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BodySport Dorsal Vest Corflex Industrial Back Support - No Straps Corflex Low Profile Industrial Back Support
BodySport Dorsal Vest
HPMS Price $33.99
Comes with a crossed, double-strength, elastic back band which provides a constant, firm pull. Criss-cross design limits stress on the back and encourages proper lifting techniques. Comfortable low profile design limits stress on back, encourages proper lifting techniques. With Straps.
Corflex Medic-Air Back Pillo Corflex Medic-Air Lumbar Roll Corflex Ultra Clavicle Strap
Corflex Medic-Air Back Pillo
HPMS Price $21.99

Corflex Medic-Air Lumbar Roll
HPMS Price $15.49

Easily attaches to any chair to convert it into ergonomically correct seating. Easily inflates to desired comfort level or deflates for portability. Provides support for the back and relief from lower back pain. Easily attaches to any chair to provide support for the lower back, easily inflates to desired comfort level or deflates for portability. Supports posture and maintains lordotic curve while seated. Features heavy-duty felt center point pad with hook and loop closure for optimal comfort.
DMI® Inflatable Ring Donut Seat Cushion Duro-Med Posture Perfect Posture Support Corrector
Duro-Med Posture Perfect
HPMS Price $13.74
Provides comfort and support when sitting for an extended period of time. Reduces pressure on back and tailbone; ring-shape comfortably conforms to body contours. Ideal after childbirth, for hemorrhoid sufferers or for those with lower back pain. Excellent for home, car, office or special events; folds compactly for storage and travel. Easy to inflate to desired level of firmness with Roberts-style inflation valve. 1" elastic bands with criss-cross design for maximum back support. One size fits most. Retracting the shoulders to improve upper back and neck posture, the Posture Support Corrector is designed for individuals with rounded shoulders and/or forward head posture. Size options.
Dynamic Tape PosturePals Precut Lumbar Pack FLA Orthopedics® Posture Control Shoulder Brace - White Hapad Heel Lift Heel Pads
Hapad® Heel Lift Heel Pads
HPMS Price $12.99

Quick to apply, low profile tape. Ideal for injured, overworked and fatigued muscles. Pack of 5, pre-cut Box shape Lumbar support tapes. Brace is designed to gently keep the shoulders back for proper posture control. High quality canvas back with a soft cotton lining. Heel lift heel pads can be worn with any shoe or sandal, to provide relief and comfort to heel pain due to plantar fasciitis or bone spurs. Elevates the heel to reduce stretching on the Achilles tendon.
Mueller Adjustable Posture Corrector North Coast Medical Saunders Posture S'port® OPTP Posture Brick™
OPTP Posture Brick™
HPMS Price $19.99
The Mueller Adjustable Posture Corrector helps to improve your overall health by improving your posture. Prevents stooped shoulders, reminding the wearer to maintain good posture. OPTP Posture Bricks provide endless versatility for use in yoga and Pilates exercise. Beginning yogis can benefit from a Posture Brick by using it to achieve better form, balance and alignment as flexibility progresses.
SkiL-Care Lift-Off Lap Cushion SpiderTech Postural One Piece Pre-Cut Tape Warwick Enterprises Adjust-A-Lift Heel Lift
The easy to remove non restrictive lift-off cushion provides asstance in wheelchair positioning. The postural one piece pre-cut kinesiology tape (KT) by SpiderTech is specially designed to support the back, neck, and shoulders, and promote a healthy posture by providing an extra tactile guide. Helps to reduce minor pain, and rehabilitates muscles to promote strength and stability.
Leg Length Inequality Correction for Low Back Pain, Hip Pain & Knee Pain Relief! Also proven effective in the treatment of foot & ankle conditions such as plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and Achilles tendonitis. Size and quantity options.