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3M Medipore Soft Cloth Surgical Tape 3M Micropore Surgical Tape 3M™ Blenderm™ Surgical Tape
Gentle, breathable to maintain skin integrity. Easy-tear perforated rolls. Excellent cross and diagonal stretch to accommodate swelling and movement. Hypoallergenic and not made with natural rubber latex. A hypoallergenic paper tape that is gentle to the skin yet adheres well and leaves minimal adhesive residue upon removal. Latex free, hypoallergenic transparent plastic tape. 5 yards length in 2 width size options; single roll or box.
3M™ Kind Removal Silicone Tape BodySport Physio Tape - Water Resistant Spark Kinetic Knee Sleeve by BrownMed
A Breathable, hypoallergenic medical tape with silicone adhesive ideal for patients with sensitive, compromised, or at-risk skin. Removes cleanly, without disrupting fragile skin layers or causing pain while offering reliable and pliable fixation. Single patient sized rolls. Latex-Free.
Get the stick you need with full range of motion for injured joints and muscles. Sweatproof, waterproof & made for high performance. Kinetic Knee Sleeve provides targeted support and high-performance compression to the knee.
BSN Medical Leukotape® K - Kinesio Therapeutic Adhesive Tape BSN Medical Leukotape® P Rigid Strapping Tape BSN Medical Leukotape P/Cover Roll Stretch Combination Package
Wave pattern supportive adhesive tape. Allows for air circulation and full mobility. Leukotape® P is a high strength, rigid strapping tape, with a very strong, zinc oxide adhesive. It is porous and hand-tearable, yet offers extra strong support for sprains and strains. Ideal for patellofemoral taping. Cover Roll Stretch / Leukotape P Combination package. Contains one roll of each.
Convatec AllKare Adhesive Remover Wipes Dynamic Tape® Dynamic Tape® Bulk Roll
Dynamic Tape
HPMS Price $18.99
Dynamic Tape Bulk Roll
HPMS Price $91.49
Barrier film layer on skin used under tapes, skin barriers, adhesive, and hydrocolloid dressings to help protect against irritation and adhesive build-up.
Experience a biomechanical approach to taping! Specially designed, highly elastic tape; water resistant, breathable, soft, and highly comfortable. Assist weak and overworked muscles. a biomechanical approach to taping.
Dynamic Tape® Eco Dynamic Tape PosturePals Precut Lumbar Pack EnduraFIX Tape
Dynamic Tape Eco
HPMS Price $18.99
EnduraFIX Tape
HPMS Price $18.10
Dynamic Tape® is specially designed, highly elastic tape (over 200%) and is completely different from rigid sports tapes and kinesiology tapes. Its unique properties and four-way stretch allow for truly biomechanical approach to taping, something that integrates well with a clinician’s clinical reasoning process. Quick to apply, low profile tape. Ideal for injured, overworked and fatigued muscles. Pack of 5, pre-cut Box shape Lumbar support tapes. Designed for use with patellofemoral, lower extremity and shoulder treatment protocols.
EnduraKIT EnduraSPORTS Tape Fabrifoam ProWrap
HPMS Price $26.89
EnduraSPORTS Tape
Hpms Price $39.99
Fabrifoam ProWrap
HPMS Price $38.50
EnduraSPORTS tape is designed to support joints under maximum stress and EnduraFIX tape can be used underneath for extra comfort and protection for sensitive skin. EnduraSPORTS Tape is an exceptionally strong athletic tape with a specially formulated zinc-oxide adhesive that reacts to body heat with increased adhesion for a secure grip, even when exposed to perspiration, water or cold weather. Foam lining gives ProWrap a minimum to moderate degree of two directional stretch. Delivers the most strength with minimal elasticity.  Size options.
Fabrifoam® NuStim™ Wrap Hartmann Omnifix Non-woven Dressing Retention Tape Johnson & Johnson Elastikon Elastic Tape 1 in x 5 yds (Stretched) Roll
Excellent for Joint Compression Wraps and Straps! Non-slip, easy to cut (for accurate sizing) wrap provides compression and support therapy to treat soft tissue injuries. Latex & Neoprene free, washable and reusable. Size options.
Soft, supple and easy to apply even on the most difficult-to-tape areas. Ideal for those with skin allergies. High twist, cotton elastic cloth tape with a rubber based adhesive, designed to help provide elasticity needed for dynamical pressure dressing. Porous construction allows skin to breathe and allows for moisture transmission.
Johnson & Johnson ZONAS® Porous Athletic Tape Kinesio Tex Performance+ Tape Kinesio Tex Tape Gold FP Wave Clinical Roll
Kinesio Tex Performance+ Tape
HPMS Price $19.99

ZONAS Tape by Johnson & Johnson is a strong tape with a cotton cloth backing and a rubber-based adhesive. Support joints and muscles without limiting or restricting range of motion. Cutting-edge, evidence based technology and hybrid materials in a flexible support that offers gentle stimulation. Good for sensitive skin/latex free. Water-resistant. Wear for days! Color options available. Fingerprint technology mimics gentle human touch yet provides an effective hold. Hypoallergenic and latex free.
Mueller Athletic Care® Athletic Trainers' Tape - NON POROUS Mueller EasyFit® Kinesiology Pre-Cut Mueller Elastic Adhesive Tear Tape
Lightweight non-porous adhesive tape. 100% cotton backcloth, zinc-oxide tape. The high-tensile strength provides unmatched support. Designed to help provide support to muscles and joints without limiting the range of motion. Durable, high quality elastic tape with adhesive backing. Ideal for use anywhere strapping is required to secure, anchor and protect while maintaining mobility. No clips needed. Lightweight and easy to tear.
Mueller Golfer's Grip Tape - 1" x 5 Yd Mueller Hero® Epic Mueller Hero® Perfect
Mueller Hero® Epic
HPMS Price $645.99
Mueller Hero® Perfect
HPMS Price $234.99
Stretching, conforming elastic tape helps protect golfer's fingers from blistering. The Mueller® HERO® Epic is our Training Room on Wheels for athletic trainers that want access to as much as possible when traveling. Now you have the power of customization. Swap, shift, configure, and reconfigure your Epic just the way you need them. The secret weapons are the interchangeable pockets and dividers.
Perfect™ Medical Bag carried by its handles or worn cross body or side style for instant access to medical supplies wherever you are. Made of durable nylon material that's built to last.
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