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Vibrational Therapy - dates back to the 19th century and is used in many applications today. Vibration can be done by hand, singing bowls or an electronic device. The targeted body part or muscle is generally massaged using light to firm pressure by hand or an electronic device is placed on the affected area. Vibrational therapy can be applied to any part of the body that can receive massage strokes. The Ohio State University Medical Center recommends using vibration as a method of pain relief that doesn’t involve drugs. Vibration helps relieve painful conditions by creating numbness in the afflicted area. Light vibration can be performed before a sporting event to stimulate the blood flow and leave the athlete feeling a sense of energy. Vibration can also help relax muscles and tissues surrounding the painful site, which can further reduce the pain and help reduce scar tissue.
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Intellinetix Vibrating Therapy Gloves by Brownmed North Coast Medical Norco™ Mini Vibrator
Brownmed Intellinetix Vibrating Therapy Gloves
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North Coast Medical Norco™ Mini Vibrator
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Vibrating therapy gloves aid in pain relief and provide mild compression to enhance blood circulation.
Quality & Convenience in a Portable Vibrator! Vibration therapy for in-home use or on the go! Scar massage, desensitization, muscle stimulation, oral stimulation and sensory re-education on small muscle areas such as hands & feet.