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Maddak Arthro Thumbs-Up Cup w/ Lid Clear Cup with Snorkel Lid by Performance Health North Coast Medical Clear Cup With Two Lids, 10 oz
Increase leverage and reduce spillage. Lightweight and functional for those with wrist pain, decreased grip strength or hand deformities. 8 oz cup with snorkel lid to help regulate the flow of liquids. Dishwasher safe. sold each. Comes with 2 lids to accommodate a persons specific drinking needs. Cup and lids are microwave safe.
Maddak Doidy-Children’s Nosey Cup Maddak Drink Holder Clip-On North Coast Medical Drinking Mug with Handles & Lid 10 oz
Unique angle reduces the need to tilt head when drinking. Appeals to children because of its “leaning” shape and handles on each side Two sides are notched out to accommodate cups with handles and glasses. A plastic-coated steel spring clip grips tubular furniture, wheelchairs, and beds. Large handles provide the ideal grip and wide base helps prevent spills. Both dishwasher and microwave safe.
North Coast Medical Dycem Non-Slip Rectangles North Coast Medical Dycem Non-Slip Rounds Dysphagia Cup by Performance Health
Dycem Non-Slip Rectangles
HPMS Price $23.99
Dycem Non-Slip Rounds
HPMS Price $15.99
This non-slip material grips on both sides making it ideal for wheelchair pads, cushions or dinnerware.  Easy to clean; available in blue or red. This non-slip material grips on both sides making it ideal for wheelchair pads, cushions or dinnerware.  Easy to clean; available in blue or red. Drinking while tucking the chin toward the chest gives normal swallowing mechanisms time to work. Dishwasher safe.
Maddak Easy Grip Cup Etac Cup with Holder & Lid Maddak Feeding Bottle With Flexible Tube
Easy to hold cup fits perfectly in small or large hands due to its conical shape. Hot or cold liquid use. Can be held by either hand with second hand lip for extra holding support. Latex Free. Useful for individuals with difficulty chewing, sucking or swallowing. It helps control placement and amount of liquid intake.
North Coast Medical Flexi Cut Cup Maddak Flo-Trol Convalescent Feeding Cup Maddak Flo-Trol Vacuum Feeding Cup
Flexi Cut Cup
HPMS Price $14.99
The flexible cup without neck extension.  Cups can be squeezed gently to change the shape of the cup for user comfort. Top rack dishwasher safe. Permits dribble-free drinking without the need to sit up or raise the head. Control liquid input. A soft rubber air release button on this vacuum feeding cup makes it possible to drink liquid without raising the head.
Good Grips Liquid Measuring Cup - Angled Maddak Halo Cup Maddak Handy Cup
No bending over to read the fill level with these unique measuring cups.
Wide "halo" base design provides stability and reduces the occurrence of accidental spills. Sized for small hands. Two-handled transparent cup with extra wide base provides a secure grip and stability while reducing the occurrence of accidental spills.
High Sided Dish w/ Rim by Providence Spillproof Independence 2-Handle Plastic Mug w/Lids Providence Spillproof Independence Clear Cup
This high sided dish allows for easy eating with high sides to scoop against. 3 colors available.
Made from semi-clear, translucent durable plastic. Each 9 oz. mug comes with 2 spillproof lids. Designed to reduce the difficulty of drinking for those who lack upper extremity strength. Sold each.
Independence Two-Handled Nosey Cup Kennedy Cup by Providence Spillproof - 7 oz Kinsman Extra Long Drinking Straws
Two handles allow for easier holding and manipulation. The Kennedy Cup is a lightweight spillproof drinking cup that is ideal for people of all ages.
28" flexible straws are extra long and easy to clean. Easily bendable at 3 points or can be cut to gain desired length. Sold in bulk.
Kinsman Non-Weighted Insulated Mug & Bowl - Multiple Lid Options Kinsman Nosey Glass II - 8 oz Kinsman Plastic Handle Mug - Red & White
Non-weighed insulated mug & cup perfect hot and cold.  Multiple lid combinations. Textured grip and cut out surface to allow easy drinking without the need to tilt the head. 8 oz. 'T' shape handle provides easy grasping for those with limited hand control. 12 oz mug.
Kinsman Replacement Lids - 6 Pack Kinsman Two Handle Mug Kinsman uDrink Adaptable Holder
Kinsman Two Handle Mug
HPMS Price $15.99
Replacement lids for kinsman mugs. Available in anti-splash or spout models. Sold as a 6 pack. This crystal clear plastic mug has double handles to make drinking safer and easier for people with a weak grasp or tremor. 10 oz microwavable. The uDrink is a device that allows the user to hold and drink a beverage independently.
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