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Transpore Medical Tape by 3M™ Hollister Drainable Pouch Clamp Closure Clamps for Drainable Pouches by Cardinal Health
Latex-free, hypoallergenic and water resistant tape that can be torn bi-directionally. Porous and transparent to provide wound monitoring and healing. Hollister Drainable Pouch Clamp is an easy to use, latex free plastic clamp, used to seal the bottom of a drainable ostomy pouch. Discreet beige in color and is reuseable. Sold each; closure clamps for drainable pouches.
m9 Odor Eliminator Spray Hollister m9 Odor Eliminator Drops Ostomy Pouch Deodorant by Safe n' Simple
Room spray, which helps to neutralize unpleasant odors. Neutralizes odor rather than covering it. Pump-spray bottle. Available unscented or in green apple scent. Available in two sizes for convenience of travel or home use. Not made with natural rubber latex. Highly effective in eliminating odors; safe to use as demonstrated over many years of use. Convenient to use; place drops of m9 into pouch before applying it. Size & quantity options. Ostomy Pouch Deodorant has fantastic odor control with no perfumes or artificial scents. Bottle has a push top cap to ensure liquid does not escape cap and a leak-proof seal on bottle to prevent spills before opened.
Coloplast Ostomy Scissor Seal-Tight Shower Patch 5 Pack by BrownMed Adapt Barrier Rings by Hollister
Easy to use curved blade Ostomy scissor aids in circular cuts while upper teeth grip for better control and smooth cutting. Sight specific moisture protection. For use while showering, made of nonlatex material. 5 per package. Rings are used to fill in uneven skin contours near the stoma to create a flatter surface and to help prevent drainage from getting under the barrier.
Ostomy Protective Powder by Cardinal Health - 1 oz Ostomy Odor Eliminator Drops by Cardinal Health Hollister Adapt Premium Stoma Powder Puff 1 oz Bottle
Convenient squeeze bottle provides easy puffing of powder to skin. Non-sterile. Only a few drops upon application of a fresh pouch, or after emptying, allows for optimal odor control. Size Options. Easy to use squeeze bottle allows aeration of stoma powder onto skin.
Skin Barrier Wipes with Alcohol by Safe N' Simple Aloe Vesta Clear Antifungal Ointment by Convatec Peri-Stoma Cleaner & Adhesive Remover by Safe N' Simple
Skin barrier wipes remove bacteria, cleans the skin and removes adhesive buildup.  Very gentle alcohol based wipe dries quick and protects skin from irritation. Specially formulated for the treatment of superficial fungal infections. Ideal for athlete's foot, ringworm, jock itch, candida albicans, ostomy and incontinence. Size & quantity options.
Peri-Stoma and adhesive removers are alcohol free and does not require a rinse after using. Gentle and designed for easily irritated skin and improves pouch adherence.
Ca-Rezz Moisture Barrier Cream - 4.2 oz tube Adjustable Ostomy Belt For Hollister Pouches by Cardinal Health Assure C Ostomy Deodorant by Safe N' Simple
Protects the skin from exposure to wetness, urine acids and fecal enzymes. 4.2 oz tube. Great belt for securing ostomy appliances.  Adjustable strap for optimal fit. Assure C Ostomy deodorant is an odor eliminator that also contains a lubricant to help empty pouch contents. Clear formula eliminates the fear or concern of staining associated with the blue colored deodorants.
Adjustable Ostomy Belt for ConvaTec Pouches by Cardinal Health Adapt Adjustable Ostomy Belt by Hollister Reliamed Tan Paper Surgical Tape by Cardinal Health- Single Roll
Adjustable ostomy belt for use with ConvaTec pouches (sold separately). Sold each. Made from high quality elastic material, this Ostomy Belt attaches firmly and securely to hold ostomy pouches in place. Adjustable, reusable and washable. Reliamed easy to tear tan paper surgical tape is latex free and allows skin to breath. Single roll: 2" x 10 yards.
Adapt Convex Barrier Rings Hollister Adapt Paste - 2 oz. tube Coloplast Protective Ostomy Paste w/o Pectin - 2 oz
Adapt Convex Barrier Rings can be used to help prevent ostomy output from getting under the pouch seal. Low-alcohol formula minimizes stinging while preventing leaks that irritate skin/stoma and extends barrier life. Easy removal & soft, easy-to-squeeze tube. The paste provides a secure seal yet remains soft and flexible in use. Low alcohol content. 2 oz .
Skin Prep Protective Barrier Wipes by Cardinal Health Ostomy Appliance Cleaner by Cardinal Health - 16 oz Skin Barrier Paste by Safe n' Simple
Protects skin from dressing tapes and other adhesives. Non irritating to intact skin. Cleans and deodorizes. Non-sterile, 16 oz bottle. Skin Barrier Paste in convenient easy to squeeze tubes offered in three different formulas; Pectin Based, Fast Dry and No Sting. Creates an optimum seal for a better fitting pouch and longer wear time.
Stomahesive Paste by Convatec - 2 oz Ostomy Lubricating Deodorant by Cardinal Health - 8 oz Osto-EZ-Vent by Kem Enterprises, Inc.
Protective skin barrier to help increase wear-time and protect skin. 2 oz tube. Deodorant drops eliminate odor while adding lubrication. Blue color drops; 8 oz bottle. Sold each. Osto-EZ-Vent allows faster air release without the need for  burping or opening the bottom. Less mess, bother & more security.
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