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Allen Diagnostic Tools Baseline® Hand Evaluation - 7 Piece Set Baseline®  Hand Evaluation - 8 Piece Set
Allen Diagnostic Tools
HPMS Price $199.99
Allen Diagnostic Tools and Reference Guides Baseline ® 7 piece hand evaluation Set with portable black carrying case contains all instruments needed to evaluate the strength and range-of-motion (ROM) of the hand and fingers.CE Certified. Baseline ® 8 piece Hand Evaluation Set with portable black carrying case contains all instruments needed to evaluate the strength, sensitivity and range-of-motion (ROM) of the hand and fingers. CE Certified.
Baseline® Absolute+Axis® Goniometers Baseline Bubble Inclinometer - ROM Measurement Baseline Discriminator Wheel - 2 Disk Set
The Absolute+Axis® Goniometer has an integrated Absolute+Axis® at the end of one arm. The Absolute+Axis® (AA) goniometer establishes a “true" vertical or horizontal to the start point of a measurement. An easy to use bubble inclinometer measures range-of-motion (ROM). For testing static and dynamic one and two-point discrimination. The easy-to-use, lightweight plastic sensory evaluation tool.
Fabrication Enterprises Baseline Finger Circumference Gauge Baseline® Finger Goniometers Baseline® Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
Finger circumference gauge with clear measurement reading and comfortable webbing. Transparent plastic finger goniometer permits observation of joint's axis of motion, and its range of motion. The head has three scales ranging from 30°hyperextensions through 120° flexion calibrated to be used with the ISOM system. The Baseline® fingertip pulse oximeter measures and displays real-time pulse and SpO2 level.
Fold-Up Monofilament Sets by Baseline Fold-up Monofilaments by Baseline. Baseline® HHD to MMT Combo Hand Dynamometers
Baseline® Fold-Up Monofilament evaluator sets are used to measure cutaneous sensory perception. Non-invasive evaluation with repeatable results. Monofilament features an easy to fold nylon filament for protection and storage and comes in a soft-shell protective carrying case. Monofilament evaluator is used to measure cutaneous sensory perception threshold. Each monofilament represents a unique amount of force and can fold up for easy storage and portability. The Baseline® Hydraulic Hand Dynamometers Attachments allow the units to perform other functions or tests
Baseline® Hydraulic Hand Dynamometers Baseline Scoliosis Meter - Plastic Economy Baseline® Two Point Discriminator
Gives accurate grip strength readings without the subject being able to "feel" the handle move. The internationally accepted design ensures reliability, user convenience, and measurement repeatability. A plastic economy scoliosis meter measures the degree of rotation of a deformity of the back. Two Point Discriminator evaluates cutaneous sensitivity and touch threshold.
Blue Jay Collect a Stone Kidney Stone Collector Blue Jay Know Your O2, Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter Collect 2 Check Specimen Collection Bowl
Mesh screen is the optimal size for filtering the smallest stones while allowing unobstructed flow-through. A portable, non- invasive, fast and convenient way to spot check the oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin (Sp02) Collect 2 Check Specimen Collection Bowl plastic specimen collection bowl graduated in both ounces and cubic centimeters.
Ekho TE-15 Elastic Strap Ekho TE-15 Transmitter w/ Elastic Strap Fabrication Enterprises Dual Head Stethoscope
Ekho TE-15 Elastic Strap
HPMS Price $10.00
Replacement elastic strap for the Ekho TE-12 and TE-15 transmitters.
The TE-15 Transmitter offers user changeable batteries and Interfaces with heart rate interactive exercise equipment. Elastic Strap included. Dual Heads for Convertible High Quality Sound Isolation & Performance! Turn stem to convert to non-child ring. External spring binaural, 22” tubing. Black. Lightweight. Quantity options.
Graham-Field Products Eye Charts Gulick II Plus Tape Measure Retractable Tape Measure by MABIS
Graham-Field Eye Charts
HPMS Price $10.69
Graham-Field Products Eye Charts: Snellen, Illiterate, Jaeger, and Rosebaum Individually calibrated for accurate body measurement that ensures repeatable measurements. White Retractable Tape Measure by MABIS is graduated in inches on one side and centimeters on the other. Housed in a high-impact plastic case with push-button retractor mechanism. Tape made of fiberglass for durability and long life.
North Coast Medical Norco™ Multi-Use Electrodes Nurses Stethoscope by Fabrication Enterprises PA CROM
HPMS Price $369.96
Norco™ Multi-Use Electrodes are latex free and can be used for multiple applications. Superior quality, outstanding adhesion and multiple gel layer technology. Affordable Stethoscope with High Quality Sound Isolation & Performance! Anodized aluminum chest piece, plastic ear tips, 22” tubing. Black, Quantity options.
PA CROM (Cervical Range of Motion Instrument) has set the standard for accurate measurements of the sagittal, coronal and horizontal range of motion movements that can be performed by the cervical spine.
Prodigy® Twist Top Lancets Tempa-DOT™ Disposable Sterile Thermometers Touch-Test Monofilaments
Prodigy® Twist Top Lancets
HPMS Price $6.49

Touch-Test Monofilaments
HPMS Price $124.90
Prodigy Twist Top Lancets 28G have an ultra-fine gauge, a tri-bilevel tip, to make sampling painless. Convenient universal design allows them to fit almost all lancing devices. Easy to Use, Fast, Accurate & Sterile Temperature Reading that is Noninvasive! Sterile, Single-Use Thermometer designed for high accuracy and prevention of cross-contamination. Measures in Fahrenheit, Box of 100 individually wrapped and disposable temperature readers. The Touch-Test monofilament bends when peak force threshold is reached. Test sensory levels and obtain objective data on the status of diminishing or return insensibility. Handle opens to a 90° angle.
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