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Metal and Mobility Products, INC is the predominant leader in bringing you unique medical products to improve the quality of life for people who are physically challenged and/or elderly. They produce an entire line of bed mobility products as well as the SafetySure line of products. MMP is a close knit company that prides itself on providing quality products to businesses, doctors and hospitals throughout the United States. Enabling devices that make life easier to all those who require them. So...Give yourself a grip on INDEPENDENCE today!
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SafetySure® Bed Pull-Up SafetySure® Bed Pull-Up

The Deluxe or Economy Bed Pull-Up is ideal for those who need extra assistance when sitting up in bed and or getting in and out of bed.

HPMS Price $13.99
SafetySure® Car Ease SafetySure® Car Ease

The slick surface makes getting in and out fo the car seat effortless. Sliding and rotation into the car seat is smooth with almost no friction.

HPMS Price $27.99
SafetySure® Economy Gait Belt SafetySure® Economy Gait Belt

Ideal for both patients and caregivers who need extra support when transferring in order to avoid injury.

HPMS Price $13.99
SafetySure Leg Up SafetySure® Leg Up™

The ideal product for individuals that have trouble lifting their leg(s) in and out of bed and designed to remain open without the use of a metal insert that could injure the instep of your foot.

HPMS Price $19.99
SafetySure® Mary's Aide Transfer Sling SafetySure® Mary's Aide Transfer Sling

Shaped like an undergarment, the transfer sling provides caregivers with an extremely secure hold and control during patient transfers.

HPMS Price $43.99
SafetySure® MovEase™ Underpad SafetySure® MovEase™ Underpad

Ideal product for individuals who need to be repositioned and have an incontinence issue.

HPMS Price $34.99
SafetySure® Pivot Disc SafetySure® Pivot Disc

Easy or Independent Patient Transfers Reduce Back Strain - New, Improved Anti-slip Coverage! Pivot Disc is the ideal transfer assistance aid and caregiver tool.

HPMS Price $78.99

SafetySure® Transfer Belts SafetySure® Transfer Belts

The easy-to-fasten "fix lock" buckle allows the caregiver to tighten the transfer belt once the individual is in a standing position, without having to open the belt.

HPMS Price $44.99
Safety-Sure Transfer Slide SafetySure® Transfer Slide

The Transfer Slide is best suited for individuals with limited mobility. The continuous loop with a low friction inner liner facilitates transfer with little or no strain on the caregivers back.

HPMS Price $28.99
SafetySure® Transfer Sling SafetySure® Transfer Sling

An easy to use Transfer Sling device with many patient transfer applications.

HPMS Price $43.99

Safetysure Universal Thigh Straps SafetySure® Universal Thigh Straps

Thigh Straps keep gait/transfer belts from riding up during the transfer process and are felt lined to provide extra comfort.

HPMS Price $23.59