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Kinsman Enterprises Soap Holder Bath Sponge Blue Jay I Got Your Back Long Handle Figure 8 or Round Sponge Kinsman Long Handled Sponge
The head can be slid forward and a small bar of soap can be inserted for continuous soaping of the sponge head. 18" handle helps wash hard to reach areas and eliminates uncomfortable bending and stretching. The 5" round or figure 8 soft foam sponge is gentle on sensitive skin. Plastic handle can be molded to each person's own needs with a hair dryer. A lightweight yet durable long handled polyfoam sponge gently washes and scrubs all the hard to reach areas provides more independence for those with limited reach.
FabLife Back Scrubbers Bath Sponge contoured head bendable handle Kinsman Enterprises Hip Kit "N" w/ 27" or 32" Handi-Hook Reacher
FabLife™ Back Scrubbers
HPMS Price $23.99
23" (56 cm) long scrubber with curved or Straight handle help people with reduced range of motion wash their back and lower extremities without straining. The curved handle allows use without raising the hand much higher than the shoulder. Replaceable sponge is 3 3 /4" (9.5 cm) in diameter.
This unique shower sponge has a bendable handle - just use hair dryer to set the handle curve you want. Hip Kit features recommended ADL items for patients recovering from hip/knee surgery or injury.
Kinsman Enterprises Hip Kit “T”
Hip Kit “T” offers an array of recommended products that will assist the patient in dressing themselves.