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Your ears, nose, and throat are all part of your upper respiratory system. They share anatomy and have similar mucous membrane linings, which means they get similar infections; an infection, an allergy, or another problem affecting one of them (from ear pressure pain and strep throat to problems with your sinuses and constant phlegm in the throat) may also affect the others. Understanding the anatomy of your ears, nose, and throat will help you know how to keep them in good health and free of infections.
- Paul Jones, MD, director of pediatric otolaryngology at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago
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Jackson Roll Slip On Pillow Cover by Core Products Duro-Med Soft Foam Cervical Collar - 3" IMAK Compression Pain Relief Mask
Pillow case for Jackson Roll Pillow. 17 x 17; Blue. This soft cervical collar is made of polyurethane foam to offer comfort and support of the head and neck. Comfortable to wear with smooth ergobeads to create a gentle massaging effect around your eyes. Can be placed in the freezer for cooling relief without the shock of ice/gel packs.
DMI Replacement Cover for 10" Ortho Wedge - Blue Elasto-Gel Sinus Mask - Hot/Cold Pack Foam Roll Support Pillow by Core Products
Replacement cover for 10" Ortho Wedge pillow. Blue. Hot or Cold Therapy relief for headaches, sinuses, eye area and helps reduce excessive light during sleep. One size fits most. Foam Roll Cervical or Positioning Support Pillows are natural assistance for pain. Great for a variety of comfort and support applications. Color/Size/Style Options.
Overhead Traction System by Core Products Pressure Point Therapy Pack - Dual Comfort by Core Products Sitback Standard Lumbar Support by Core Products
Alleviates pressure on the spinal column. Over the door design. Helps relieve headaches, low-back pain and muscle soreness. Offers 2 frost free surfaces for long lasting cold therapy. Contour cut foam cushion provides comfort and support to the lower back. Available in 3 colors.
Jackson Roll Pillow by Core Products Slimrest Standard Lumbar Support by Core Products BucketSeat SitBack Rest by Core Products - Standard
Kiss neck pain goodbye! Specially designed to relieve the worst neck tension and stiffness for a more comfortable sleeping experience.
A slimmer, contoured version of our popular Sitback Rest. Improves posture and helps reduce back pain.
Provides essential back support for a more comfortable sitting experience whether your in the office or on the go. Light and portable.
AB Contour Pillow by Core Products - Satin N95 Respirator Mask With Valve Breathe-Free - Box of 10 BodyMed Cervical Core Center Support Pillow - 24" x 16"
Designed to provide comfortable support for an aching neck and shoulders. Available in 3 colors. The reinforced outer shell resists structural collapsing that can be brought on by increased humidity. Box of 10. Gently cradles your head and supports the neck in its natural position to help alleviate the pain that accompanies numerous maladies.
FitBALL Pressure Points Package Automotive Lumbar Support Bucket Seat by Core Products Sitback Rest Deluxe by Core Products
Learn the benefits of acupressure used to treat muscular conditions for thousands of years with pressure point balls. Ideal for neck and shoulder tension, back pain, tension headaches, muscular aches and pains. Comes with side wings to fit snugly and offer superior support while driving, in the office or at home. Available in 3 colors. Sitting made comfortable with the Sitback Rest Deluxe! Provides extended comfort and back support for those long days at the office or home.
Slimrest Deluxe Lumbar Support by Core Products Inflatable Back Cushion by Core Products D-Core Cervical Pillow by Core Products - Standard or Midsize
Small and slimmer back rest hugs you from behind to keep you in the correct position. Available in blue, black or gray. Perfect back support for travel. Durable air bladder encased in a breathable foam pad; Inflates from 1.5 to 3 inches; Blue. D-shaped center supports the neck to help relieve neck and shoulder pain. Fits in a standard pillow case.
Basic Cervical Foam Based Pillow by Core Products Elasto-Gel Hot/Cold Therapy Cervical Roll Tri-Core Pillow by Core Products
Conforms to the curvature of your neck and allows for full relaxation.  Washable polyester/cotton cover included. 2 Styles of pillow. Provides proper alignment for the neck and spine. Reusable hot/cold therapy. Available in 2 size options. Fiber support pillow delivers great orthopedic benefits by cradling the head and supporting the neck. Fits most standard pillow cases.
Doctor Riter's Real-Ease Neck and Shoulder Relaxer Perfect Rest Pillow by Core Products Provale Cup by Reliant Medical Products
Easy neck and shoulder relaxer helps relieve tension in as little as 10 to 15 minutes. Cradles the neck at the base of the skull for ultimate comfort and tension relief. Provides 2 levels of support; extra firm roll supports neck and shoulders while the soft cushioning area supports the head. Delivers a fixed delivery amount of liquid with every normal drinking motion. Patented mechanism prevents over-delivery of fluid.
Econo-Wave Cervical Pillow by Core Products Complete Medical "Anti-Stress" Square Cervical Pillow Duro-Med Foam Bed Wedge
Duro-Med Foam Bed Wedge
HPMS Price $39.99
Gives proper support to your neck in its most natural position. Improves air circulation around your head and neck. Two cervical rolls and recessed center help support the head and spine for anatomically correct comfort during sleep.  Made of polyester fiber and will fit most standard pillow cases. Can be used to elevate legs or upper body; perfect to relieve back/leg pain, respiratory ailments or poor circulation.
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