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Aircast Hand/Wrist Cryo/Cuff - Cuff Only Alex Orthopedic Thumb Abduction w/ Wrist Band Alex Orthopedics Ultra Fit Wrist Brace
Covers the hand and wrist. One size fits most. To be used with cryo/cuff system; cuff only. Ideal for treating arthritis, thumb sprain and strains. Available in 2 colors. Wrist support for those with arthritis, carpal tunnel or minor strains or sprains. Removable aluminum stay; Black.
Alex Orthopedics Wrist Brace w/ Thumb Abduction Benik W204 Wrist/Thumb Wrap Breathoprene Pediatric Wrist Splint by Rolyan
Wrist brace with semi rigid thumb abduction. Ideal for those with carpal tunnel, arthritis or minor strains and sprains. Black. Neoprene wrist wrap provides warmth, support and compression to the wrist and thumb. Wrap-around Velcro closure allows for fine adjustments. Breathoprene allows air through and wicks perspiration away from the skin for enhanced comfort and compliance. Wrap around design.
BSN Medical Healwell Grip Splint Wrist Hand Finger Orthosis (WHFO) North Coast Medical Bunnell Mini Modified Safety Pin Splint North Coast Medical Bunnell Spring Wire Safety Pin Splint
Maintains a neutral position of the hand to reduce wrist flexion and increase extension of the fingers. One size. Reduce flexion contracture at the PIP or DIP with dynamic motion. Anti-microbial. Anti-microbial, ideal for final PIP extension splinting. All sizes available.
North Coast Medical C.V.A. Sling CanDo Digi-Extend w/ Stand - Bulk CanDo Digi-Squeeze Hand Exerciser - Small
Foam padded shoulder strap ensures a comfortable fit. Fits left or right arm; latex free. Used for finger adduction, abduction, blocking, and flexion exercises. Bulk available w/ stand or stand only. Easily develop hand strength, grip strength and flexibility with this fun to use foam exercise ball. Several color and resistance options; Small. Medium or Large options sold separately.
CanDo Digi-Squeeze Hand Exercisers - Large CanDo Digi-Squeeze Hand Exercisers - Medium Carpal Lock Wrist Support by Scott Specialties
Foam exercise ball ideal for developing hand strength and flexibility. All colors & resistances available, Large. Foam exercise ball ideal for developing hand strength and flexibility. 5 colors & resistances, Medium. Use for carpal tunnel or orthopedic injuries. Firm dorsal splint maintains neutral wrist position. Either Left or Right available in a listed size option.
Cho-Pat Wrist Support ClinicallyFit Xtensor Hand Exerciser - Blue Collum CMC Thumb Brace by Rolyan® - Size Options
Cho-Pat Wrist Support
HPMS Price $13.00
The Cho-Pat Wrist Support diminishes stress or pressure incurred at the hand and wrist that could telescope up the forearm and lead to forearm tendonitis or tennis elbow.
Individual finger extensors offer personalized levels of resistance. Offers continuous tension for the hand. Soft, comfortable brace, for those with arthritis at the CMC and MCP joints of the thumb, to perform routine tasks in comfort. Size options.
Color-Coded Latex Free Rubber Bands Combination Oppenheimer Splint -by North Coast Medical Comfort Cool Long D-Ring Wrist - Long
Color coded latex-free replacement bands intended for use in sold separately Norco hand exerciser. Four color/resistance options. 3 oz. bag. Combination Oppenheimer Splint with Dynamic Wrist and IP Extension Orthosis is ideal for post-radial nerve injuries, fracture, or spastic neurological conditions.  Provides dynamic wrist, finger and thumb extension to open the hand while allowing active flexion. This cool, lightweight support provides excellent support from joint pain or injury. Designed with double-layer cotten for extra comfort.
North Coast Medical Comfort Cool D-Ring Wrist Orthosis - Short North Coast Medical Comfort Cool Ulnar Booster Comfort Cool® Thumb CMC Restriction Splint - Black
This D-Ring wrist splint provides comfortable support without added weight or bulk.  Latex free and anti-microbial. Alleviate ulnar sided wrist pain and midcarpal instability. Made of perforated neoprene  to keep skin cool and comfortable. Trimmable. Comfort Cool Thumb CMC Restriction Splint in black, provides direct support for the thumb CMC joint while allowing full finger function. Toddler to Plus Size options.
Comfy Adjustable Cone Hand Comfy Hand Thumb Orthosis Comfy Splints™ Hand Wrist Finger Orthosis
Comfy Adjustable Cone Hand is a hand splint for the correction of strong flexion synergy at the fingers and wrist. Ambidextrous and universal size.
The Comfy Hand Thumb Orthosis supports the thumb without stressing the web space between the index finger and the thumb, known as the thenar eminence. Provides a completely adjustable thumb enclosure.
Comfy Splints™ Hand Wrist Finger Orthosis is the ideal positioning splint or use for gradual extension of non-fixed wrist/ hand with a patented malleable frame allows for customized fit in a pre-fabricated splint. Provides support and positioning for the weak or deformed Wrist, Hand or Fingers.
Spring-Loaded Goniometer Hand Orthosis Corflex 10" Signature Vinyl Wrist Splint Corflex Ultra Fit Wrist Splint- 10"
Comfortable, soft Spring-loaded Goniometer Hand Orthosis gives a gentle push to wrist extension or can be set in a fixed static position. Universal adult size for left or right hand. V-style elastic loop locks featured with ultra thin web strap to provide secure immobilization of wrist while preserving finger mobility. Our Ultra Fit Wrist Splint- 10" provides uniform compression and immobilizes the wrist joint at a neutral angle. Universal or Fitted sizes.
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