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Corflex Finger Splint Assortment Kit- 45 piece Dynarex Shoe Covers Graham-Field Latex Finger Cots
Dynarex Shoe Covers
HPMS Price $39.99
45 piece kit of various style & size finger splints that provide comfortable immobilization and protection for the finger. Shoe covers manufactured of spun-bonded polypropylene. Elastic opening provides a snug comfortable fit. Non-skid shoe covers offer improved floor traction. Easy grip for assembly, preventing finger prints or covering wounds on fingers. Comes in all sizes; box of 144.
Mueller Medi Kit™ Fill Pack Module Mueller Medi Kit™ G2 AT Briefcase Mueller Medi Kit™ Omni
Mueller Medi Kit™ Omni
HPMS Price $469.99
The Medi Kit™ Fill Pack Module can be attached to the outside of the larger kits containing the TS2 Ready™ hideaway zippers or most kits equipped with the MOLLE loop system. Medi Kit™ G2 AT Briefcase offers a compact style design. It is customizable and provides a very organized solution to rapidly access your equipment and cover your indoor/court sports. kit that has it all, customization, performance, and organization. You can configure, reconfigure, and organize the Medi Kit™ OMNI any way you would like.
Mueller Medi Kit™ X2 Fill Pack Module Orfit Strips
Orfit® Strips
HPMS Price $57.99
Medi Kit™ X2 Module allows you to carry longer items as needed. This is the perfect sidekick for the Medi Kit™ MULE allowing you to expand the versatility and capacity of your kit. Precut strips of Orfit Colors NS allow for quick and easy production of orthoses, external immobilization devices and rehabilitation aids. Available in Atomic Blue and Gold and Sonic Silver.