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ADL Hi Lo Scoop Dish B&L Engineering Scoopy Scoop Dish Dycem Non-Slip Material Pad
ADL Hi Lo Scoop Dish
HPMS Price $12.69

Easily Access, Guide & Keep Food on Dish With Help of Low Entry, High Back Wall Dish! Non-skid bottom holds dish in place while low entry allows easier access and high backstop wall helps scoop food onto utensil while preventing it from being pushed off the dish. Easier clean up and independent eating for more freedom.
Rounded back edge dish allows food to "plop" on to eating utensil. Dishwasher safe and latex "plop" on to the eating utensil. Dishwasher safe and latex free. This non-slip material grips on both sides making it ideal for wheelchair pads, cushions or dinnerware.  Easy to clean; available in rectangular or circular shapes.
Dycem Non-Slip Rounds EvoOTware Easy Grip Eating Utensils Good Grips Utensil Sampler
Dycem Non-Slip Rounds
HPMS Price $15.99
This non-slip material grips on both sides making it ideal for wheelchair pads, cushions or dinnerware.  Easy to clean; available in blue or red in several size options. More Comfortable Dining with Easy Grip Utensil Dining Aid! Specifically designed with innovative ergonomic gripping positions, OTware works to be a reliable source of utensil comfort and control.
Cushioned grip keeps the utensil in hand-even when wet. All utensils are institutional dishwasher safe.
North Coast Medical GripWare High Sided Dish North Coast Medical GripWare Partitioned Scoop Dish North Coast Medical GripWare Round Scoop Dish
GripWare High Sided Dish
HPMS Price $15.55
These high sided dishes make independent eating easier. All dishes are dishwasher safe. Gipware scoop dish provides separate compartments for easy eating.  Bottom aligned with rubber grips to prevent plate from sliding. Dishwasher safe. The feet have a textured rubber surface that grips tabletops and helps prevent plates from sliding. Ideal for those with limited hand use.
North Coast Medical GripWare Scoop Dish Plate North Coast Medical Hand Clip w/ Pocket Hi-Lo Scoop Plate
GripWare Scoop Dish Plate
HPMS Price $17.95
Hi-Lo Scoop Plate
HPMS Price $12.69

Ideal for people who have the use of only one hand. Round non-skid feet; dishwasher safe. Single pocket hand clip can accommodates a variety of utensil positions. Fits either left or right hand. Gradual increase upward in plate allows easy utensil maneuverability, food access and reduces food spillage. Non-slip bottom keeps plate securely in place.
High Sided Divided Dish by Performance Health High-Sided Dish by Performance Health Kinsman Cutting Board w/ Pivot Knife
Made of durable polypropylene with removable lid. 10" diameter with 1.75" high sides for easy scooping. 5 colors available. Non-skid feet on bottom prevent plate from slipping. Dishwasher safe. Cutting board with removable knife makes cutting easier. Mounted on four suction cups. Board measures 12" x 12"
Kinsman Freedom Bowl w/ Suction Pad - 2 Models Kinsman Freedom Plate w/ Suction Pad - 2 Models Kinsman Melamine Bowl w/Handle
Deep suction pad based bowls prevents movement when in use. Sold each; 2 models available. Suction cup base holds plates in place for easier handling and use. Sold each; 2 models available. Kinsman Melamine Bowl w/Handle is dishwasher safe, extremely durable and break-resistant. Made of Melamine and has a 12oz. capacity.
My Plate Mate Food Guard by Kinsman Kinsman Partitioned Dish - White Plate Guard
Concave wall specifically designed to prevent food from spilling onto the table while guiding food onto your utensil. Break proof plastic that is microwaveable. Skid resistant base and raised partitioned sides for ease of use for meal time independence. Easily attachable plate guard promotes independence, self-confidence and dignity while minimizing messy spills at meal time. Clear or Stainless Steel in Size options for various round plates.
Kinsman Round Scoop Dish Kinsman Scoop Dish Kinsman Youth Weighted Utensils
Kinsman Round Scoop Dish
HPMS Price $10.99
Kinsman Scoop Dish
HPMS Price $19.99
Polypropylene scoop dish prevents food from being pushed off the dish. Sold each; available in 4 colors. 9" scoop plate allows for easy food access by pushing against high wall. Available in 2 colors; sold each. Kinsman Youth Weighted Utensils are stainless steel and designed to help stabilize the tremulous hand. All are dishwasher safe with plastic vinyl handles shaped to fit the fingers.
Maddak Inner-Lip Plate w/ Suction Cups - Sandstone Maddak Inner Lip Plate Scooper Bowl With Suction Cup Base by Maddak
Maddak Inner Lip Plate
HPMS Price $9.99
Three suction cups mounted to the bottom of the plate raise the plate by 1/4". Not recommended for dishwasher or microwave oven. High wall with inner lip to keep food from sliding off of the plate. Ideal for those with limited muscle control. Made of plastic; 3 color choices. Suction cup helps keep bowl firmly in place. Scooper bowl design aids in utensil use without spilling.
Maddak Bedside Beverage Holder Melamine Scoop Plate by Sammons Preston - 3 Colors Available Parsons Spork with Built-up Handle - Straight or Angled
Clamps onto tubular bed, wheelchair, or other tubular frame. Most glasses, cups, cans or bottles fit into plastic holder, even with handles. Break and scratch resistant scoop plate for easy foot handling. Ideal for those with weak hand mobility. Available in white, yellow and blue. A stainless steel combination spoon and fork ideal for one handed feeding. Available in straight or angled.
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