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Relief and support of symptoms due to diabetes, neuropathy & neuromas. Foot specific. Please note, this is not for self-treatment. Please consult with your physician to indicate medical appropriateness.
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Maddak Ableware Silipos Corn Pad - Medium Maddak Ableware Toe/Finger Tubes - Silipos Gel Maddak Ableware All Gel Toe Spreader - 4 Pack
Soft, comfortable, stretchable fabric tubes are half coated with gel to cover only the affected area. Latex free and reusable. Toe/finger tube with moisturizing silipos gel. Each pack comes with 2 soft, comfortable and stretchable tubes. Spreader provides relief from overlapping toes, bunions, and other foot conditions, fitting comfortably between toes to absorb pressure.
Maddak Ableware Silipos All Gel Toe Separators Silipos Digital Cap Maddak Ableware Silipos Digital Cap with Spreader
Gel will not flatten or lose its shape like foam or other low cost/low performance products. Diabetic friendly, latex-free, washable and reusable.
Cap is great for protecting against corns, blisters or ingrown nails and helps to reduce friction. Single cap can be used on finger or toe, is reusable/washable. Size options. The digital cap is ideal for relieving pressure and friction on the affected toe or finger. Relieves pain and discomfort.
Medi-Dyne Metatarsal Cushions - One Size Maddak Ableware Silipos Moisturizing Gel Heel Sleeve - Pair Silipos Gel Foot Cover
Silipos Gel Foot Cover
HPMS Price $13.20
Maximum shock absorption for balls of feet. Lifts out easily. No adhesive needed to stay in place. Easily trimmed; one size. Continuously moisturizes dry, hard cracked skin. Diabetic friendly, latex-free, washable and reusable. Sold as a pair. Ideal for use with activities that place stress on the toes and metatarsals. Latex free & hypoallergenic. Size options.
Sensifoot Diabetic Knee High Crew Socks by JOBST® - Mild - 8-15 mmHg Compression FitBALL Reflex Roll Blue Jay Fashion Knee High Socks - 8-15 mmHg
Designed to provide comfort and protection for sensitive feet. Available 4 color & size options. Sold as pair. Massage away tension and relax muscles throughout the body with the Reflex Roller. Firmness controlled by air. Ultra sheer, latex-free compression socks improve circulation, giving your feet and legs the relief they need. Fashionable hosiery in many designer options!
Maddak Ableware Silipos Slim Gel-Fit Bunion Sleeve Maddak Ableware Silipos Achilles Heel Sleeve - Each Medi-Dyne Original ProStretch- Single
Help relieve shoe pressure, friction and forces on bunion via gel pad infused with mineral oil to soften skin. Washable, reusable. 1 size. Lightweight, comfortable toeless sleeve with gel pad comforts, cushions and protects the tender Achilles area. Sold each. Helps relieve and strengthen tight calf muscles, achillies tendon and foot muscles. Stretches muscles evenly and effectively.
Semi-Solid AFO - Drop Foot Brace Silipos Partial Foot Sock - 2 Sizes Available Comfy Ambulating Boot Splint
Provides increased dorsiflexion assist and greater medial-lateral control. Fits inside most lace up shoes. For use with metatarsal amputees. Provides elasticity and breathability. 2 styles available. Ideal ankle-foot orthosis brace for preventative plantar flexion contractures and also helps control hip rotation, assist with wound care, prevent pressure areas, relieve foot drop and support structures.
Arctic Ice System by Pain Management Technologies - System Only
Arctic Ice cold water therapy system helps manage pain, swelling and aids in rehabilitation. System only.