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Comfort Grip Roller Knife/Fork EazyHold ® Grip Universal Cuff Assist Kinsman Clip On Utensils
Kinsman Clip On Utensils
HPMS Price $21.99
Dishwasher safe. Latex free. This utensil combines the utility of the roller knife/fork with our Comfort Grip. The flexible universal cuffs attach securely to get a grip on handles of utensils, tools, toys and more! The strap helps people accomplish daily living activities independently despite physical conditions or disabilities impacting grip strength. An excellent eating aid for persons having difficulty grasping or holding utensils.
Kinsman Cylindrical Foam Tubing Kinsman Grip-EASY Utensil Holders Kinsman Meat Cutter Knife
Foam tubing that can be used to add cushioning and support to a variety of products such as crutch arms, wheelchair handles etc. Easy to use, clean, remove & replace Grip EASY utensil holders. A curved blade allows for a rocking motion to facilitate hard to cut foods
Kinsman Razor Holder Kinsman Slip-On Handle Kinsman Soft Built Up Handle Utensils
Kinsman Razor Holder
HPMS Price $36.99
Kinsman Slip-On Handle
HPMS Price $13.99
Designed to hold an electric, regular or safety razor. Can be used to extend other tools as well! Slip-on handle is great for utensils, toothbrushes, razors etc. Soft foam Built-Up handle provides easy grasp for those with arthritis or limited hand involvement.
Kinsman Utensil Holder Kinsman Weighted Universal Holder Kinsman Youth Coated Weighted Utensils
Kinsman Utensil Holder
HPMS Price $8.90
This universal cuff can hold utensils and other small handle items for people with poor hand strength or grip. The strap has the ability to be adjusted to fit your hand. Will securely hold most round or irregular shaped items by means of three adjustable set screws. Requires very little pressure when writing.
Plastisol coating increases the thickness of the bowl to help protect the teeth and lips. Weighted.
Universal Built-Up Handle Set by Maddak SP Ableware Norco Universal Cuff Norco Universal Quad Cuff Utensil Holder
Norco Universal Cuff
HPMS Price $9.39
Create a Comfortable Grip for Easier Eating, Grooming, Writing & More with Set of 4 Soft Ribbed Handles! Comfortable in the hand, it reduces the pain and cramping often associated with hand grip issues.
Economical, adjustable holder. Made of comfortable cotton. Holds various sized handles, including feeding utensils, writing instruments and grooming aids.
ADL Universal Cuff North Coast Medical Goodie-Strap™ North Coast Medical Hand Clip w/ Pocket
Designed to give persons with limited grip or dexterity controlled use of items such as eating utensils and writing tools. Two loops accommodate various handle sizes. Machine washable air dry. Single pocket hand clip can accommodates a variety of utensil positions.
North Coast Medical Right Angle Utensil Pocket North Coast Medical Wrist Support w/Universal Cuff Pediatric Flexible Foam Handle Utensil
The Right Angle Utensil Pocket is used with a universal cuff to position an eating utensil at a right angle to the palm. Durable dorsal wrist support featuring deep Kydex palmer cuff w/ leather pocket. Utensil can be bent or positioned at any angle and are sized to fit a child's grip and skill level. Model options.
Pediatric Plastic Base Utensil Holder by Performance Health Plastic Base Utensil Holder by Performance Health Maddak Plastic Bed Tray- Assorted Colors
Great for little hands, this half-cone shaped plastic base holds a toothbrush securely to encourage independent brushing.
Adjusts to fit the individual and is designed to slip comfortably on and off for increased independence. Latex free. Plastic tray (with pockets) provides a platform for eating, writing, grooming or other activities for those unable to sit at a table.
Plastic Utensil Holder by Performance Health Quad Care Utensil Holder Quadriplegic Palmer Clip With Pocket by Performance Health - 2 Models Available
Quad Care Utensil Holder
HPMS Price $23.99
Adjusts to fit the individual & is designed to slip comfortably on & off for increased independence. Latex free. Help individuals with limited or no grip use cutlery and writing instruments with Quad Care Utensil Holders. Utensil holder with a firm base. Available in 2 models; 1 or 2 pockets. Latex Free.
Spoon & Fork Holders - 2 Pack Maddak Universal Cuff Universal Leather Cuff
Universal Leather Cuff
HPMS Price $19.99
Provides an easy grip surface to any fork or spoon. 2 per pack. Ideal for those with weak or limited hand mobility. Ideal for those with limited hand strength. Adult and pediatric size available. Holds various utensils as well as the right-angle pocket. Available in 3 size options.
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