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Acuforce 2.5 Weighted Massaging Tool Acuforce 3.0i Cryo-Therapy Ice Cold Massager Acuforce 7.0 Weighted Massaging Tool
The tool has 2 applications to perform muscle stripping, cross-fiber friction, and trigger point therapy. Acuforce 3.0i forms a large ice surface under the tool to perform long-lasting therapy. The Acuforce 7.0 performs muscle stripping, cross- fiber friction and trigger point therapy.
Acuforce Backpack Carrying Case for 7.0 Massage Tool Acuforce Massage Star Aku Ball - Bumpy Ball - Body Therapy Ball
Acuforce Massage Star
HPMS Price $18.99

Convenient backpack with case to carry and protect the Acuforce 7.0 massage tool. Sold separately or with tool. Soft, yet durable Massage Star features a natural feeling coating that is washable and works very well with massage creams and oils. Used for therapeutic massage, muscle stripping, trigger point therapy, reflexology and cross-fiber friction techniques. Self-care or professional use. Size options.
Like the Bumpy Ball  seen on Dr. Oz  the rounded protuberances of the Aku ball stimulate the release of natural endorphins.
FitBALL Pressure Points Package FitBALL Reflex Roll Biotone Dual-Purpose Massage Creme
Ideal for neck and shoulder tension, back pain, tension headaches, muscular aches and pains. Massage away tension and relax muscles throughout the body with the Reflex Roller. The Favorite Massage Creme of U.S. Professionals! Delivers consistency, versatility, workability and absorbency. Suited for use on the face, feet and/or hands, for full body massage. Leaves skin soft and moisturized with no greasy feel. Helps stimulate circulation and ease bruises. Several size options.
BodyCushion Breast Protector System - Blue IMAK® Compression Eye Pillow Pain Relief Mask CanDo Inflatable Roller
CanDo Inflatable Roller
HPMS Price $43.99
Ideal for large-breasted clients, those who have had surgery in that area of the chest, and pregnant women. 5" cutout, blue. Put Your Eyes to Bed; Unplug, Unwind & Block Light in Comfort w/Eye Pain, Strain & Stress Relief. Ergobeads gentle massaging effect. Fully inflate to increase instability. Sold each.
CanDo Massage Roller or Ball Chattanooga Hydrocollator Foam Filled Terry Cover Chattanooga Hydrocollator Moist HotPac
Self massage tools are perfect for working out minor aches and pains. Model options. Protect patients from excessive heat produced by the Chattanooga Hydrocollator hot packs (sold separately) and prolong heat with this cover. For home or clinic use. Polyurethane foam layer with terry knit weave. Hook and loop closures to prevent unwrapping or slipping. Size options.
Eight HotPac sizes designed to fit every body contour. Provides up to 30 minutes of deep soothing, moist heat.
Chosei-Kyu Stick on Moxa - 100/Box Cool-It Ice Roller Massager Jeanie Rub Nylon Shoulder Bag - #885
Ibuki stick-on moxa. 100 per box. Stays cold with no wet mess. Rolling action provides a gentle massage; comfortable grip makes it easy to control pressure applied to the skin. Black nylon shoulder bag w/ wide strap supplies room for jeanie rub massager and accessories.
Oil and Lotion Holster holds massage lotion in either single or double bottle design, attaches by a belt at waist. Stay Cool Towel - Absorbant Cold Therapy Cryostim Probes & Gel Tubes - Individual or Set
Oil and Lotion Holster holds massage lotion in either single or double bottle design, attaches by a belt at waist.
Refresh and energize with Cramer's Cool Towels. Simply rinse with cool water, place on neck or head for cooling relief. Great for sporting events, the playground, beach, in the car, a first aid kit or anywhere! Ideal for trigger point therapy relief with cooling ice gel.  The gel provides soothing relief while preventing skin irritation from the probe.
Omni Cervical Relief Pillow® by Custom Craftworks Deep Prep Massage Cream by Sammons Preston Earthlite Basics Fleece Table Warmer
Cradle Your Head & Neck With Gentle Traction for Total Mind & Body Relaxation! In just minutes, it can help relieve tension headaches and neck pain caused by improper cervical curvature. Contoured shape fits most.
Long lasting, easily applied soft tissue massage cream hydrates with healing ingredients while leaving skin smooth and soft. 15 oz. A table warmer and fleece pad in one. Includes  two adjustable heat settings, auto over-heat protection, and elastic corner straps.
Earthlite Electric Table Warmer - Deluxe Earthlite Fleece Pad Set - Standard & Deluxe Available Cupping Jars Therapy Set
Incorporates such features as digitally controlled table warmers, super-high-thread-count velvety flannel, and thick and warm fitted fleece pad. Includes a fleece pad that fits snugly on most massage tables and a fitted crescent head cover. Deluxe offers more fleece padding. Ancient Chinese Fire Cupping Therapy with set of 4 medical grade molded glass cupping jars for use with acupuncture, lymphatic & cellulite services. Sizes Small to Extra Large.
Giovanni Lavender Eco-Chic Mini Towelettes Giovanni Mixed Organic Towelettes Giovanni Recharge Towelettes Peppermint Surge
Relax, Calm & Soothe while killing germs, even on the go! Take the power of lavender essential oil in Giovanni Lavender Eco-Chic Mini towelettes with you wherever you go. Uplift, refresh & recharge with germ-killing mini machines perfect for sanitizing your hands during travel or any time. Dressed in organic essential oils, Giovanni Mixed Organic Towelettes sanitize, moisturize and utilize. Let the power of peppermint lift and recharge your spirits with Giovanni Peppermint Surge towelettes. Sanitize, moisturize and utilize with natural essential oil.
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