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Relief and support of symptoms due to common pain and/or overuse. Foot specific. Please note, this is not for self-treatment. Please consult with your physician to indicate medical appropriateness.
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Alex Orthopedic Post Op Shoe - Super Shoe II Maddak Ableware All Gel Toe Spreader - 4 Pack FitBALL Reflex Roll
Post Op shoe with removable tongue and cushioned rocker sole. Indicated sizes for male and female. Spreader provides relief from overlapping toes, bunions, and other foot conditions, fitting comfortably between toes to absorb pressure. Massage away tension and relax muscles throughout the body with the Reflex Roller.
Battle Creek Ice It! Cold Comfort Pack - Multiple Sizes Battle Creek Ice It! Reusable Cold Therapy Pack Biofreeze Professional Pain Relief Gel
Molds around painful areas for maximum cold therapy. Available in 3 sizes. Stays flexible while fully frozen. Durable and reusable. Size options. Optimal key ingredients based on scientific research for longer-lasting benefits. Multiple size, formula & application options available.
Blue Jay Fashion Knee High Compression Stockings Brown Medical Herbst Cradle BrownMed Soft Stride Tenderfoot Pad - Pair
Brownmed Herbst Cradle
HPMS Price $100.31
Relief on Your Feet! Say No to Boring Beige - Legs Feel Great & Look Great All Day! Ultra sheer, latex-free compression improves circulation, giving your feet and legs the relief they need. Fashionable hosiery for Women (Size 5-11) in style, color & compression level options.
Soft, ripstop nylon. Filling is anti-bacterial which creates a soft cradle to alleviate pressure. Helps alleviate pain in the forefoot. Ridges align with forefoot web space for superior results.
BrownMed Steady Step Toe Hold - Toe Stabilizer Cambion™ Heel Pads and Full-Length Insoles Chattanooga Boo-Boo ColPac - Royal Blue
Designed to treat patients with first MPJ realignment or stabilization needs and support. The Cambion™Heel Cushion and Full-Length Insoles provide unsurpassed comfort and superior impact protection for all-day wear. Filled with a non-toxic silica gel that remains pliable throughout treatment.
Chattanooga Theratherm Digital Moist Heat Pack China-Gel - Pain Relief Gel - White Comfy Splints™ Comfy™ Ambulating Boot
Digital hand control an preset time advantage. Flannel cover draws in added moisture for more effective treatment. 3 sizes. Can be used for joint and muscle pains, arthritis, carpal tunnel, sports injuries and more. Ideal ankle-foot orthosis brace for preventative plantar flexion contractures, assist with wound care and relieve foot drop and support structures.
Corflex All Purpose Boot Corflex Classic Post Op Shoe Corflex Enclosed Toe Cast Boot
Corflex All Purpose Boot
HPMS Price $20.79

Square toe design for optimal comfort with rocker bottom to promote natural gait and help reduce plantar pressure. Features flat foot bed with rocker-style bottom to promote a natural gait pattern. Features enclosed toe to provide complete protection and warmth for the foot.
Corflex Heelwedge Shoe Corflex Pressure Reduction Insole Corflex Marathon Active Lace Up Ankle Stabilizer
Corflex Heelwedge Shoe
HPMS Price $33.99
Ideal for post-op use or following trauma involving the heel to help promote healing. Insole features removable pegs that help off-load pressure from the plantar surface of the foot. Ballistic nylon ankle brace provides support and protection while treating moderate ankle sprains, strains or weakness.
Corflex Med-Surg Post-Op Shoe Corflex Pediatric SlimLine Cast Boot Corflex Rigid Post-Op Shoe
Corflex Med-Surg Post-Op Shoe
HPMS Price $21.99

Added support under the metatarsal heads, square toe design for added comfort and protection. Indicated for post-surgical application or use with casts or compression bandaging of the foot and ankle. Wood like sole with water resistant upper and contact closure.
Corflex SlimLine Cast Boot Darco Gentle Step Diabetic Shoe - Medium Width - Black Darco Gentle Step Diabetic Shoe - Wide - Black
Indicated for post-surgical application or use with casts or compression bandaging of the foot and ankle.
Extra depth shoe for patients with diabetes. One strap for easy on and off; latex free. Medium Width. Extra depth shoe for patients with diabetes. One strap for easy on and off; latex free. Wide.
Darco Medical Surgical Shoe Square Toe Darco Toe Alignment Splint - Universal DeRoyal Aegis Post-Op Shoe - Rubber Loop-Lock
Designed to provide the foot with solid protection and accommodate bulky bandages with ease. One size, made with soft toe straps that will not irriate the skin. Fits easily in most footwear. Semi-rigid rubber sole for support. Reinforced padded heel counter to help reduce slippage.
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