leukotape K - 5m Kinesiology Tape Danmar New Born Cap Soft Foam Interior, Stretch Fabric & Hook/loop Closure Allow Comfortable, Adjustable Compression. Many size options.
Danmar Newborn Cap
HPMS Price $86.99
Fabrifoam SuperWrap™
HPMS Price $20.00

Wave pattern supportive adhesive tape. Allows for air circulation and full mobility. Multiple colors available. Ultra lightweight Newborn helmet is a fully ventilated cap made from soft, 3/8” shock-absorbent foam. Used when baby's cranium is not fully formed or preventing baby's head from getting bumped. Soft Foam Interior and Multi-directional Stretch Allow Comfortable Adjustable Compression! Delivering a high degree of multi-directional stretch, Superwrap is recommended for compression and support. Several size options available.
Foam Yoga Block by BodySport Gymnic Classic Exercise Ball Kinsman Triple Loop Quad Leg Lifter
Foam Yoga Block by BodySport
HPMS Price $11.99

Lightweight Yoga Multi-tool brings Peace of Mind & Synchronization to Your Routine! Durable foam Yoga block (Yoga Brick or Yoga Cube) is perfect for fitness training, yoga, pilates or other mat exercises. Latex free. 6 x 9" in Color options, available in 3" or 4" Height. Enhance Fitness and Motor Activities with Fun, Functional Fitness Ball! Versatile exercise ball available in various size & color options. Perfect for rehabilitation, exercise and fitness. Easy Leg Lifting for Help After Surgery, Getting In/Out of Bed or the Car! Ideal leg lifter for lifting a leg onto a wheelchair rest, bed or into a car.  Webbing material is reinforced with a metal rod; made of 1 inch heavy duty webbing. Navy Blue.
Med Spec ASO® Flex Hinge Ankle Stabilizer Mueller Hg80 Wrist Support Sleeve Mueller Hg80® Premium Wrist Brace
Stabilized Medial/Lateral Ankle Protection & Re-injury Prevention! Hinge flexes with nylon boot to provide a comfortable fit and support the ankle. Made in USA. Black. Several size options.
Comfortable Wrist Support Helps Prevent Wrist Injuries! Lightweight material is designed to aid in all aspects of exercise activity including warm-ups, high intensity and cool-down therapy. Fit either wrist. Black/Gray. Size options. Flexible Internal Steel Springs Provide Double Wrist Protection! Relieves wrist pain caused by carpal tunnel or injury. Wrap around strap makes for a perfect fit on any wrist. Ambidextrous. Black/Gray. Size options.
Mueller The One® Premium Ankle Brace Muscletrac™ Muscle Roller Norco Leg Lifter
Norco Leg Lifter
HPMS Price $11.59

Mimics professional athletic trainer taping to help prevent ankle injuries or strains while playing. Great for rehabbing inversion and eversion ankle sprains when not playing. Secure fit, great support that encourages healing. Ambidextrous. Black. Size options. Massaging Muscle Roller Improves Performance & Recovery! Quickly and efficiently locate while eliminating areas of muscle tightness, soreness and/or trigger points. Great for before or after physical activity. Model options.
Get a Leg Up on Getting Your Leg Up with the Norco Leg Lifter! Leg lifting assistance for those who have had total hip replacement surgery or those with limited mobility raise or lower their legs. Blue.
Ottobock Cybertech Low Profile SI Belt POWER-WEB 14" Latex Combo Hand, Finger, Thumb, Forearm & Wrist Exerciser Power Web Flex Grip Hand/Finger Exerciser
Superior Compression & Stabilization from L5 to the Coccyx! Pulley system SI belt made from breathable nylon fabric. Provides excellent pain relief. Black. Size options.
Strengthen fingers, hands and forearms with Power-Web's Combo Hand Exerciser. Pyramid-shaped design that can be used to develop isolated finger strength, flexibility and coordination.
POWER-WEB JR. Hand, Finger, Thumb, Forearm & Wrist Exerciser Thin Gel Padded Sleeve Protects, Moisturizes and Cushions Ankle Bones Without Added Bulk! 1.5 oz. tin of either Original/Regular or Extra Strength Soothing Touch Sore Muscle Narayan Balm for massage.
7" diameter power web; perfect for on the go or travel.  Available in 3 resistances and one latex free model. Thin Gel Pads Protect, Moisturize and Cushion Ankle Bones Without Added Bulk! Great for sports and everyday use. Sleeve with 2 gel pads help prevent ankle injuries and skin abrasion. One size fits most. Protect your ankles!
Deep Penetrating, Cooling & Intense Massage Therapy! 100% Petroleum and Paraben Free Pain Relief. Narayan Oil has been combined with powerful essential oils to provide an extra cooling and intense therapy. Available in Original/Regular or Extra Strength.
Elasto-Gel™ Hot/Cold Therapy Neck/Back Combo
Hot or Cold Therapy for Minor Back or Neck Muscle or Joint Aches & Pains! Covers from the base of the cervical area to the mid/lower back