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Lotus Touch is made by New Life Systems, founded in 1986 as a full-service wholesale distributor to health and wellness industries. In 1998, New Life Systems started to receive a significant numbers of phone calls from massage therapists, so New Life researched the industry for a product that would satisfy the therapists’ needs. The focus of their research changed as reports of nut oil allergies increased, however. Not only were therapists reacting, but so were their clients. Not being able to deliver good treatments resulted in loss of income for themselves, the spa &/or salon. New Life conducted extensive market research to locate an existing product line that did not contain nut oils and minimal amounts of man-made chemicals. The problem was a nut oil-free product line simply did not exist…yet. Continued strategic discussions led to the creation of a nut-oil-free product line manufactured exclusively by New Life. The Lotus flower was incorporated as this water lily uniquely floats on top of a lily pad with a long stem that dives deep down into the nutrient-rich soil of a pond. Thus Lotus Touch was born. They are high-quality, pure, natural ingredients that provide therapeutic benefits. Every Lotus Touch product has been thoroughly researched and field tested by practicing therapists. Lotus Touch formulations and ingredient research provide you with the best professional products available. New Life promises Lotus Touch is formulated with the finest seed oils, botanical extracts and essential oils. They guarantee they will never use: Nut Oils, Mineral Oils or Direct Alcohols.

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Lotus Touch Essential Oils - 5 ml & 10 ml Lotus Touch Essential Oil Blends - 10 ml Lotus Touch Organic Essential Oils - 10 ml
Pure therapeutic grade essential oils. Sold individually in 5 ml or 10 ml bottles. Enhance treatments with pure essential oil blends made of pure, therapeutic grade single-note essential oils. No additives, impurities or fillers. Organic essential oils for use with massage or aromatherapy. Available in 10 ml bottles.
Lotus Touch Organic Naturals Massage Lotion Lotus Touch French Lavender Essential Oils - 10 ml & 100 ml Lotus Touch Essential Oil - 100 ml
This elegant product is completely absorbed by the skin leaving it silky smooth. No nut oils, no parabens, no propylene glycol. High quality lavender oil ideal for use in aromatherapy and massage. Available in 10 ml or 100 ml bottles. Pain relief, mood enhancement &/or increased cognitive function through a pure therapeutic grade essential oil. Scent options. 100 ml bottle.
Lotus Touch Multi-Purpose Cream 16 Oz Lotus Touch Moisture Rich Cream Lotus Touch Seaweed Powder
This luxurious cream is a 3-in-1 cream; begins like a thick, luxurious cream, transforms into an oil, finishes like a silky lotion. An outstanding massage cream that provides maximum glide with minimum friction and stays creamy through the entire treatment.
Seaweed powder can be used on face & body for a detoxifying and exfoliating experience.  Ideal for cellulite treatment or weight loss program.
Essential Oil Blends Trial Kit Lotus Touch Sea Algae Powder Face & Body Wrap Lotus Touch Organic Naturals Massage Cream
As an alternative medicine, essential oil blends are used to holistically treat ailments with aromatherapy, including stress, insomnia, headaches & more. This versatile massage powder can be used on face & body. Beneficial for stimulating circulation and improve skin elasticity. A light, fragrance-free professional massage product that offers superb hydration and nutrients for dry, damaged skin while giving you outstanding glide and workability with superior control.
Lotus Touch Essential Oil Blends - 3.38 oz./100 ml Lotus Touch Seaweed Gel Showerless Body Wrap Lotus Touch Always Fresh Professional Detergent
Enhance treatments with pure essential oil blend options. Each scent blend option sold individually in 3.38 oz./100 ml bottle. This seaweed gel wrap is used to hydrate and detoxify skin. Provides excellent results with or without a compression wrap. Professional-strength, biodegradable detergent and has been improved for better lubricant break down and odor neutralization.
Lotus Touch Hydrating Rich Lotion - 1 Gal
Maximum glide and super-rich workability without stickiness