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Relief and support of symptoms due to common pain and/or overuse. Foot specific. Please note, this is not for self-treatment. Please consult with your physician to indicate medical appropriateness.
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CryoDerm or ThermoDerm Pain Relief Products with MSM - Limited Stock Corflex Target Plantar Fasciitis Foot Plate Only Pedifix Nylon Covered Toe Cap
CRYODERM or THERMODERM can be used in place of massage creams for myofascial release, trigger point therapy, transverse friction and deep tissue. This listing is for the rigid foot plate only. Indicated for optional use with Target Plantar Fasciitis Soft Boot, sold separately. Instantly separates and cushions toes that rub while reducing pressure and friction. Interchangeable from left to right foot. 1 per package.
Pedifix Metatarsal Shoe Cushion Mueller Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support Pedifix Podiatrists' Choice Ball of Foot Cushion
Comfortable ball of foot protection. Helps prevent against calluses and keeps feet from sliding in shoe. Offers arch support with targeted compression. Adjustable strap allows for a more custom fit. One size fits most. Provides cushioning support while preventing friction to the forefoot.  Has a durable hand-sewn nylon cover. 1 per pack.
Plantar Fasciitis Arch Sleeve by Silipos Medi-Dyne Soft Moves Foot Pads- Ball of Foot or Heel Maddak Ableware Silipos Corn Pad - Medium
Helps reduce pain and discomfort from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, tendinitis, etc. Easy slip-on comfort. Sold each. Made from clear, shock-absorbing Fixigel. Stick directly to the foot or shoe to absorb impact and provide soft, cushiony comfort. Soft, comfortable, stretchable fabric tubes are half coated with gel to cover only the affected area. Latex free and reusable.
Graham Field Grafco Pedi-Corn Cutter Maddak Ableware Toe/Finger Tubes - Silipos Gel Pedifix Felt Callous Protectors - Pack of 8
Planes corns or excess skin on feet or hands. Sold each. Toe/finger tube with moisturizing silipos gel. Each pack comes with 2 soft, comfortable and stretchable tubes. Take pressure off calluses with Pedifix Felt Callus Protector Pads.
Spenco RX Ball-of-Foot Metatarsal Cushions Warwick Heel Wedge Fabrication Enterprises Relief Pak - English Ice Cap - Reusable
Targeted support and additional padding for the ball of the foot and metatarsal arch. Sold as a pair. Special pricing for 2 or 5 pair pack. Latex free, hypoallergenic heel lifts. Durable and comfortable wear. Made of waterproof rubberized fabric with plastic cap. Reusable, available in 3 sizes.
Chattanooga Boo-Boo ColPac - Royal Blue Silipos Ball of Foot Gel Cushion Pedifix Pedi-Gel Bunion Shield
Filled with a non-toxic silica gel that remains pliable throughout treatment.
Provides extra protective padding to help comfort the pain caused by metatarsal soreness.  Provides support and cushioning with an easy loop attachment. Cushions and protects. Self sticking to stay in place. Reusable for weeks. 1 per pack.
Maddak Ableware All Gel Toe Spreader - 4 Pack Maddak Ableware Silipos All Gel Toe Separators Pedifix Pedi-Gel Corn Cushions
Spreader provides relief from overlapping toes, bunions, and other foot conditions, fitting comfortably between toes to absorb pressure. Gel will not flatten or lose its shape like foam or other low cost/low performance products. Diabetic friendly, latex-free, washable and reusable.
Self-adhesive, washable and reusable. Absorbs pressure and friction. 12 per package.
Silipos Therastep Gel Heel Liner - Pair Silipos Therastep Gel Strips & Dots Heel & Elbow Protector by Hudson Medical
Eliminates discomfort caused by friction & helps prevent heel from slipping for a better shoe fit. Sold as a pair, one size. Strips & dots to provide cushioning for any area of the shoe. Ideal for all shoe types. 2 strips & 4 dots per package. Cushions and protects the affected joint. Convoluted foam, eggcrate style. Sold each.
Pedifix GelSmart Comfort Gel Skin Forefoot Cushion With Strap Visco-Gel Hammer Toe Crutch by Pedifix Pedifix Thong Sandal Guards w/ Ball-of-Foot Cushion
Soft gel pad protects metatarsal heads from friction, pressure and abrasion. Relieves burning sensation under the metatarsal heads. Cushions and relieves pressure on toe. Makes walking easier and more comfortable. 2 per pack. Visco-GEL Thong Sandal Guards with ball-of-foot cushion, prevent chafing and rubbing from the toe posts on flip flops and thong sandals.
Pedfix Pedi-Gel Reusable Callus Cushion Mueller Blister Kit # 200724 Pure Moxa Rolls - Box of 10 - by Hua Tuo
Mueller Blister Kit
HPMS Price $10.99
Comfort spot prevents irritation and callus build-up. Self sticking adhesive pads, 6 per pack. Convenient, take-along kit contains all the essentials to care for blisters. Traditional Chinese pure moxa rolls used for indirect moxa heat treatment; mild Moxibustion. Box of 10.
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