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Relief and support of symptoms due to arthritis, gout and/or bursitis. Joint specific. Please note, this is not for self-treatment. Please consult with your physician to indicate medical appropriateness.

Gout is pain and inflammation due to too much uric acid crystallizes and deposits in the joints. Symptoms of gout include severe pain, redness, and swelling in joints, often the big toe. Attacks can come suddenly, often at night.

Different types of arthritis exist, each with different causes including wear and tear, infections, and underlying diseases.
Symptoms include pain, swelling, reduced range of motion, and stiffness.
Medications, physical therapy, or sometimes surgery helps reduce symptoms and improve quality of life.
Bursitis is the inflammation of the fluid-filled pads that act as cushions at the joints. Occurs most often at joints that perform frequent repetitive motion such as the elbow or knee. Stiffness, swelling, and pain are the most common symptoms. Treatment includes rest, ice, and pain relievers.
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North American Magnetic Therapy Gloves by Jobar Sombra Cool Therapy Maddak Big Lamp Switch
Arthritis compression gloves with magnets comfort aching, arthritic
hands with gentle compression and the natural healing properties of
magnets. Size/color options.
This cooling gel is perfect for relieving aches and pains due to injury, arthritis or strains. This product is not tested on animals and has no alcohol or artificial colors. Easy to turn lamp switch aid for those suffering from joint pain and stiffness due to arthritis, carpal tunnel, etc.  Fits most standard lamps.
OPTP Hand Exercise Putty - 3 oz. Kool n Fit External Pain Relieving FLA Safe-T-Sport Neoprene Wrist Wrap - Universal
OPTP’s Exercise Putty is perfect for hand therapy, finger rehabilitation exercises and stress relief. Increase hand strength, dexterity and mobility. Non-returnable. A proven, all-natural spray containing over a dozen herbal ingredients. Various size options available. Provides lightweight support & soothing warmth to aching, fatigued, or weak wrists. Available in Black or Navy.
Norco Universal Quad Cuff Utensil Holder Mueller Sports Fitted Wrist Brace - One Size Evo Pen Writing Aid by evoOTware
Evo Pen Writing Aid by evoOTware
HPMS Price $11.41
Updated Price $12.44
Holds various sized handles, including feeding utensils, writing instruments and grooming aids. One size fits most handheld items. Maximum wrist support for arthritis or carpal tunnel pain and swelling. Lightweight and comfortable; latex free. Help yourself or a loved one to enjoy writing again by eliminating uncomfortable hand grip pain and cramping with evo pen writing aid.
FLA Elastic Pullover Elbow Support Pedifix Seamless Everyday Socks FLA Carpal Mate Wrist Support
Knit elastic is lightweight and provides breathability and flexibility.  Will not irritate the skin. White; all sizes. Designed with hand-sewn toe seams to eliminate ridges. Ideal for people suffering from diabetes, arthritis or sensitive feet.  1 pair per pack. Designed to maintain the wrist in a neutral position. Wide elastic strap provides comfortable compression support to the wrist. Universal size.
Thermoskin Universal Wrist Wrap Air-Putty by Achieva FLA Gelband Arm Band
Air-Putty by Achieva
HPMS Price $15.99
FLA Gelband Arm Band
HPMS Price $15.99
Provides protection and support for the wrist during periods of activity and for RSI. Adjustable fit. Maintains an even resistance while pinching and squeezing.  Ideal for hand exercises, arthritis patients or post surgical treatment. Comes in 3 colors. Offers conforming compression without restricting circulation. Available in universal or XS size; black or beige.
Med Spec TeePee Thumb Protector Bi-Lateral Thumb Spica by Core Products - Universal Thumb Spica
Excellent choice for thumb sprains and CMC arthritis. Encompasses the thumb to provide a secure environment following injury. One size; lightweight design to help ease pain from arthritis, tendinitis or thumb injuries. Reversible; left or right hand. Adjustable, moderate compression and support that aids in restricting thumb movement. Made from fabrifoam which is non-migratory, breathable and wicks away perspiration. Size options.
EasieEaters Curved Utensils - Shield options Motion Medicine All Natural Topical Pain Remedy Compression Arthritis Sleeve - Knee or Elbow Option
Curved utensils for ease of eating. Optional shield prevents utensil from entering mouth too deeply. Spoon and fork set. For kids or adults with small hands. With 5 x more active ingredients than leading drug store brands, Motion Medicine All Natural Topical Pain Remedy eases pain, improves movement and is highly effective. Increase circulation, reduce pain and promote healing with a compression sleeve comfortable enough to wear all day and all night! Elbow or Knee model.
Arthritis Gloves Epi-Lock Tennis Elbow Support Strap Hatch Edema Glove - Full Finger - by Performance Health
Keep your, or a loved one's, hands warm, while helping to increase circulation, relieve aches, pains, and stiffness associated with arthritis. The metal support strap applies pressure for maximum support of the extensor muscles. Perfect for treating tennis or golfers elbow. Gentle, comfortable compression glove that helps control swelling from edema in affected hand; left or right. Various sizes available. Latex free.
IMAK RSI Smart Glove by BrownMed Norco Neoprene Thumb Support FLA Orthopedics Therall Arthritis Gloves - Pair
Helps relieve and prevent wrist pain from CTS, tendinitis and arthritis. Made of breathable cotton material for all day wear. Available in 4 sizes. Perfect for treating arthritis or tendinitis pain, the wrap around support allows for a comfortable fit.  One adjustable size for each. Light compression arthritis gloves provide therapeutic warmth to reduce pain and swelling. Sold as a pair.
IMAK Compression Active Gloves by BrownMed BSN Medical ProLite Wrist Splint w/ Abducted Thumb - 8" Corflex Low Profile Thumbster- Size Options
Enjoy mild compression and warmth to help promote healthy circulation and healing. Anti-slip grips allow you to stay active all day. Semi-rigid Thumb Spica portion is contoured to provide intimate support, immobilization, and thumb abduction. Secure and comfortable immobilization for the thumb. Made of ultra thin rigid polyethylene with contact closure.
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