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Founded in 2002 in Newtown, Connecticut, Insightful Products had it’s first product. It was an idea that originated at BioMetrics, a clinical practice owned and founded by Ian Engelman, M.S. CPO. The product, called the FootFunnel, was derived from the observation that Long Handeled Shoe horns aren’t always a great choice. It was tested at Skilled Nursing Facilities, refined in Connecticut. He then moved to Maine where he began making braces and supports, finally updating the Foot Funnel in 2017. Their unique and patented AFO designs are recognized and preferred by clinicians from coast to coast. There are many other products and inventions in the pipeline at Insightful Products, as well. Primarily. Insightful Products, is an orthopedic brace company where “we help people walk” is the daily mission.