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Alex Orthopedics Wrist Strap w/ Snap Off Clip Blind Man's Folding Cane Blue Jay Hold My Drink Universal Beverage Holder
Blind Man's Folding Cane
HPMS Price $37.99
Wrist strap for cane with detachable clip for easy release. 52" long and features a vinyl grip with wrist strap. Its four-section aluminum construction allows the cane to be easily folded and carried or stored away Unique and innovative design allows that Hold My Drink to fit on a range of sizes of round tubing.
Blue Jay Ice n' Stability Ice Tip with Five Steel Gripping Prongs Blue Jay Stand Up For Your Cane Quadruple Cane Tip 3/4" Dia Complete Medical Fleece Cane Grip
Reduces slips and falls due to slippery or uneven surfaces such as snow, ice, gravel, sand, grass and more. Lightweight, sturdy rubber tip suitable for use with most canes. Stands on its own - no more bending to pick up fallen canes. Easily navigate uneven terrain or loose surfaces such as sand and gravel. Compact design allows ease of use on stairs. Enhanced traction design. Fits most 3/4" canes. Attaches easily with hook and loop closure to any aluminum or wooden cane with a curved or T-handle. Provides soft lasting comfort.
Kinsman Denim Walker Saddlebag North Coast Medical Adjustable Canes North Coast Medical Bariatric Quad Cane
Keep all of your necessities within easy grasp with this denim fabric, walker saddlebag by Kinsman. Pocket sizes can accomodate cell phones, remote controllers, books and magazines. Lightweight, balanced canes ensure stability. Canes are made of high-quality, anodized aluminum with a foam-covered handle for a comfortable secure grip. Secure support for heavier patients. The Small Base model measures 8in x 5-1/2in (20 x 13cm). The Large Base model measures 12-3/4in x 7-3/4in (30 x 18cm).
North Coast Medical Ice Grip Attachment Parsons Cane Holder Quad-Support Cane Tip
Parsons Cane Holder
HPMS Price $12.35
Quad-Support Cane Tip
HPMS Price $13.99
Attach to wood or aluminum walkers, canes or crutches to improve safety in icy conditions. Slip resistant foam disc helps keep cane upright against a table. Clip attaches to most flat surfaces. The Quad Cane Tip by Drive is engineered for maximum stability and traction over all varieties of terrain.
Southwest Technologies Elasto-Gel Crutch-Mates Maddak Cane / Crutch Holder SP Ableware Cane Hand Loop
Elasto-Gel Crutch-Mate Crutch Pads & Handgrips are made from a unique high glycerine gel designed to reduce pressure points and improve comfort. Clips onto the cane so it can hang from the edge of any table, desk, or counter. 2 foam pads on either side for maximum hold. One end wraps around the cane/walking stick shaft while the larger loop on the opposite end slips around the wrist.
SP Ableware Cane Hand Loop Maddak Cane Holder For Walkers / Wheelchairs SP Ableware Crutch Bag
SP Ableware Crutch Bag
HPMS Price $20.99
No more dropping canes and walking sticks. One end wraps around the cane/walking stick shaft while the larger loop on the opposite end slips around the wrist. Double-clip cane holder allows users to keep a cane handy wherever they may need it. Stylish bag makes it easier to carry personal items while using crutches.
Ableware Folding Cane Bag
Designer inspired quilted cotton bag is the perfect way to protect and store a folding cane when it isn't being used.