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Ball Chairs & Trainers
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CanDo® Ball Chairs CanDo® Core-training Vestibular Dome with Resistance Cords Gymnic Speedy Base
CanDo® Ball Chairs
HPMS Price $79.99
Gymnic Speedy Base
HPMS Price $60.99
CanDo® ball chairs include inflatable exercise ball and chair base. The mobile ergonomic seating systems combine the benefits of ball therapy with the convenience of a chair base. CanDo® Core-Training Vestibular Dome functions similar to both a vestibular board and ball. Hard plastic wheeled base combinable with items Rody, Rody Magical Unicorn, Gyffy, Raffy and Kody. Insert the feet in the dedicated holes: our hopping animals will turn into fun and dynamic ride-on toys!
Norco Safety Exercise Ball OPTP Needle Inflating Pump
OPTP Needle Inflating Pump
HPMS Price $11.94

Burst-Resistant Fitness Fun! This exercise ball helps improve core stabilization by training the muscles of the spinal column as the body works to stay in balance. Air pump with needle nozzle will inflate (or deflate) nearly any small to medium size ball. Needle conveniently stores in the top of the pump handle when not in use. Includes how-to insert with inflation instructions. Ideal for inflating OPTP Bumpy Ball, Body Therapy Balls, Franklin Balls and Balls for Body Work.
Ball Chairs & Trainers