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Coloplast Ostomy Scissor Mueller Economy Tape Cutters Cramer Shark Tape Cutter
Cramer Shark Tape Cutter
HPMS Price $12.07
Easy to use curved blade Ostomy scissor aids in circular cuts while upper teeth grip for better control and smooth cutting. Cuts through tape quickly and effortlessly. Cartridge's design prevents accidental lacerations. Cuts through tape quickly.
Cramer Zip Cut Tape Cutter Mueller Bandage Scissors Mueller Bandage Shears
Mueller Bandage Scissors
HPMS Price $14.36
Mueller Bandage Shears
HPMS Price $14.36
Quickly and effortlessly cut through tape with this unbreakable nylon cutter. Mueller Bandage Scissors: Blunt lower blade scissor for safely removing tape and bandages. Measures 7.25" Heavy duty, stainless steel paramedic shears cut through straps, padding, clothing.
Mueller M Cutter Cramer Heavy-Duty Tape Scissors Cramer Tape Shark Pro
Mueller M Cutter
HPMS Price $14.99
Cramer Tape Shark Pro
HPMS Price $16.89
Athletic tape cutter cuts fast and safely. Large finger and thumb loops yield more control and comfort. Ergonomic rubberized grips provide better control and comfort than standard tape cutters.
Professional Tape Scissors by Dynamic Tape
Non-stick, coated scissors with blunt nose designed for easy & safe tape removal from the body. Foam lined case included for safe portability.