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The goal of Core Products is to provide comfort from head to toe with products that aid in the natural healing process, whether it's nagging neck pain, chronic backaches, sore wrists, elbows, ankles or lingering effects from knee injury, Core can help. All of their products are manufacturer warrantied against defects in materials and workmanship for 1 year. This warranty period is longer for several products. Please refer to the packaging and insert of the Core product you have purchased for specific warranty information. Proudly manufactured in the USA & Canada.

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Dual Comfort Hot/Cold CorPak by Core Products Jackson Roll Slip On Pillow Cover by Core Products Leg Spacer Positioning Pillow by Core Products
Packs can be warmed in the mircowave or cooled in the freezer.  Unique strapping system helps keep pack in place. Pillow case for Jackson Roll Pillow. 17 x 17; Blue. Eliminates the need of sleeping with a pillow between your knees. Designed to help relieve pressure and strain on the lower back, knees, and ankles.
Oil and Lotion Holster by Core Products - With or w/o Bottle Core Products Foam Cervical Collar - Beige Foam Cervical Collar by Core Products - Black
Constructed of durable canvas, never fumble around for massage oil and lotions again! Available with or without bottle(s); Single or Double holster. This soft, foam cervical collar is a non-rigid neck support. It is made from light density foam rubber and is covered with a 100% cotton stockinette. Made from 1” low density foam and covered with a 100% cotton stockinette, this collar provides mild support and beneficial proprioceptive feedback.
Headache Ice Pillo Case by Core Products - Blue Core Wraps by Core Products Envelope Arm Sling by Core Products
Case for Headache Ice Pillo. Slipcover Design. Can be used as compression wrap, positioning hot/cold packs, electrodes and other items. Made of plush neoprene. Made of lightweight cotton/poly fabric; strap adjusts easily to ensure a proper fit. Fits either arm.
Head Harness for Traction Kit by Core Products Jeanie Rub Massager Cover - Options Universal Thigh Wrap by Core Products
Head Harness for the Core Products Traction Kit. Traction Kit Sold Separately. Protect and prolong the life of your jeanie rub massager with this snug-fitting cover pad. 2 models available. Helps reduce knee inflammation. Delivers moderate compression and warmth, helping to regulate circulation. Universal size; Black.
Foam Cervical Collar w/ Vinyl Strap by Core Products Comfort Stress Wedge by Core Products Universal Elbow Support by Core Products - One Size
Contoured foam design with adjustable vinyl strap provides additional support. One size fits most, up to 24" neck. Height size options. The Core stress wedge is an economical way to help improve posture and ease lower back pain while sitting. Adjustable wrap around design is perfect for treating tennis/golfers elbow, muscle strain and inflammation. Available in black or beige, Universal size.
Bi-Lateral Thumb Spica by Core Products - Universal Patella Knee Strap by Core Products - One Size Body Pillow Cover by Core Products
One size; lightweight design to help ease pain from arthritis, tendinitis or thumb injuries. Reversible; left or right hand. Applies gentle pressure to patella to help reduce pains and strains. One Size. Fitted cover for the 60 Inch body Pillow. White.
Water Bag For Cervical Traction System by Core Products Semi-Universal Trochanter Belt by Core Products Foam Roll Support Pillow by Core Products
Water bag for cervical traction system. all other parts sold separately. Aids in immobilization and helps relieve muscle strain when stretched as in postpartum applications. Foam Roll Cervical or Positioning Support Pillows are natural assistance for pain. Great for a variety of comfort and support applications. Color/Size/Style Options.
Universal Shoulder Immobilizer by Core Products Overhead Traction System by Core Products Pressure Point Therapy Pack - Dual Comfort by Core Products
Universal shoulder immobilizer gently secures for a comfortable fit. One size fits most. Alleviates pressure on the spinal column. Over the door design. Helps relieve headaches, low-back pain and muscle soreness. Offers 2 frost free surfaces for long lasting cold therapy.
Luniform Lumbar Cushion by Core Products Sitback Standard Lumbar Support by Core Products Jackson Roll Pillow by Core Products
A compact support cushion you can take anywhere! Perfect support to the lower back for comfort and relief. Contour cut foam cushion provides comfort and support to the lower back. Available in 3 colors. Kiss neck pain goodbye! Specially designed to relieve the worst neck tension and stiffness for a more comfortable sleeping experience.
Lobak Back Rest Cushion by Core Products Slimrest Standard Lumbar Support by Core Products BucketSeat SitBack Rest by Core Products - Standard
Contoured shape helps proper lumbar positioning in any chair or car seat. 3 colors available.
A slimmer, contoured version of our popular Sitback Rest. Improves posture and helps reduce back pain.
Provides essential back support for a more comfortable sitting experience whether your in the office or on the go. Light and portable.
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