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Age Perfected Pilates Book Hollister New Image Two-Piece Irrigator Sleeve NOI Recognise™ Hand Flash Cards
For the mature fitness enthusiast, regular mat program helps reduce muscles and joint pain. 100 pages. The irrigation sleeve is designed to be used when routine colostomy irrigation is recommended by a healthcare professional to regulate emptying the bowel at a scheduled time. Includes 24 left hand images and 24 right hand images on durable plastic-coated cards; for use under clinical guidance for rehabilitation purposes.
North Coast Medical Book: Hand Rehab, A Practical Guide 3rd North Coast Medical Book: Physical Agents in Rehab 3rd Edition OPTP  Upper/Lower Extremities Assessment Forms
This practical resource blends the technical and clinical skills and knowledge of hand surgery. Soft cover. Learn how and why physical agents should be integrated into a patient's treatment plan, and how to document for optimal reimbursement and minimal liability. Each assessment comes with 50 forms; includes sections for patient history, examination, and pain diagrams.
OPTP 'Why McKenzie Method Works For Your Back' DVD OPTP Anatomy of Movement Exercises OPTP Anatomy of Movement Revised Edition
Animated video introduction to the McKenzie Method. Approximate run-time: 7 minutes. A comprehensive series of exercises involving the most common
movements of the body. 282 pages, soft cover.
Presents a dynamic approach to the study of the physical structures of the musculoskeletal system and their functional relationship to the human body.
OPTP Anatomy Trains 2 DVD Set OPTP Athletic Taping & Bracing OPTP Body Therapy Small Ball Release DVD
  • Fascial Tensegrity tours the origins and disposition of the fascial net, and Myofascial Meridians summarizes the Anatomy Trains system through explanation of the 12 myofascial linkages.
  • Presented by Thomas Myers
  • Run-time of each DVD is approximately 1 hour; each DVD equals 1.25 hours NCBTMB CE credit.
The text thoroughly discusses the general principles of taping and bracing for each major joint and body region. Suitable for most fitness levels. Learn how to use small exercises to relieve tension in the pelvis, hip, lower back, middle back, neck, chest or shoulder.
OPTP Cervical Spinal Stabilization Exercises OPTP Cyriax Clinical Exam & Diagnosis OPTP Desk Pilates: Living Pilates Every Day
Nearly 30 cervical stabilization exercises for home exercise programs, reinforced by step-by-step instructions and images. 28 pgs, softcover. Concentrates on the importance of diagnosis by using a standard protocol for each joint. 283 pages, softcover. Introduces Pilates principles, core muscles and practical ways to align your body while sitting! Over 50 pages.
OPTP Diagnosis & Treatment of Movement Impairment OPTP Diagnosis & Treatment of the Spine OPTP Diagnosis-Specific Management of the Hip
Contains detailed easy-to-follow descriptions of exercises as well as handouts that can be photocopied for patients. 380 pages. Offers a concise yet comprehensive practical overview of the most often seen pathology and the accompanying treatment possibilities. hardcover, 968 pgs. An approach to treating hip pathology. Covers surface anatomy, soft tissue treatment, functional clinical evaluation and more. 163 Pages.
OPTP Diagnosis-Specific Orthopedic Management OPTP Diagnosis-Specific Orthopedic Management of the Knee - Text Book OPTP Essentials: Robin McKenzie's Textbook Set
Each DVD contains detailed information and techniques associated with
surface anatomy, basic functional examination, soft tissue treatment and
manual therapy interventions.
Evidence-based examination procedures and diagnosis-specific management of the knee. 289 pgs. Offer the most complete method for the classification, examination and management of mechanical disorders of the human musculoskeletal system.
OPTP Explain Pain Audio Book OPTP Explain Pain Poster Collection - 4 Posters OPTP Extra Long Stretch Out Strap XL - w/ Poster
Cover topics like how pain is a response produced in the brain and how responses from autonomic motor and immune systems can contribute to pain. The four titles included are Take Control, Pacing Activity, Thought Viruses, Road to Recovery.  Ideal for everyday clinical use; will help pain sufferers make informed choices. Extra long strap for people over 6 ft tall; includes poster with 22 variation stretching routines. Black stretch out strap.
OPTP Franklin Method Ball And Imagery Exercises OPTP Franklin Method DVD Set - Pelvic Power and Franklin Band OPTP FRANKLIN METHOD Pelvic Power DVD
Help discover movement patterns, restrictions and tension. Fore use with Franklin balls and Franklin mini roll. 44 pages. Franklin Band and Pelvic Power exercise DVDs. For use with franklin method bands and body balls. franklin method power of potential conditioning DVD. Includes pelvic anatomy, movement cues and exercises with franklin exercise balls. 67 min run time.
OPTP Happy Feet - Dynamic Base, Effortless Posture OPTP IAOM DVD - Foot & Ankle OPTP IAOM DVD - Hip
HPMS Price $24.99
Teaches the practical elements of body design using imagery, Softcover, 56 pgs. Containing evidence-based examination procedures and diagnosis-specific
management strategies for a selected joint system.
Containing evidence-based examination procedures and diagnosis-specific management strategies for a selected joint system. Designed for self-study.
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