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EazyHold - Necessity is the mother of invention! Innovated by 3 sisters who love extreme sports, gardening and cooking, the Mellin sisters found that activities that used to be effortless were becoming a challenge. Years of wear and tear on their hands and joints were causing a decline in grip strength. Refusing to give up their active lifestyle was NOT an option, so they decided to find a solution to help maintain a firm grip on tools, sports equipment and household implements. They soon realized there was a whole slew of baby boomers out there with the same issue that would benefit from this device. They began production immediately and soon realized there was also a huge special needs community of children who needed this long overdue problem solver as well.
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EazyHold ® Universal Cuff Support, Silicone Adaptive Grip Aid EazyHold ® Universal Cuff Support, Silicone Adaptive Grip Aid

Adaptable, Hygienic, and Oh So Comfortable! The complete collection of EazyHold Multi-Packs and Two-Packs, from the largest Green Sippy to the smallest Yellow.

HPMS Price $21.49