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OPTP Body Logic Super Pinky Ball The Fluxy - Oral Therapy Tool by Providence Spillproof Co. OPTP Womens Waterworks
OPTP Womens Waterworks
HPMS Price $9.99
Simple, portable and effective massage aid for tired feet, sore hands and tense muscles. 2.5" diameter; contains latex. Oral Motor Tool provides users with three unique textures and three different diameter legs for maximum sensory feed back during oral stimming. Comes in three color-coded softness levels. Used for addressing women's incontinence including, control, stress, urge and frequency. Self treatment and pelvic floor exercises.
OPTP Lumbar Spinal Stabilization Floor Exercises OPTP Cervical Spinal Stabilization Exercises OPTP Treat Your Own Neck, 5th Edition
Exercises are supported by step-by-step instructions and images; 2nd edition provides revised and new exercises with vivid color images. 20 pages. Nearly 30 cervical stabilization exercises for home exercise programs, reinforced by step-by-step instructions and images. 28 pgs, softcover. For those with persistant neck pain, This comprehensive system for neck self-management provides relief and prevention of common neck pain and injury.
OPTP 'Why McKenzie Method Works For Your Back' DVD OPTP  Upper/Lower Extremities Assessment Forms OPTP Pro-Roller Pilates Essentials
Animated video introduction to the McKenzie Method. Approximate run-time: 7 minutes. Each assessment comes with 50 forms; includes sections for patient history, examination, and pain diagrams. Gain additional body awareness and develop better posture while challenging core strength. 37 page booklet.
OPTP Treat Your Own Shoulder, 2nd Edition OPTP Treat Your Own Back, 9th Edition OPTP Desk Pilates: Living Pilates Every Day
Demonstrates techniques on how to apply treatment to yourself whenever pain arises and offers tips that help prevent or reduce the onset of pain. Do-it-Yourself back relief for lower back pain through posture changes and simple exercises. Softcover, 112 pages. Introduces Pilates principles, core muscles and practical ways to align your body while sitting! Over 50 pages.
OPTP The Physical Therapy Management of Bone Health OPTP Stretch Out Strap With Booklet OPTP Extra Long Stretch Out Strap XL - w/ Poster
12-point comprehensive approach to bone health based on principles of movement and exercise substantiated in research literature. 40 pages.
Enjoy The Benefits of Assisted Stretching Without a Partner! Multiple loops permit deep, gradual stretching of major muscle groups with greater safety, control and effectiveness than is possible unaided. 6" 4" L. Green. Booklet included.
Extra long strap for people over 6 ft tall; includes poster with 22 variation stretching routines. Black stretch out strap.
OPTP The Intrinsic Core Book OPTP Franklin Imagery Poster Set Cramer V Sports Injury Care Handbook
Made for a more effective use of the Soft Gym Overball (sold separately). Over 40 exercises available; 80 pages. Artistically drawn anatomical poster sets from the Franklin Method. Buy each set separately or the complete set of 7 posters. Developed as a quick reference guide for preventing and treating common sports injuries.
OPTP FRANKLIN METHOD Pelvic Power DVD OPTP Exercise Ideas for Core Strengthening - Free Shipping Offer OPTP Pro-Rollar Arch
OPTP Pro-Rollar Arch
HPMS Price $21.60
franklin method power of potential conditioning DVD. Includes pelvic anatomy, movement cues and exercises with franklin exercise balls. 67 min run time. Perfect for fitness and health professionals who are trying to keep clients motivated by varying their routine. Softcover, illustrated, 80 pages.   This arch can be used for exercise, rehabilitation and support. Can be used with any half roller accessory.
OPTP Franklin Band DVD & Package OPTP Franklin Method Ball And Imagery Exercises OPTP Painful Yarns Book
OPTP Painful Yarns Book
HPMS Price $21.99
emphasizes body conditioning and dynamic posture.  Available DVD. Help discover movement patterns, restrictions and tension. Fore use with Franklin balls and Franklin mini roll. 44 pages. Painful Yarns is a compilation of hilarious stories intended to help you communicate the complexity of pain with your patients. 113 pages.
OPTP Happy Feet - Dynamic Base, Effortless Posture OPTP Body Therapy Small Ball Release DVD OPTP The Psoas - Integrating your Inner Core
Teaches the practical elements of body design using imagery, Softcover, 56 pgs. Suitable for most fitness levels. Learn how to use small exercises to relieve tension in the pelvis, hip, lower back, middle back, neck, chest or shoulder. Learn to balance and condition the psoas with renowned dancer and movement educator Eric Franklin in his new book
OPTP Reflex Balls - Soft Orange - 8cm Pair The Intrinsic Core & Overball Package OPTP Treat Your Own Neck™ and McKenzie Cervical Roll™ Gift Set
Reflex Balls can be used for a variety of self-massage techniques that allow the user to control the amount of pressure. Over 40 exercises including core, stretches and more. Includes soft overall ball. Set includes the Treat Your Own Neck book and The Original McKenzie Cervical Roll.
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