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OPTP Body Logic Super Pinky Ball Tingle Head Massager The Original Jacknobber II by The Pressure Positive Co.
Tingle Head Massager
HPMS Price $6.99
Simple, portable and effective massage aid for tired feet, sore hands and tense muscles. 2.5" diameter; contains latex. Can be used on head, knee, ankles and elbow. Sold each. Elegantly designed, hand held massage tool that can be used to provide a most pleasant and relaxing back massage. Color Options.
Pressure Positive The Knobble II Pressure Positive Co. The Original Palmassager Pressure Positive Co. The Original Indexknobber with Ball
Made of durable polymer; smoothly rounded tip is used to apply pressure to trigger points in soft tissue. The Knobble II has the added benefit of a soft band of non-latex. Use one, two or three of the smooth round knobs to massage tense, sore muscles of the neck, back, shoulders, arms and legs. Available in multiple colors. Designed for hands-on therapists that would allow for precise, deep tissue, hands-on therapy. Ball design.
The Original Index Knobber II by The Pressure Positive Co. Pressure Positive Co. The Original Indexknobber with Cap Cryostim Probes & Gel Tubes - Individual or Set
Allows the user to apply deep, sustained and precise pressure to trigger points and to sore, stiff muscles. Designed for hands-on therapists to allow for precise, deep tissue, hands-on therapy. Ideal for trigger point therapy relief with cooling ice gel.  The gel provides soothing relief while preventing skin irritation from the probe.
OPTP Franklin Fascia Massager - Oval Longevity Smokeless Moxa Sticks w/ Holes - 5/Box CanDo Massage Roller or Ball - Options
Ideally designed for treating hands, neck and feet. Helps increase circulation and wakes up the bodies sensory receptors. Latex free. Hollow center makes rolls easier to light with less smoke & odor. 5 per box. Self massage tools are perfect for working out minor aches and pains. Model options.
OPTP Lumbar Spinal Stabilization Floor Exercises TheraBand Foot Roller OPTP Axis Foam Roller - Options
TheraBand Foot Roller
HPMS Price $11.95
Exercises are supported by step-by-step instructions and images; 2nd edition provides revised and new exercises with vivid color images. 20 pages. Great massager for tired and achy feet! Small portable size makes it easy to use at home or in the office. Durable foam roller options in moderately firm or firm density and size/shape options for use in massage, physical therapy, Pilates, fitness and exercise recovery.
Oil and Lotion Holster by Core Products - With or w/o Bottle Pro-Roller Massage Essentials NRG Microfiber Bolster Cover
Constructed of durable canvas, never fumble around for massage oil and lotions again! Available with or without bottle(s); Single or Double holster. Shows you how to target specific areas of tightness or tenderness and how to control the amount of pressure put on each region. 52 pgs. Microfiber bolster covers, available in 4 colors. Sold each.
Millennia Vaccaria Ear Seeds - Clear Poltech Thumbsavers Massage Tool Roller Ice Massager - 2 Models
Ready to use clear ear seeds. 200 per box. The perfect tool for massage therapists! Give clients the best deep tissue massage without putting stress on your thumb joint.  Maneuverable and offers a natural feel. Targeted cold or hot therapy. Ball or bullet option.
Jeanie Rub Massager Cover - Options Scar Tissue Massage Tool by Rolyan The Original Wooden Knobble
Protect and prolong the life of your jeanie rub massager with this snug-fitting cover pad. 2 models available. Softens scar tissue and abrasions. Can be used for desensitization and sensory evaluations.Set of 2, latex free. Feels almost like a part of your hand and can be held with your fingertips touching the receiver's body. Made of natural turned wood.
The Original Jacknobber Real Bodywork Santa Barbara Massage Cream NRG Premium Microfiber Fitted Sheet - Single
Trigger point pressure release in an ergonomically designed classic shape. Save your fingers and hands when applying deep pressure to sore and aching muscles. If you are serious about massage, get serious about your massage cream! Enjoy the benefits of olive oil with the healing properties of essential oils. Scent & size options. Microfiber fitted sheet, sold each. 4 colors available.
Pressure Positive The Original Vibrassager Massage Tool Reflex Balls - Firm Blue 6cm - Pair Mini Vibrator Massager by Norco
Mini Vibrator Massager by Norco
HPMS Price $17.85

This innovative rolling massager is equipped with two knobbed wheels that actually feel like they vibrate as they are rolled across the back giving a delightful, relaxing massage.
Reflex Balls can be used for a variety of self-massage techniques that allow the user to control the amount of pressure. For small muscle areas such as the hands and feet. Perfect for in home use or on the go. Includes 3 silicone head attachments.
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