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DeRoyal Sized Abdominal Binder Bell Horn Abdominal Support, White DeRoyal Premium 8” Rib Belt
Constructed of latex free knit elastic with soft lining for extended wear and comfort. Three (9”) or four (12”) individual panel design for best patient fit. Unique stitching prevents individual panels from rolling. Hook and loop closure.
Three-panel elastic abdominal support with a soft flannel lining for comfort. Three Panel design provides uniform compression and helps prevent panel rolling. Contact closure for ease of application and adjustments.
Constructed of latex-free knit elastic with soft inner liner. Three-panel design with unique stitching prevents material from rolling. Hook and loop closure for ease of application. Male and female (contoured) styles for best fit. Available in universal and sized options.
DeRoyal Universal Abdominal Binder
Latex free elastic material. Choose between three (9”) or four (12”) individual or solid (10”) panel design. Hook and loop closure. Universal sizing reduces inventory needs