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Scott Specialties Clavicle Strap 4-Way DeRoyal 3-Way Clavicle Strap DeRoyal Heavy-Duty Clavicle Strap
This support provides economical support with padded straps for wearing comfortably over the clavicle. Foam construction with cotton stockinette cover. 3-way posterior vector helps prevent migration. Available in buckle or hook and loop closure
Constructed of foam padding with stockinette covering. Extra long straps for easy adjustment. Available in buckle or hook and loop closure.
DeRoyal Premium Clavicle Strap Thermoskin Clavicle Support Actimove Professional Line, Clavicle Support, Blue, Large
Synthetic stockinette over foam padding does not absorb water and can be worn while bathing Serpentine stitch design to prevent migration Available in buckle or hook and loop closure.
This healthcare support is designed to provide support for the clavicle. It also works to correct positioning of the collarbone which is useful for ailments such as fractures or weaknesses of the clavicle. Actimove® Clavicula - Clavicle Support is a ready-to-use clavical support. This support helps pull shoulders back to align clavicle fracture and features soft padding in the upper spine area for patient comfort.