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Relief and support of symptoms due to flat feet & fallen arches. Please note, this is not for self-treatment. Please consult with your physician to indicate medical appropriateness.

Flat feet (also known as fallen arches) is a condition in which the entire sole of the foot touches the floor when standing. Flat feet can occur during childhood if the arches of the feet don't develop, after an injury, or from the wear and tear of aging.
Most people have no symptoms associated with flat feet. But some people with flat feet experience foot pain, particularly in the heel or arch area.
For painful flat feet, treatments include arch supports for the shoes, stretching, or a structurally supportive shoe.
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SpiderTech - Spider - Precut kinesiology Tape - Calf & Arch Pedifix Podiatrists' Choice Ball of Foot Cushion Plantar Fasciitis Arch Sleeve by Silipos
A professionally engineered, dynamic therapeutic support for the muscles stabilizing the calf & arch. I application per pack. Provides cushioning support while preventing friction to the forefoot.  Has a durable hand-sewn nylon cover. 1 per pack. Helps reduce pain and discomfort from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, tendinitis, etc. Easy slip-on comfort. Sold each.
Graham Field Arch Easer - One Pair Warwick Heel Wedge Silipos Therastep Extra Comfort Ball of Foot Cushion
Designed to be worn over or under a sock and also helps to relieve tired or aching feet and other foot related problems. Washable. Latex free, hypoallergenic heel lifts. Durable and comfortable wear. Unique 3 layer design for maximum cushioning. Absorbs shock and pressure on the ball of foot. 1 pair.
Tuli's Heavy Duty Heel Cups by Medi-Dyne FitBALL Reflex Roll Pedifix Arch Bandages - One Pair # P60
Most advanced shock absorbing heel cup on the market today! They are perfect in athletic shoes or more spacious lace-up shoes. Sold as a pair ; size options. Massage away tension and relax muscles throughout the body with the Reflex Roller. Firmness controlled by air. Soft elastic bandages offers fallen arch and flat foot support. Provides long lasting comfort and can be worn or either the left or right foot.
Pedifix Arch Brace PediFix Visco-GEL Ball-of-Foot Protection Metatarsal Sleeve Cambion Posted Heel Cushions
Pedifix Arch Brace
HPMS Price $14.31
Strap on this brace and instantly lift your plantar fascia to ease related toe, bunion, ball-of-foot and/or heel problems, including painful heel spurs. 1 per pack. Make shoes more comfortable while preventing calluses and foot pain with the ball of foot protection sleeve. Right or Left. Helps reduce foot, leg, hip, and lower back pain. Cupped contouring utilizes the heels natural cushioning properties. Sold as a pair.
BrownMed Soft Stride Longitudinal Arch Support - Pair Pedifix Visco-Gel Arch Support Wrap ProBand Arch BandIT
Superior arch support. Can be used with or without thin insoles. Perfect for treating lower back fatigue and weak arches. Sold as a pair. This wrap cushions the foot arch while you walk providing added comfort from irritation or injury.  Interchangeable between the left and right foot. Enhance athletic performance, renew, revitalize, restore core strength and balance with the ProBand® Arch BandIT™. Midfoot arch support for pain, fallen arches and more! One size fits most; left or right.
Pedifix Visco-Gel Ball of Foot Wrap Tuli's Cheetah Foot and Ankle Support w/ Heel Cup Count'R Force Arch Brace - All Sizes
Ball of foot wrap can be worn under of over socks.  Soft cushy gel pad cushions and protects the forefoot area. The perfect shock absorbing support providing a "barefoot feeling" while adding protection and comfort.  Available in multiple size options. Made of soft foam nylon and terrycloth. Relieves heel pain and helps reduce inflammation.
Norco Freedom Accommodator Insole - Arch Support Corflex Pressure Reduction Insole Elign Archxerciser Foot Strengthening Device
Get support for your sensitive feet that helps manage daytime plantar fasciitis pain by providing support to the arch and plantar fascia while absorbing shock from heel strike. Size options. Insole features removable pegs that help off-load pressure from the plantar surface of the foot. All Sizes available. Useful for treating foot and ankle after surgery.  relief from sore feet by strengthening the foot's musculature.
Medi-Dyne StepStretch- Single Semi-Solid AFO - Drop Foot Brace Ankle Foot Orthosis for Drop Foot - AFO Posterior Leaf Spring
Lower extremity stretching tool that helps relieve plantar fasciitis. Ideal for increasing flexibility and strength. Provides increased dorsiflexion assist and greater medial-lateral control. Fits inside most lace up shoes. This lightweight AFO is designed to assist ambulation for those patients suffering mild to moderate neurological deficit resulting in drop-foot.
NatraCure Cold Therapy Socks w/ Gel Packs by Pedifix Medi-Dyne ProStretch Plus OPTP Resting Foot Sling
Medi-Dyne ProStretch Plus
HPMS Price $42.50
OPTP Resting Foot Sling
HPMS Price $42.99
Helps improve the mobility of sore feet. Targeted relief therapy, can be placed around the heel, ball, or top of the foot. Offers flexibility and strength for legs and foot. Adjustable support to fit almost any foot size. Lightweight and breathable foot sling for lying down.  Holds foot perpendicular for prolonged stretching of the lower leg and foot.
Silipos WonderZorb Wondersole Full length insole FLA Orthopedics Ankle Foot Orthosis/Foot Drop Splint Alex Orthopedics Ankle-Foot Orthotics - AFO Brace
Silipos WonderZorb Wondersole Full length insole designed to provide maximum support and shock absorption while providing even pressure distribution to the entire foot. Splint to help correct foot drop. Made of durable polypropylene and fits in most standard shoes. In all sizes; indicate left or right foot. Aids in correcting drop foot and toe drag. Provides stability to the ankle; with hook and loop closure. Please indicate left or right leg.
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