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Alex Orthopedic Thumb Abduction w/ Wrist Band Alex Orthopedics Ultra Fit Wrist Brace Alex Orthopedics Wrist Brace w/ Thumb Abduction
Ideal for treating arthritis, thumb sprain and strains. Available in 2 colors. Wrist support for those with arthritis, carpal tunnel or minor strains or sprains. Removable aluminum stay; Black. Wrist brace with semi rigid thumb abduction. Ideal for those with carpal tunnel, arthritis or minor strains and sprains. Black.
Baseline® Hydraulic Wrist Dynamometers Baseline® Load Cell Electronic Manual Muscle Testers Baseline® Mechanical Manual Muscle Testers
BaselineŽ hydraulic wrist dynamometer simply and accurately measures the strength of the wrist muscles during flexion, extension, abduction and adduction and the forearm muscles during supination and pronation. The BaselineŽ electronic push-pull dynamometer is perfect for muscle strength measurement, job task analysis, and functional capacity evaluation (FCE). The BaselineŽ electronic push-pull dynamometer uses state-of-the-art “load-cell" technology to assure the highest standards of accuracy, repeatability, and reliability. The BaselineŽ mechanical push-pull dynamometer is a simple, easy-to-use, ergonomically designed instrument that objectively measures push, pull and lift forces for manual muscle testing, functional capacity evaluation, and job task evaluation.
Benik W204 Wrist/Thumb Wrap Squeeze 4 Strength Therapy Putty by Blue Jay Breathoprene Pediatric Wrist Splint by Rolyan
Neoprene wrist wrap provides warmth, support and compression to the wrist and thumb. Wrap-around Velcro closure allows for fine adjustments. Squeeze 4 Strength Therapy Putty can be stretched, squeezed, twisted, or pinched. An excellent for hands and even feet. Breathoprene allows air through and wicks perspiration away from the skin for enhanced comfort and compliance. Wrap around design.
Brownmed IMAK RSI Computer Glove IMAK RSI SmartThumb - Flexible Stabilizer by BrownMed Intellinetix Vibrating Therapy Gloves by Brownmed
The Computer Glove provides superb wrist support for those on the go. Cushions and protects hands. Helps relieve thumb pain and help alleviate soreness.  Supports weak or aching thumbs. Vibrating therapy gloves aid in pain relief and provide mild compression to enhance blood circulation.
Brown Medical Palm Metacarpal Splint - Free Shipping Offer BrownMed Plastalume Armboard w/ Stockinette BrownMed Plastalume Baseball Finger Splints - 12 Per Package
Non-Latex aluminum splint provides comfortable immobilization of hand, wrist and forearm. Designed with closed cell foam for durability, comfort and to prevent absorption of moisture. Non-latex, 1/4" foam padding for patient comfort. Pliable aluminum makes splint easily adjustable.
BrownMed Plastalume Colles Splint - All Sizes Brown Medical Digital Finger Splint BrownMed Plastalume Digital Kit
Non-latex foam provides comfortable support without the need for bulky dressing. Non-latex and radiolucent which eliminates need for re-splinting. Made of bendable aluminum with 1/4" soft live foam. Non-latex and radiolucent.
BrownMed Plastalume Finger Stax-Mallet - Clear BrownMed Frog Finger Splints - 12 Per Pack BrownMed Plastalume Digital Kit - #45
Supports distal joint of finger. Elevates distal joint to properly extended position. Holds finger in proper alignment. Non-latex, foam padding helps keep finger dry and comfortable. An assortment of 45 most popular padded specialty splints. Comes in a plastic container.
Plastalume Spoon Finger Splint 12 Pack BrownMed Plastalume Stax Mallet Kit - #30 BrownMed Steady Grip WrisTimer - Wrist Support
Non-latex 1/4" foam padding. Conforms to finger for transverse fractures of phalanges.   Supports distal joint of finger. Usually worn without padding, 30 assorted splints per kit. Helps encourage proper hand and wrist position while relieving pain caused by arthritis, tendonitis and CTS.
BSN Actimove® Arthritis Gloves BSN Medical Actimove® Kids Wrist Stabilizer Removable Metal Stay BSN Medical Actimove® Wrist Stabilizer Carpal Pre-Shaped Metal Stay
ActimoveŽ Arthritis Gloves provides balanced warmth and medical compression with comfortable from outer seams. Can be used on left or right hand. The BSN Medical ActimoveŽ Kids Wrist Stabilizer Removable Metal Stay stabilizes wrist through an anatomically shaped removable stay for left and right hand application. The BSN Medical ActimoveŽ Wrist Stabilizer Carpal Pre-Shaped Metal Stay helps to manage pain by stabilizing wrist with anatomically shaped stay for correct positioning.
BSN Medical Actimove® Wrist Stabilizer Removable Metal Stay BSN Medical Actimove® Wrist Support Bunnell Mini Modified Safety Pin Splint
The BSN Medical ActimoveŽ Wrist Stabilizer Removable Metal Stay offers secure stabilization, managing sprains and strains for the wrist. BSN Medical ActimoveŽ Wrist Support reduces swelling and the therapeutic warming promotes circulation around the wrist for faster return to daily activities. Can be worn left or right. Reduce flexion contracture at the PIP or DIP with dynamic motion. Anti-microbial.
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