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GAMEBREAKER - GAMEBREAKER has been deeply involved in sports at all levels for over 30 years. They are continually searching for a way to make all forms of sporting events safer for our athletes. With the GAMEBREAKER soft shelled headgear powered by D3O Impact Technology, they have developed a product that fills a vital void in player safety. GAMEBREAKER'S mission is to reduce minor or major head injury where incidental or accidental contact occurs during both practice and games.
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GAMEBREAKER Soft Protective Helmet GAMEBREAKER PRO - D30 Soft Protective Helmet
GAMEBREAKER Soft Protective Helmet
Usually Ships in 2 to 3 Days
HPMS Price $59.00
GAMEBREAKER PRO - D30 Soft Protective Helmet
Usually Ships in 2 to 3 Business Days
HPMS Price $79.00
GAMEBREAKER Soft Protective Helmet helps alleviate some of the nicks and abrasions that come with playing any contact or non contact sport. The hook and loop chin strap combined with adjustable laces in the back, enables the soft shell headgear to custom fit each persons head. GAMEBREAKER PRO Soft Protective Helmet provides more impact protection with its D3O molecule technology. Its outer shell is surrounded by breathable LYCRA to prevent the player from overheating. The hook and loop chin closure and self adjusting back allows for a custom fit for each player.