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Relief and support of symptoms due to acute or chronic back pain. Please note, this is not for self-treatment. Please consult with your physician to indicate medical appropriateness.
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Heel Lift CryoDerm or ThermoDerm Pain Relief Products with MSM - Limited Stock SpiderTech - Spider - Precut kinesiology Tape - Postural
Heel lifts help compensate for leg length discrepancy and help level the alignment of the hip. Concentrated shock absorption for those suffering from foot and leg fatigue, heel spurs, ankles pain or heel strike. CRYODERM or THERMODERM can be used in place of massage creams for myofascial release, trigger point therapy, transverse friction and deep tissue. Designed for therapeutic supports to facilitate a functional medicine approach to pain. 1 application per pack.
SpiderTech Precut Kinesiology Tape - Lower Back G4 Flexible Sock Aid / Stocking Aid Medic-Air Snooze Airplane Pillow by Corflex
Medic-Air Snooze Airplane Pillow by Corflex
HPMS Price $9.99
Sale Price: $8.99

Designed for therapeutic supports to facilitate a functional medicine approach to pain. 1 application per pack. Flexible, easy to use sock aid and stocking aid is ideal for anyone suffering from back pain, arthritis or injury that has trouble putting socks on by themselves. 29" long handles reduce the need to bend. Gain or give freedom and independence with a G4 Flexible Sock Aid & Stocking Aid! Lightweight, adjustable air that you can take on the go! Gentle to moderate support of for the head, neck and cervical spine. Color options. Discounted - Limited stock - while supplies last.
Fabrication Enterprises Relief Pak - English Ice Cap - Reusable Chattanooga Boo-Boo ColPac - Royal Blue Pure Moxa Rolls - Box of 10 - by Hua Tuo
Made of waterproof rubberized fabric with plastic cap. Reusable, available in 3 sizes. Filled with a non-toxic silica gel that remains pliable throughout treatment.
Traditional Chinese pure moxa rolls used for indirect moxa heat treatment; mild Moxibustion. Box of 10.
OPTP Lumbar Spinal Stabilization Floor Exercises BML Women's and Men's Heel Lifts Biofreeze Professional Pain Relief Gel
BML Heel Lifts
Our Price: $10.99
Exercises are supported by step-by-step instructions and images; 2nd edition provides revised and new exercises with vivid color images. 20 pages. BML Women's and Men's Heel Lifts - developed for the purpose of compensating for leg length discrepancies when used individually, or elevating the heel when used in tandem. When used in one shoe at a time the lifts help to restore pelvic balance and eliminate rotation of the lumbo-sacral spine caused by unequal leg length. Provides excellent shock absorption and can be stacked for a custom amount of lift. These lifts are easily cut to size with sharp scissors.


Color: Brown - D40 (soft density)

Size: Small and Large, Men's and Woman's


Manufacturer: Basic Mold Labs (BML)
Optimal key ingredients based on scientific research for longer-lasting benefits. Multiple size, formula & application options available.
Corflex Foam Pressure Pad- Insert Only OPTP McKenzie Airback Inflatable Roll OPTP Treat Your Own Back, 9th Edition
Foam Pressure Pad insert is designed for use in Corflex's Back-2-Form Support, Contour Back Support or E/N Lumbar Support. Ideal for individuals with back and neck pain. Inflatable cushion allows for perfect adjustable support. Made of durable PVC. Do-it-Yourself back relief for lower back pain through posture changes and simple exercises. Softcover, 112 pages.
Poltech Thumbsavers Massage Tool China-Gel - Pain Relief Gel - White Medic-Air Lumbar Roll-  Color Options
The perfect tool for massage therapists! Give clients the best deep tissue massage without putting stress on your thumb joint.  Maneuverable and offers a natural feel. Can be used for joint and muscle pains, arthritis, carpal tunnel, sports injuries and more. White. Easily attaches to any chair to provide support for the lower back, easily inflates. Choice of blue or grey.
The Original Jacknobber OPTP McKenzie Early Compliance Lumbar Roll Medic-Air Back Pillo by Corflex
Medic-Air Back Pillo by Corflex
HPMS Price $16.99

Trigger point pressure release in an ergonomically designed classic shape. Save your fingers and hands when applying deep pressure to sore and aching muscles. Smaller diameter lumbar cushion is ideal for children or adults. Durable high quality support is ideal for home, office or on the go. Perfect for on the go or at home. Easy to use, adjustable back support fits most chairs. Choose from Blue or Grey.
FLA Orthopedics All Elastic Rib Belt 6" Universal OPTP Mulligan Self Snag Strap - Cervical & Lumbar Strap Mueller Universal Back Brace
Universal all elastic constructed rib belt for maximum compression. Adjustable, non slip straps that optimize leverage on the spinous process. Cervical and Lumbar straps available. Adjustable breathable back brace provides firm and comfortable support to help relieve back pain. Designed for all day wear. Universal size.
The Original Orbit Massager® by Pressure Positive OPTP McKenzie Lumbar Roll - Standard Acuforce Massage Star
Acuforce Massage Star
HPMS Price $18.99

Ergonomic shape fits perfectly in palm of your hand. Glide away stress and tension for yourself or those you care for. Provides adequate lumbar support for the car, home or office. Offers durable comfortable support. Soft, yet durable Massage Star features a natural feeling coating that is washable and works very well with massage creams and oils. Used for therapeutic massage, muscle stripping, trigger point therapy, reflexology and cross-fiber friction techniques. Self-care or professional use. Size options.
Mueller Waist Support - Single Band BodyMed Foam Lumbar Roll - 4.75" x 11" Motion Medicine All Natural Topical Pain Remedy
Wrap-around waist helps provide firm adjustable support for a custom fit. Comfortable for all day wear; one size fits most. Foam lumbar support available in soft and firm models. Versatile and latex free. Antioxidants (anti-aging), muscle relaxers, skin conditioners and all-natural ingredients (including Glucosamine & Chondroitin, Wintergreen, Lavender & Vitamin E oils) are clinically proven to ease pain & repair tissue. 5X more active ingredients means less is needed so it lasts longer. 4 oz./120g. Get pain relief now!
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