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Pain relief and support of symptoms due to arthritis. Back specific. Please note, this is not for self-treatment. Please consult with your physician to indicate medical appropriateness.
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Alex Orthopedics Memory Foam Lumbar/Cervical Cushion Arctic Ice System by Pain Management Technologies - System Only BSN Medical Mesh-Loc Lumbar Support - 10"
Helps relieve and support lower back and neck pain. Memory foam conforms to the bodys contour. One Size. Arctic Ice cold water therapy system helps manage pain, swelling and aids in rehabilitation. System only. Provides abdominal compression and lift to the lumbar region, stabilizing, and supporting these areas to relieve pain and discomfort.
Bucket Seat Back Cradle by Core Products BucketSeat SitBack Rest by Core Products - Standard Comfort Core Backrest by Core Products - Blue
Bucket seat back cradle helps improve posture with increased comfort and support. Perfect for on the go use in the car. Provides essential back support for a more comfortable sitting experience whether your in the office or on the go. Light and portable. Features a heavy duty plastic core which provides maximum support for the back and shoulders.
CorFit Back Support Belt by Core Products CorFit Industrial Back Support Belt by Core Products Triple Pull Elastic Lumbar Support Belt by Core Products
Supports stretched or weakened abdominal muscles and reduces stress on the lower back. All sizes available. The belt that fits everyone! Perfect Lumbar Support Belt with internal suspenders makes for a more comfortable and supportive fit. Helps alleviate lower back pain and supports weak abdominal muscles.  Offers flexible stays to prevent sides from rolling.
Patriot Back Brace Corflex V-Lock Back Brace w/Rigid Stabilizing Insert Corflex Contour Back Support
Corflex Back Brace Patriot
HPMS Price $69.99

Corflex Back Support Contour
HPMS Price $30.99

Adjustable back support with all-day comfort. CoolMesh™ fabric manages heat and moisture while keeping a low profile design. Made of quality elastic, includes plastic optional stays for flexible or firm support. Contoured front panel to accommodate the hip area. Made of high quality elastic.
Corflex Low Profile Industrial Back Support Corflex Low Profile Industrial Back Support With Straps Corflex V-Lock Back Support
Corflex Back Support V-Lock
HPMS Price $45.99

Encourages proper lifting techniques by limiting/preventing back strain, muscle weakness, sprains & pain. Comfortable low profile design limits stress on back, encourages proper lifting techniques. With Straps. Ideal for moderate low back pain, lumbar muscle weakness and lumbar sprains/strains.
Corflex Criss Cross Back Support Corflex Universal Target Back Wrap Corflex Back-2-Form Support - With Double Pulls
Criss cross back panel with anti-roll stays. Indicated for moderate back and lumbar pain. Provides support, compression and warmth for the back, with sewn-in tapered pressure pad. Ideal for lower back/lumbar pain due to moderate or severe injury and weakness.
Corflex Back-2-Form Support - With Web Strap Belt Corflex Cryotherm Back Wrap Corflex Disc Unloader LSO
Corflex Disc Unloader LSO
HPMS Price $229.99
Ease moderate to severe lumbar pain with elastic panel support. Web strap belt for static treatment. Economical back wrap designed to provide compression and concentrated cold or hot therapy. Offers support from T9 to SC junction; features a modular design that helps relieve back pain.
Corflex Disc Unloader Spinal Orthosis Corflex Lace Align™ Spinal TLSO Corflex 9" E/N Lumbar Support - Black
Standard Disc Unloader back brace helps relieve lower back pain with evenly distributed compression throughout. Spinal TLSO is a universal belt with telescoping shoulder harness that minimizes stocking requirements. Hi-tech inner lining of the TLSO incorporates Outlast®, to help manage heat and
moisture for all-day comfort.
Moderate to Severe Low Back Pain Relief! Black. 9" Height
Corflex 9" E/N Lumbar Support Brace - Beige Medic-Air Back Pillo by Corflex Medic-Air® Lumbar Roll by Corflex
Corflex Medic-Air Back Pillo
HPMS Price $16.99

Corflex Medic-Air® Lumbar Roll
HPMS Price $15.49

Moderate to Severe Low Back Pain Relief! Beige. 9" Height
Perfect for on the go or at home. Easy to use, adjustable back support fits most chairs. Self-adjusting, air-filled support that adjusts to virtually any seat for comfort at the; office, home, car, plane, movie theaters, taxicabs or just about anywhere.
Corflex Preformed Posterior Panel- Only Corflex Thoracolumbar Support Orthosis Corflex Insert for Thoracolumbar Support Orthosis- INSERT ONLY
Preformed Posterior Panel ONLY. Brace sold separately. Wrap around design with suspenders with ease of application. Provides comfortable compression support. Insert for Thoracolumbar Support Orthosis. Brace sold separately.
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