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Pain relief and support of symptoms due to tendonitis. Ankle specific. Please note, this is not for self-treatment. Please consult with your physician to indicate medical appropriateness.
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Actimove® AchilloMotion - Achilles Tendon Support Actimove® TaloMotion - Ankle Support Alex Orthopedics ThermaPress Ankle Wrap - One Size
Anatomically shaped Achilles tendon support featuring 3D knitting technology and award-winning Helix design for gradient medical compression, providing stability, and integrated pressure pads to help pain relief.
Anatomically shaped ankle support featuring 3D knitting technology and award-winning Helix design for gradient medical compression, providing stability, and integrated pressure pads to help pain relief.
Insulated hot/cold therapy wrap helps relieve pain, soreness and swelling of the ankle. Can be used on right or left ankle; One size.
BodySport Figure 8 Ankle Brace Cho-Pat  Ankle Compression Sleeve - CLEARANCE Comfy Splints™ Comfy™ Ambulating Boot
Adjustable Ankle Compression that Stays in Place! Adjustable ankle compression for strengthening of weak ankles. Elastic material helps prevent slipping. Latex free. White. Size options.
Clearance - Limited Stock. Dynamic Ankle Compression Sleeve is a comfortable, knitted support that combines warmth, compression, and support to help reduce pain and promote healing.
Ideal ankle-foot orthosis brace for preventative plantar flexion contractures, assist with wound care and relieve foot drop and support structures.
Corflex Ankle Fixed Walker Corflex Ankle Stirrup Corflex Cryo Pneumatic Ankle/Elbow Wrap
Corflex Ankle Stirrup
HPMS Price $28.99
Fixed ankle walker with natural heel height helps reduce leg length discrepancy providing stability while healing. Universal design conforms to either ankle to provide protection and prevention of ankle inversion or eversion. Compression & cold therapy combination wrap; helps relieve pain from edema, arthritis and strains/sprains.
Corflex Cryotherm Ankle Wrap Corflex Marathon Active Lace Up Ankle Stabilizer Corflex R.O.M. Walker
Corflex R.O.M. Walker
HPMS Price $149.99
Economical wrap designed to provide compression and concentrated cold / hot therapy for the ankle. Ballistic nylon ankle brace provides support and protection while treating moderate ankle sprains, strains or weakness. Adjustable hinge allows for or limits range-of-motion during healing process. Indicated for stable foot or ankle fractures, severe sprains or strains, soft tissue injuries, post-op and post-cast removal.
Corflex Target Ankle Wrap Corflex Tri Shell Pneumatic Walker DeRoyal Air/Gel Ankle Stirrup
Corflex Target Ankle Wrap
HPMS Price $24.99

Wrap-around design to provide warmth, compression and protection with vel-stretch figure-8 strap for compression over malleolus. Features posterior and anterior shells with dual chamber liner for optimal compression and stability.
Low profile design fits easily in shoe. Universal right/left.
DeRoyal Ankle Contracture Boot - Foam DeRoyal Confor Ankle Stirrup DeRoyal Dorsal Night Splint
“No strap” closures make it easy for patients to apply and remove the boot. Anti-rotation bar, padded toe piece and mesh laundry bag included.
Rigid medial and lateral shells minimize ankle rotation and inversion/eversion. Stretch loop straps provide compression.
Thermoplastic design holds foot in 90º neutral position. Neoprene straps with hook and loop closure. Plastic free bottom Low profile design allows for a cooler, more comfortable fit.
DeRoyal Elastic Ankle Sleeve - Open Heel DeRoyal Element Dynamic Sport Ankle Brace DeRoyal Foam Heel and Ankle Protectors
Pull on cotton/elastic design. Low profile design fits easily in shoes.
Universal right/left.
Patented heel control strapping system holds the calcaneus under the talus controlling subtalar inversion and talar rotation.
Available in high-density foam. Foam strap with hook and loop closure for easy application and adjustment.
Fabrifoam Achilles Healer™ Fabrifoam Step-In Compression™ Ankle Wrap FLA Orthopedics® FlexLite® Sport Hinged Ankle Brace
Fabrifoam Achilles Healer™
HPMS Price $25.00

Encourages faster heel rise. Duel functioning, lightweight devices made of ProWrap allows for adjustable compression.   Easy to Wear Ankle Compression Wrap with Step-in Design! Ankle wrap provides adjustable compression and support; used to treat edema, swelling from strain or sprain and ankle discomfort. One size fits most.
Provides ankle stability to weak or injured ankles. Ideal for treatment of slight to moderate ankle sprains, strains, and ankle instability or weakness.
Bauerfeind MalleoLoc Med Spec Air-Gel Stirrup Ankle Brace Med Spec ASO® Ankle Stabilizer MAX™
MalleoLoc by Baerfeind
HPMS Price $91.95
MalleoLoc can be worn to support ankle injury, sprain or ankle instability. Easy to put on and can be worn with or without shoes. Relief from acute ankle sprains. Gel pack allows for cool relief of pain or swelling while keeping the ankle stable. Can be worn directly next to the skin while protecting against ankle sprains.
Med Spec ASO® Ankle Stabilizer Orthosis Medical Specialties ASO Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis With Plastic Stays Med Spec ASO® Flex Hinge Ankle Stabilizer
Most popular choice for the protection against and treatment of ankle sprains. Plastic stays enhance treatment of ankle sprains and may be removed after recovery period. Stabilized Medial/Lateral Ankle Protection & Re-injury Prevention! Hinge flexes with nylon boot to provide a comfortable fit and support the ankle.  
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