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Dr. Bob's - Portable Neck Traction is an easy-to-use inflatable device to relieve muscle pain, relax tight muscles, sooth pinched nerves, calm tension headaches, and decrease pain and discomfort from osteoarthritis and degenerative discs or joints. This Portable Neck Traction unit can be operated in the convenience of your home or at the office. It needs no electricity or batteries, and best of all, there is no assembly required. Dr. Bob's Neck Traction isn't to be used on recent sprains or injuries, and users should always consult with a doctor before use.
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Genuine Dr. Bob's Portable Neck Traction Dr. Bob's Portable Neck Traction

At-Home Inflatable Oriental Neck Therapy Releases Pressure, Stress & Pain! Help relieve neck joint/arthritis pain, headaches, minor disc problems, nerve pressure & improve range of motion with Dr. Bob's Neck Traction.

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