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Blue Jay Overdoor Shoulder Pulley BodySport Shoulder Pulley CanDo® Tubing Shoulder Pulley Exercisers
BodySport Shoulder Pulley
HPMS Price $16.75
Move Your Shoulders helps increase range of motion. Perfect for shoulder, arm or upper body rehabilitation. Model options available.
Helps regain, maintain and increase shoulder motion. Adjustable cord; comes with exercise guide. The CanDo® shoulder pulley with tubing and handle helps increase the range-of-motion (ROM) of the shoulder and can be used for the prevention and rehabilitation of shoulder injuries.
Kinsman Enterprises CVA Exercise Pulley Norco Shoulder Pulley North Coast Medical Economy Shoulder Pulley #NC52080
Norco Shoulder Pulley
HPMS Price $19.95
Works the upper extremities to aid rebuilding muscle and increasing range of motion Ready to use shoulder pullet is everything you need to perform range of motion exercises at home. The perfect workout to increase shoulder range of motion. Ideal for those recovering from shoulder pain or injury.
North Coast Medical Phoenix Slotted Pulleys (Pack of 5) Posture Pulley Neck Exerciser RangeMaster BlueRanger Shoulder Pulley - Metal Bracket - 24 Pack
For easier threading of outrigger lines. Designed for use with 3/32" (2.4mm) rods. 5 pack. Helps reinforce proper neck and head posture while strengthening weaker anterior neck flexors. One Size. The Blue Ranger features a webbing strap which easily slips over any door. Low cost shoulder exerciser with innovative molded plastic handles.
EconoRanger Overdoor Shoulder Pulley RangeMaster Rubber Handle Overhead Shoulder Pulley RangeMaster Overhead Shoulder Pulley - Wooden Handles, Metal Door Bracket & Flip Chart
High quality, low cost shoulder pulley with several innovative features. No exercise guide. High quality, low cost shoulder pulley with several innovative features. Available with metal bracket or webbing door strap. Wooden handled shoulder pulley that easily adjusts. 2 models available, sold each.
Therapeutic Dimensions Rangemaster PinkPulley Rangemaster PinkRanger Shoulder Pulley RangeMaster Pul-EZ Shoulder Pulley System
Over the door shoulder pulley is perfect for stretching and warming up painful sore muscles.  Easily attaches to door with adjustable handles. The PinkRanger™ Shoulder Pulley is an affordable overdoor shoulder pulley system with pink nylon rope/ Adjustable cord length. Shoulder pulley with wrist loop for a grip-free hold. Available with metal bracket or thera-loop anchor. Choose type from drop down menu.
RangeMaster Therapeutic Dimensions Shoulder and Breast Kit Rangemaster Shoulder Kit Therapeutic Dimensions RangeMaster Thera-Loop Handle - 10 Pack
Specially designed for patients recovering from breast cancer.
Our Shoulder Kit includes everything a patient needs to start a home rehabilitation program for their injured shoulder. Eliminate patient discomfort due to gripping tubing or banding. A cost-efficient solution.
Therapeutic Dimensions RangeMaster BlueRanger Economy Shoulder Pulley Reach 'N Range Overhead Pulley by Rolyan SkiL-Care Ex-Box™
SkiL-Care Ex-Box™
HPMS Price $143.99
High quality, low cost shoulder exerciser with innovative molded plastic handles and a quick line length adjustment feature. Simple to use for re-building muscles and increasing ROM Dual overhead pulley offers extra stability. Can be used with weights. A convenient platform for a variety of strength-training, range-of-motion, flexibility-enhancing and coordination exercises.
TheraBand Shoulder Pulley
Specifically designed to assist patients undergoing shoulder rehab in regaining and maintaining range of motion.