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Relief and support of symptoms due to hammer/mallet toe. Please note, this is not for self-treatment. Please consult with your physician to indicate medical appropriateness.

Hammer toe is a foot condition in which the toe has an abnormal bend in the middle joint. Mallet toe occurs when the joint at the end of the toe cannot straighten.The affected toe may be painful or hard to move, and may develop corns or calluses.
Treatment can include wearing roomier shoes and using shoe inserts or pads. Surgery might be needed.
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Pedifix Soft Felt Hammer Toe Cushion Pedifix Visco-Gel Hammer Toe Cushion Maddak Ableware Silipos Corn Pad - Medium
Soft, curved cushion relieves forefoot pain and eases pressure on toe tips.  1 per package. Helps relieve pressure on toe tips and helps prevent sores, blisters and corns.  1 per package. Soft, comfortable, stretchable fabric tubes are half coated with gel to cover only the affected area. Latex free and reusable.
Maddak Ableware Toe/Finger Tubes - Silipos Gel Pedifix Triple Toe Straightener Maddak Ableware Silipos Digital Cap
Silipos Digital Cap
HPMS Price $9.99
Toe/finger tube with moisturizing silipos gel. Each pack comes with 2 soft, comfortable and stretchable tubes. Toe Straightener helps aligns crooked, overlapping or flexible hammer toes with elastic loops that gently guide toes into place. Protects against corns, blisters, ingrown nails and helps reduce friction. Can be used on the fingers or toes. 2 sizes.
Visco-Gel Hammer Toe Crutch by Pedifix Maddak Ableware Silipos Digital Cap with Spreader Silipos Therastep Gel Toe Protector w/ Spreader
Cushions and relieves pressure on toe. Makes walking easier and more comfortable. 2 per pack. The digital cap is ideal for relieving pressure and friction on the affected toe or finger. Relieves pain and discomfort. Two great products in one! Soothes & moisturizes while keeping toe safe from friction. Reusable; One per package.
Darco Toe Alignment Splint - Universal Elasto-Gel Sterile Toe-Aid T-Shaped Dressing By Southwest Technologies 3-Point Products Toe Loops - Wide
One size, made with soft toe straps that will not irriate the skin. Fits easily in most footwear. Highly absorbent dressing for the toe or fingers. Easy to apply and change. 1.25" x 1.25" gel area. Sold per box. Loop-and-wrap design secures two or more toes together to stabilize fractures, straighten and cushion hammertoes and claw toes, and correct rotation.
BrownMed Steady Step Toe Hold - Toe Stabilizer Pedifix Toe Spreaders
Pedifix Toe Spreaders
HPMS Price $32.99
Designed to treat patients with first MPJ realignment or stabilization needs. Provides comfortable compression and support. Durable rubber spacers maintain toe alignment while reducing pressure and friction. Come in packs of 12.