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Writing Bird Writing Aid by Achieva Assist-A-Tray Ultimate by Standards Squiggle Wiggle Writer Sensory Pen by Hart Toys
Helpful, easy to use and inconspicuous writing device for persons with limited hand control and writing with less hand pain. Pen included. Makes standing and sitting easy and safe. Tray includes cup holder and utensil compartment. Make it fun to work on handwriting and fine motor skills! Fun sensory stimulation pen with vibration and tactile input during writing helps kids focus.
Kinsman Cylindrical Foam Tubing Kinsman Classic Ring Pen Kinsman Pen and Pencil Weights
Foam tubing that can be used to add cushioning and support to a variety of products such as crutch arms, wheelchair handles etc. The original ergonomic pen designed to relieve pain and cramping when writing. Perfect for those with difficulty processing the fine motor skills necessary for proper handwriting. Can be placed anywhere on the writing utensil.
Kinsman PencilWeight™ Kinsman Grip-EASY Utensil Holders Kinsman StayPut Mat
Kinsman StayPut Mat
HPMS Price $29.99
Helpful for individuals who experience decreased coordination, or need additional proprioceptive input during writing tasks. Easy to use, clean, remove & replace Grip EASY utensil holders. Non-slip mat can be used with any letter sized paper. Ideal for children; sold separately.
Kinsman Writing Claw North Coast Medical Loctite Gel Norco Universal Quad Cuff Utensil Holder
Kinsman Writing Claw
HPMS Price $13.49
Loctite Gel
HPMS Price $14.68
Will fit pens, pencils, crayons and markers. Helps those with poor motor skills to write. Available in 3 sizes. Industrial strength, gel adhesive sets up quickly. Tube application is neat and quick. Holds various sized handles, including feeding utensils, writing instruments and grooming aids.
Norco Writing Grips North Coast Medical Norco Walker Tray North Coast Medical Over The Neck Magnifier
Norco Writing Grips
HPMS Price $6.39
These soft, plastic, bulb-shaped grips slip onto any standard size pen or pencil. Tray slides forward for safe walking. Non-slip placemat helps secure plates and cups. The easy on and off clips make this tray ideal for persons with limited hand strength. Lightweight acrylic Over-The-Neck Hands-Free Magnifiers are worn around the neck, leaving both hands free.
North Coast Medical Quad Care Utensil Holder Pen & Pencil Cushion - 2 Pack PenAgain Ergo-Soft Grip
Pen & Pencil Cushions
HPMS Price $6.99
PenAgain Ergo-Soft Grip
HPMS Price $29.99
This hand strap with utensil pouch helps persons with limited or no grip to use cutlery and writing instruments. Helpful for hand weakness and other neurological conditions. Designed to shape for any grip. Will fit on most standard sized pens or pencils. Colors vary; pack of 2. Extra-soft, pliable surface makes it even easier to hold this PenAgain writing instrument.Refill packs available.
Posture-Rite® Lap Desk Providence Spillproof Bip Grip (Pencil & Pen Grip) RinG-Pen Ultra--Grip Support For Writing and Art Tools
Posture-Rite® Lap Desk
HPMS Price $37.99

Portable Stable Beanbag Base Conforms to Any Lap or Surface! Comfortable tray-style lap desk that fits your lap by way of soft padding underneath the smooth surface desktop that is also angled towards you to limit potential neck strain. Give yourself or those you care for a smooth surface no matter where they are.
Bip Grip is a versatile writing aid that uses the most common pens & and pencils found around your home. Makes writing easier. The patented "Ring Pen" technology helps individuals with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, poor fine motor skills or trauma to the hand, fingers, and wrist write with more comfort and less strain. Regain control of your writing and painting.
SP Ableware Arthwriter Hand Aid - Arthritis Grip Assist Tool Maddak Blister Pack Pen Maddak Closed-Cell Foam Tubing
Get a grip with this versatile tool that helps those with hand, finger or other disabilities interrupting your ability to take care of your daily living.
Looks like an ordinary ballpoint pen, but easily cuts through blister packs & protective seals.

For building up tool and utensil handles and increasing softness. Built-up handles give greater control.
Maddak Illuminated Magnifier SP Ableware Ring Writer Clip SP Ableware Steady Write Writing Instrument
Useful in the car for studying roadmaps and in rooms that have no reading lamps. Requires 2 C batteries (not included). The ring writer offers greater control for those with limited grip or hand mobility.
Helps improve handwriting of people with hand limitations. Pen refills also available separately.
Steady Write Writing Instrument by Maddak SP Ableware Splint Pattern Marker by Performance Health The Pencil Grip
Helps improve handwriting of people with hand limitations. Pen refills also available separately. For tracing patterns onto splinting material. Marks stay on material when immersed in water but can be wiped off. Benefits Adults & Children, Righties & Lefties. #1 Grip recommended by therapists to help kids write. Arthritis Foundation recommended as "easy" and "comfortable". Fits on pencils, pens, crayons & many drawing and writing tools.
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