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Johnson Therapeutic - Lori Johnson MS,CCC-SLP is the developer of the Textured Spoons and owner of Johnson Therapeutic. Her experience as a speech-language pathologist ranges from the school setting to outpatient and inpatient hospital settings. It was at an American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) convention when Bruce and Barbara Ryan, both speech-language pathologists, established a business relationship with Lori regarding their invention of the Tongue LifteR. The concept behind their product was to establish appropriate lingual placement to produce /r/ during articulation therapy. The Tongue LifteR was added to the Johnson Therapeutic website in 3 different colors for a child friendly appearance. Feedback from SLPs indicated the positive impact this product had on students efficiently meeting their articulation goal of producing the /r/ sound. The Tongue LifteR has been made available for retail and wholesale purchase, just as the Textured Spoons.
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Johnson Therapeutic Textured Spoon Johnson Therapeutic Textured Spoon

Designed to provide oral sensory stimulation during feeding.Textured Bottom provides oral-sensory stimulation along with feeding and shallow Bowl provides decreased bolus size.

HPMS Price $14.99
Tongue LifteR Tongue LifteR

The Tongue LifteR is a tool to be used by a speech-language pathologist to assist clients with correct tongue placement for accurate production of the /r/ sound.

HPMS Price $30.89