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Relief and support of symptoms due to acute or chronic back pain. Please note, this is not for self-treatment. Please consult with your physician to indicate medical appropriateness.
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Acuforce Massage Star Alex Orthopedics Memory Foam Lumbar/Cervical Cushion Automotive Lumbar Support Bucket Seat by Core Products
Acuforce Massage Star
HPMS Price $18.99

Soft, yet durable Massage Star features a natural feeling coating that is washable and works very well with massage creams and oils. Used for therapeutic massage, muscle stripping, trigger point therapy, reflexology and cross-fiber friction techniques. Self-care or professional use. Size options.
Helps relieve and support lower back and neck pain. Memory foam conforms to the bodys contour. One Size. Comes with side wings to fit snugly and offer superior support while driving, in the office or at home. Available in 3 colors.
Bell-Horn Clavicle Support Bell-Horn Universal Clavicle Support Biofreeze Professional Pain Relief Gel
Foam padded shoulder straps offer greater support. Provides excellent adjustable fit to maintain even support. Clavicle support with adjustable Hook/Loop Closure to provide custom support and fit. Universal size. Optimal key ingredients based on scientific research for longer-lasting benefits. Multiple size, formula & application options available.
BML Women's and Men's Heel Lifts BodyMed Foam Lumbar Roll - 4.75" x 11" BodySport Dorsal Vest
BML Heel Lifts
HPMS Price $10.99

BodySport Dorsal Vest
HPMS Price $26.39
Comfortable heel lifts provide stability from the heel to the forefoot designed to compensate for anatomical and physiological leg inequality. Made of pliable, resilient, washable plastic. Foam lumbar support available in soft and firm models. Versatile and latex free. Comes with a crossed, double-strength, elastic back band which provides a constant, firm pull.
BSN Medical Mesh-Loc Lumbar Support - 10" Bucket Seat Back Cradle by Core Products BucketSeat SitBack Rest by Core Products - Standard
Provides abdominal compression and lift to the lumbar region, stabilizing, and supporting these areas to relieve pain and discomfort. Bucket seat back cradle helps improve posture with increased comfort and support. Perfect for on the go use in the car. Provides essential back support for a more comfortable sitting experience whether your in the office or on the go. Light and portable.
Heel Lift Chattanooga Boo-Boo ColPac - Royal Blue Chattanooga Theratherm Digital Moist Heat Pack
Heel lifts help compensate for leg length discrepancy and help level the alignment of the hip. Concentrated shock absorption for those suffering from foot and leg fatigue, heel spurs, ankles pain or heel strike. Filled with a non-toxic silica gel that remains pliable throughout treatment.
Digital hand control an preset time advantage. Flannel cover draws in added moisture for more effective treatment. 3 sizes.
China-Gel - Pain Relief Gel - White Comfort Core Backrest by Core Products - Blue CorFit Back Support Belt by Core Products
Can be used for joint and muscle pains, arthritis, carpal tunnel, sports injuries and more. White. Features a heavy duty plastic core which provides maximum support for the back and shoulders. Supports stretched or weakened abdominal muscles and reduces stress on the lower back. All sizes available.
CorFit Industrial Back Support Belt by Core Products Triple Pull Elastic Lumbar Support Belt by Core Products Corflex Abdominal Binder - 12" Elastic Panel
The belt that fits everyone! Perfect Lumbar Support Belt with internal suspenders makes for a more comfortable and supportive fit. Helps alleviate lower back pain and supports weak abdominal muscles.  Offers flexible stays to prevent sides from rolling. Elastic binder with 4 panel design. Ideal for abdominal compression and muscle strains.
Corflex 9" Panel Elastic Abdominal Binder Corflex 12" Ultra Abdominal Binder Support Corflex 9" Ultra Abdominal Binder Support
Elastic binder with 3 panel design. Ideal for abdominal compression and muscle strains. Hook compatible elastic material, helps support muscles and minimize abdominal pain especially after surgery or pregnancy. Hook compatible elastic material, helps support muscles and minimize abdominal pain especially after surgery or pregnancy.
Patriot Back Brace Corflex V-Lock Back Brace w/Rigid Stabilizing Insert Corflex Contour Back Support
Corflex Back Brace Patriot
HPMS Price $69.99

Corflex Back Support Contour
HPMS Price $30.99

Adjustable back support with all-day comfort. CoolMesh™ fabric manages heat and moisture while keeping a low profile design. Made of quality elastic, includes plastic optional stays for flexible or firm support. Contoured front panel to accommodate the hip area. Made of high quality elastic.
Corflex Industrial Back Support - No Straps Corflex Industrial Back Support- With Straps Corflex Low Profile Industrial Back Support
Criss-cross design limits stress on the back and encourages proper lifting techniques. Criss-cross design limits stress on the back and encourages proper lifting techniques. Comes with straps. Encourages proper lifting techniques by limiting/preventing back strain, muscle weakness, sprains & pain.
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