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Pain relief and support of symptoms due to arthritis. Back specific. Please note, this is not for self-treatment. Please consult with your physician to indicate medical appropriateness.
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Alex Orthopedics Memory Foam Lumbar/Cervical Cushion Arctic Ice System by Pain Management Technologies - System Only Core Products Bucketseat Sitback Rest Deluxe Lumbar Support
Helps relieve and support lower back and neck pain. Memory foam conforms to the bodys contour. One Size. Arctic Ice cold water therapy system helps manage pain, swelling and aids in rehabilitation. System only. For use at home, office or in your car. Fits most standard automotive bucket seats.
Sitback Plus Lumbar Support by Core Products Triple Pull Elastic Lumbar Support Belt by Core Products Corflex Disc Unloader Spinal Orthosis
This Lumbar Pillow helps support the natural curve of the spine for superior posture support and comfort. Helps alleviate lower back pain and supports weak abdominal muscles.  Offers flexible stays to prevent sides from rolling. Designed by a leading physiatrist, the Disc Unloader provides relief from chronic or acute back pain by unloading pressure off the lumbar disc and shifting the load to the abdominal region.
Corflex Lace Align™ Spinal TLSO Corflex Medic-Air Back Pillo Corflex Medic-Air Lumbar Roll
Corflex Medic-Air Back Pillo
HPMS Price $30.77

Corflex Medic-Air Lumbar Roll
HPMS Price $15.49

Spinal TLSO is a universal belt with telescoping shoulder harness that minimizes stocking requirements. Hi-tech inner lining of the TLSO incorporates Outlast®, to help manage heat and
moisture for all-day comfort.
Easily attaches to any chair to convert it into ergonomically correct seating. Easily inflates to desired comfort level or deflates for portability. Provides support for the back and relief from lower back pain. Easily attaches to any chair to provide support for the lower back, easily inflates to desired comfort level or deflates for portability. Supports posture and maintains lordotic curve while seated.
Corflex Patriot Back Brace DeRoyal PROlign Lumbar Orthosis DeRoyal Workers Back Support
Corflex Patriot Back Brace
HPMS Price $69.99

Adjustable back support with all-day comfort. CoolMesh™ fabric manages heat and moisture while keeping a low profile design.
Available in 15° and 25° posterior plastic inserts. Provides instant full range adjustment and maximum compression
Hook and loop closure with vinyl covered side pulls for maximum support. 9½” posterior height. Support available with or without suspenders.
Dynamic Tape PosturePals Precut Lumbar Pack FLA Orthopedics Mesh-Loc Lumbar Support - 10" FLA Orthopedics® Cool-Lightweight 7" Lumbar Sacral Support
Quick to apply, low profile tape. Ideal for injured, overworked and fatigued muscles. Pack of 5, pre-cut Box shape Lumbar support tapes. Provides abdominal compression and lift to the lumbar region, stabilizing, and supporting these areas to relieve pain and discomfort. 7" back high panel with 4 flexible plastic stays to provide light support. Can be worn against the skin.
FLA Orthopedics® Deluxe Lumbar Support 11" FLA Orthopedics® Safe-T-Belt® Working Lumbar Belt FLA Orthopedics® Safe-T-Lift® Occupational Back Support
Superior lumbar support with 4 contoured rigid stays. Allows a contouring fit around waist and hips. 11" Provides support to the lower back and helps promote proper posture and lifting techniques. Provides support to the lower back and helps promote proper posture and lifting techniques.
FLA Orthopedics® Thermal Lumbar Support Icy Wrap Back Innotech EmbraceAIR King Backrest
Icy Wrap Back
HPMS Price $45.99
This support is ideal for men and women needing treatment for minor back aches and pains. We understand that you need to be back in action as soon as possible, and our compression back wrap can help you get the relief and quicker recovery needed to get you there. It will also help to minimize and control painful swelling and inflammation that can slow you down. EmbraceAIR King offers the exact same features as our EmbraceAIRPlus with additional width & height.
Innotech EmbraceAIRPlus Innotech PropAir Sleeper Back Pillow Liberty™ Elastic Wrist Orthosis
Innotech EmbraceAIRPlus
HPMS Price $119.99
Internal lumbar support can be inflated to conform to the lumbar spine. Straps easily position the lumbar to specific comfort zone. Awaken pain-free to breathe easier, while reducing joint stresses and the conditions that lead to pain. Allows fingers and thumb to move freely while providing excellent wrist support. Made of woven cotton and coated rubber.
Lumb AIR Plus - Portable Backrest LumbAIR+ Pressure Sensitive Med Spec Back-N-Black ™ Low Profile Back Support
Portable Health and wellness support! If you need adjustable and portable back or neck comfort, the Embrace Air Portable Backrest is ideal for you. Perfect back rest for at home, car or office.
Portable air-adjustable spine and back support for sensitive backs. Prevents back pain and correctly adjusts spine position without directly pushing on the spine. Patent-pending solution ideal for post-surgery.
Great choice for low back strains and sprains and short-statured or female patients.
Medi-USA Lumbamed Facet Back Support Corflex Lumbamed Plus Back Support MedSpec Back-N-Black Back Black Brace Support
Targeted Relief of Facet Joints through Effective Lordosis Reduction. Double 3-point strapping system that provides increased abdominal support.
Breathable knit fabric; removable vario-flex pad provides added stabilization and massages the surrounding tissue. Great choice for low back strains and sprains. semi rigid foam pad supports lumbar-sacral region; for men and women.
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