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Fabrication Enterprises Inc. Sock Aid With Ridges Fabrication Enterprises Inc. Sock Aid With Ridges

The Sock Aid with ridges makes putting on socks easier! It features a loop strap which can be used with one hand and can be adjusted up to 30".

HPMS Price $19.99
North Coast Medical Bariatric Support Plus North Coast Medical Bariatric Support Plus

This product provides both lumbar and abdominal support. The unique abdominal support pad contains and lifts the abdomen.

HPMS Price $99.99
SafetySure® Bed Pull-Up SafetySure® Bed Pull-Up

The Deluxe or Economy Bed Pull-Up is ideal for those who need extra assistance when sitting up in bed and or getting in and out of bed.

HPMS Price $13.99
SafetySure® Car Ease SafetySure® Car Ease

The slick surface makes getting in and out fo the car seat effortless. Sliding and rotation into the car seat is smooth with almost no friction.

HPMS Price $27.99
SafetySure® Economy Gait Belt SafetySure® Economy Gait Belt

Ideal for both patients and caregivers who need extra support when transferring in order to avoid injury.

HPMS Price $13.99
SafetySure Leg Up SafetySure® Leg Up™

The ideal product for individuals that have trouble lifting their leg(s) in and out of bed and designed to remain open without the use of a metal insert that could injure the instep of your foot.

HPMS Price $19.99
SafetySure® Mary's Aide Transfer Sling SafetySure® Mary's Aide Transfer Sling

Shaped like an undergarment, the transfer sling provides caregivers with an extremely secure hold and control during patient transfers.

HPMS Price $43.99
SafetySure® MovEase™ Underpad SafetySure® MovEase™ Underpad

Ideal product for individuals who need to be repositioned and have an incontinence issue.

HPMS Price $34.99
SafetySure® Transfer Belts SafetySure® Transfer Belts

The easy-to-fasten "fix lock" buckle allows the caregiver to tighten the transfer belt once the individual is in a standing position, without having to open the belt.

HPMS Price $39.79
Safety-Sure Transfer Slide SafetySure® Transfer Slide

The Transfer Slide is best suited for individuals with limited mobility. The continuous loop with a low friction inner liner facilitates transfer with little or no strain on the caregivers back.

HPMS Price $28.99
SafetySure® Transfer Sling SafetySure® Transfer Sling

An easy to use Transfer Sling device with many patient transfer applications.

HPMS Price $43.99

Safetysure Universal Thigh Straps SafetySure® Universal Thigh Straps

Thigh Straps keep gait/transfer belts from riding up during the transfer process and are felt lined to provide extra comfort.

HPMS Price $23.59
SkiL-Care Comfort Foam WheelChair Cushion SkiL-Care Comfort Foam WheelChair Cushion

This foam cushion provides comfort, pressure relief and redistribution.

HPMS Price $52.99
SkiL-Care Lateral/Lumbar Support SkiL-Care Lateral/Lumbar Support

Designed to provide lumbar support and lateral support for left and or right leaning wheelchair users.

HPMS Price $95.89
SkiL-Care One-Piece Econo Footrest Extender SkiL-Care One-Piece Econo Footrest Extender

Extender raises footrest for improved posture, seating alignment, prevents foot drop and feet from slipping behind the foot rest. Secures easily and made of wipe-clean vinyl.

HPMS Price $71.29
SkiL-Care Roll Belt SkiL-Care Roll Belt

The bed restraint provides a reminder not to leave the bed and conveniently allows the resident to roll from side to side.

HPMS Price $19.29

SkiL-Care Sleeper Jacket SkiL-Care Sleeper Jacket

The sleeper jacket is a secure restraint that effectively limits resident's from leaving the bed.

Updated Price $39.99
SkiL-Care Two-Piece Footrest Extender SkiL-Care Two-Piece Footrest Extender

The footrest extender is designed to provide support to control drop foot and prevent residents' feet from slipping off footrests.

HPMS Price $73.99
SkiL-Care Universal Chair Side Wings SkiL-Care Universal Chair Side Wings

The universal chair side wings can be placed in any wheel or geri-chair and provide comfortable lateral positioning.

HPMS Price $112.99
Skil-Care Wheelchair Leg Pad SkiL-Care Wheelchair Leg Pad

Economical foam-padded wheelchair leg pad from Skil-Care prevents legs from slipping behind the foot rest. Pad had a rigid-backed leg pad that serves as leg pad when footrests are in the raised position.

HPMS Price $57.99

SkiL-Care WheelChair Side Wings SkiL-Care WheelChair Side Wings

The wheelchair side wings effectively control excessive lateral movement.

HPMS Price $70.25