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ArcMate Standard Hip Kit Blue Jay Get Dressed Dressing Aid w/ Shoehorn BlueJay Your Dressing Buddy - 27" Dressing Stick
ArcMate Standard Hip Kit
HPMS Price $48.99
Comes with 4 accessories for aid for daily living. Packaged together with instructions. Helps reduce bending and stretching. Foam covered handle provides easy grip. Sold each. Ideal for people with limited range of motion. Extra strong hardwood dowel. Makes pushing, pulling, and dressing easier. Plastic coated push-pull hook C Pull hook.
Complete Medical Dressing Stick - Lightweight - 27" Deluxe Dressing Stick Dressing Aid Dress EZ Dressing Stick - 30" long
This lightweight dressing stick is perfect for people with limited mobility. Apply or remove clothing and become more independent with a 5/8"-diameter wooden dowel Deluxe Dressing Stick Dressing Aid. Finished with lacquer, featuring a reinforced handy hook. Size options. Combines two functions in one aid dressing stick and shoehorn. Easy to hold, measure 30" long.
Fablife Dressing Stick w/ Foam Grip FabLife Hip Kit Series - Daily Living Aids Maddak SP Ableware Combination Dressing Stick/Shoehorn
Ideal for those with limited range of motion. Makes dressing and retrieving items easier. Sold each. A variety of aids to daily living products to help those recovering from hip or knee surgery. Mutli-purpose dressing stick encourages independence in dressing while aiding in reaching.
Stop Your Bending Hip Kit by Blue Jay Wings-Pants Dressing Aid
Hip kit options feature tools that provide independence, freedom and immense recovery help. Provides independence when putting on underwear or pants. Practical and easy dressing tool makes life more comfortable. Size options; each sold separately.