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Developed by Australian Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, Ryan Kendrick BPhty, MPhtySt, due to being aware that many conditions presenting in clinical practice were a result of overuse or more correctly overload. Ryan recognised that current taping products were ineffective at absorbing load or contributing energy to reduce the workload of the musculotendinous unit. They were also ineffective at modifying the biomechanics whilst still permitting the full range of motion necessary to perform the complex skills required in many athletic pursuits. After several years of development to address these limitations, Dynamic Tape was launched commercially in 2010. It is an adjunctive clinical tool in the management of muscle strains and tears, overuse and biomechanical injuries like achilles and patellar tendinopathy, plantar fasciitis, rotator cuff pathology, tennis elbow, shin splints etc. but also equally applicable in Paediatrics, Neurology, Hand Therapy and even in Respiratory care.

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Biomechanical Tape by Dynamic Tape - Bulk Rolls Biomechanical Tape by Dynamic Tape - Tattoo Design Posture Pals Biomechanical Box Tape - Lumbar Support by Dynamic Tape
Assist weak and overworked muscles. a biomechanical approach to taping. Available in beige or black tattoo design. Experience a biomechanical approach to taping!  Specially designed, highly elastic tape; water resistant, breathable, soft, and highly comfortable. Quick to apply, low profile tape. Ideal for injured, overworked and fatigued muscles. Pack of 5, pre-cut Box shape Lumbar support tapes.
Posture Pals X Tape -Thoracic Support by Dynamic Tape Professional Tape Scissors by Dynamic Tape
Quick to apply, low profile tape. Ideal for injured, overworked and fatigued muscles.  Available in small or large; precut packs of 5. Non-stick, coated scissors with blunt nose designed for easy & safe tape removal from the body. Foam lined case included for safe portability.